We had a great crowd this am. I did not have much planned which is sort of the idea with Diablo Sammich. We can ruck, get the 2nd F cranked up, and before you know it, its almost over. We started with the pledge then moseyed to the Harris Teeter-needed a time count to make plans for the future. As we approached, Defib ran by us and said something. I will count that as another Pax at Diablo. Before we finished our exercises in the parking lot, about 6 more ran by-CHA-CHING! A few more Pax posting at Diablo. There was a truck driver that came through driving an 18 wheeler. He said thanks to us as we let him roll in front of us around the back side of the building. CHA-CHING!! There’s another. Before heading back to start we did some exercises in the parking lot including lunges, flutter kicks with press exercises with the ruck, and some merkins with ruck-on. I think about 46 people walked into Harris Teeter while we were there. At this point, I believe we were up to 67 “official” pax who posted at Diablo. Since we are having a contest on Thursday’s, these numbers are important and I think it is my duty to make sure we are both equitable in our reporting as well as forthright. Good thing I am reporting these numbers. I would not want any funny business being attempted….

We rucked back to start for a single round of Defib Special: 5 burpees, 5 squat-thrusts, 5 squats, 5 merkin rows from hell, and 5 side lunges.

We talked about a lot of things….#showtoknow.

COT then outta here.

thanks for posting….all 67 of you. Keep it up-Whoopee