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Day: April 6, 2019

Michael Usain PreFontaine

8 Ruckers and 1 Runner did work at Crossroads last Sunday. Yes this is almost a week later. Yes I completely forgot about it. It’s been that kind of week. The newest bat flipping skillet chaser, Gumby, kindly reminded me this morning that he hadn’t gotten credit for the final post of the month. Anyway here it is.

Coming off of the P200 I decided to ruck a little. Well it turns out 7 others decided the same. Mayor was already out getting after it so we hit the ground rucking. Somewhere around the college we see Mayor and realize he is the only runner posting at what is really a running AO! He had some words for us, they were mostly positive and reinforcing. The review board has decided this very act constitutes Mayor as a runner. Quiche will be proud! I’m not sure but it kind of looked like Mayor’s arms were getting smaller too.


The usual. Sorry it’s been a week.

Thursdays at The Goat!

So it has been a little while since YHC led a beat down at The Goat so it was most def time to roll with one. Went a little like this:


SSH X 20

2 burpees

IW X 20

4 burpees

LBCs X 20

6 burpees

Merkins X 15

8 burpees

Mtn. Climbers X 20

10 burpees

Mosey across the South Fork and to the parking lot for some 4 corners.

1st Corner – Merkins

2nd Corner – Big boy sit ups

3rd Corner – CDDs

4th Corner – Jump Squats

Run to the center after 1 roll, 5 burpees and on in clockwise fashion to the next corner. Count off by threes, had four groups.

Round 1; 10X each

Round 2: 15X each

Round 3: 20X each

Mosey back over the lot bridge to the shelter for more table work:


Step ups

Inclined merkins

Inclined big boys

Three rounds, 10X, 15X, 20X

Now, what would a Tesla workout be without a round or so of Bear Crawl Slalom?

Three rounds across the Southfork Bridge! Now THAT is a crossing!

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary.


Great push on a perfect 50 degree morning by the pax. We went hard today which is always a Tesla intent. Nobody shows for easy do they? I sure hope not! We are here to do the hard things. Being one of the few pax over here that remember Apollo 11 in real time it means something to my generation. It needs to mean a lot to everyone because struggle is what it’s all about and getting through it is what we do and get better by doing it.

Stay at it. What ever “it” is.


3S2T at Folsom

04/06/19 Folsom
19 rolled in to Folsom. Lots of EC going on. MW already had a flag out. Part of our parking lot was torn up, (worse than the usual Folsom parking lots) but we started. There seemed to be a lot of mumblechatter going on today. I like to think that means I bring out the best in the Pax. 6:30, time to go.
SSH x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Goofballs x 10 IC
Despite the high levels of mumblechatter designed to throw off my counting, warmup was achieved.
Mosey to the tennis courts. I asked if anyone knew of the F3 term 3S2T and no one responded. It stands for Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (Physical and Mental). This would be the Speed portion.
Rugby Sprints
We would start an exercise until I say Sprint then we would sprint 2 tennis courts, then sprint back the same 2 tennis courts then walk back across the 2 tennis courts. Exercises were Flutter Kicks, Merkins (I know, get my butt down), LBC’s, Squats. Mosey toward the top parking lot where Slaw’s coupons awaited for the Strength portion. We miss you Slaw. Heal up soon.
Curls x 30, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30, Shrugs x 30, Thrusters x 20. I think we did 3 sets and then 30 more curls just for fun. Sister Act had to call the Thrusters for me as I was getting tired. This was about the time the word “Manopause” was being used to describe somebody. Must be for Oompa. I asked the guys to think about who they need to be strong for. I told the story Freight told me a while back about getting ready to take his daughter to a dental appointment and coming out to see a flat tire on his truck. The office was a half mile or so from his house so he gets her on his back and literally runs her to the appointment. Here is what he told me about that. He said “Before F3, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that”. Mosey to a hill on the bottom right side of the walking trail near the woods for the Stamina portion.
Triple Nickel
Partner Up for 5 Seal Jacks, run up the hill, 5 Booyah Merkins with your partner at the top. Run back down the hill. 5 Times.
Mosey back to the tennis courts and circle/square/rectangle up.
We did a wave of burpees that didn’t go very smoothly. I lost count but it was more than 10.
22 Merkins for the Vets called by Jocko’s friend Pizza Man.
3rd F Event at New Covenant Church 631 Efird St. Gastonia, NC 28054 at 7:00 pm with Tool Time speaking.
Community Foundation 5K with Speed for Need Saturday, April 13th 9:00 a.m.
Be on the lookout for a NOMADS trip soon with a possible trip to Philadelphia sometime in May.
Mount Mitchell Hike Sunday, May 5th. See Gastone for details.
See Blart about Midoriyama Q’s. His work schedule has changed and he needs some help filling up the calendar after April.
Bedpan needs a Q at Downtown on April 26th.
Prayer Requests
Gumby’s mom, MW’s uncle, My wife is having knee surgery this week, People battling addictions, Every man’s unspoken requests. I apologize if I missed any others.
*NMM Thanks to all of the guys who came out today. I started to only bring around 12 blocks but I’m glad I brought them all. It’s always a concern to try to tailor a workout for all fitness levels so I am always glad for the effort from the guys in the front all the way to the six. Shout out to Rockabilly and Big Pappy (he was at Pain Lab with his boys) who completed their first 5K Friday evening and posted Saturday. Thanks to Pizza Man and Sister Act for pushing all of us to be better. Tclaps also to Broke, Dr. Seuss and Gumby for always being there. Those guys are some F3 posting dudes. Last thing. Remember to think about who you need to be strong for. You never know who it will be. It could be your wife, your children, your parents, your sibling or a neighbor but most of us will need to be strong for someone.

Something smells good

Linus needed some Q’s for the Gashouse so Whoopee and I decided to co-Q.  I had some exercises in mind for the workout so I did the pre-work last night and had my car prepped and ready.  I laid out the pain stations and then got to the AO a little early so I mosey’d off for a little EC.  On the way back in I checked out the area where I knew Whoopee was going to take the PAX and there were all his instruments of pain laid out nicely.  I hurried back to the AO to find a bunch of PAX ready to get to work.

0700:  Introduction of Q’s, disclaimer, brief warmup with Roscoe and Whoopee that included squats, heels to heaven, merkins, seal jacks.  Split up for Painlab and Bootcamp.  The Painlab had 9 and bootcamp had 5 (eventually 6).  While the bootcamp moseyed to the flag for the Pledge, Short Sale sent me a text saying he “had issues with the dog” and was wondering where we would be.  I texted back we would be at the church.

After the pledge we moseyed to the Church where we found exercise station one but before we started on our AMRAP I gave a little F3 testimony.

  1.  Since F3, I have found out many things that have made my life better such as Podcasts, Reading Books, (lots of mumblechatter about reading and books.  T-Square claimed he is still using picture books, but maybe that is an improvement from watching Little Einstein videos?)
  2. No matter whether together or alone, the F3 brothers and credo still holds fast.  When you want to quit, give in to your jesters, or just slack off, there is built in accountability within F3. Think about your brothers encouraging you to do better.
  3. If you want to run faster, run with a faster man.  This has been happening all over F3 Gastonia as of late as many men are making serious progress in all F’s.  Everyday you don’t accelerate you are decelerating.  We aren’t getting younger.

When we couldn’t wait any longer for Short Sale, YHC announced the workout.  Complete the exercise and run a lap around the circle in front of the church and proceed to the next pain station.

Exercises:  100 Squats, 100 SSH, 100 LBC’s, 100 Lunges, 100 Flying Squirrels

I set the timer and we were off.  After the first lap we returned for the SSH.  I was fortunate enough that the breeze was blowing from the East which is where DEFIB was getting after the SSH and I smelled his laundered clothing.  If you haven’t posted with Defib, his wife buys Tyler laundry detergent and when you are fortunate to get a waft of his scent it takes you to a beautiful forest with a quiet stream rolling by as birds chirp softly and the biting insects no longer seek to eat you and the cool breezes of the forest make it through all the trees and touch your skin oh so gently as you drift off into a blissful sleep.  Whatever problems you have in life disappear as you dream of walks on the beach with your M who is holding your hand as the waves crash gently around you.  At this moment you forget that you have ever experienced that “not so fresh feeling”.  You are wearing all white clothing like a summer family vacation picture…Oh wait, I still have 100 SSH to do.  Back to the workout. 

Once we got the the lunges, Short Sale pulled in just in time for about 50 of the 100.  He still gets credit for posting since we had more than 30 minutes left in the workout.  His dog Pookie must have really been having bathroom issues.

We decided to break up the Flying Squirrels into 25 reps and then a lap.  This was done 2 times before the timer went off indicating it was time for Whoopee’s portion of the Q.

We ran off to the PAD.  Whoopee had laid out various equipment (very Painlab’ish).  The five stations were as follows:

Station One:  “DEFIB SPECIAL”   two barbells and the excercises were 5 Burpees, 5 Stepups, 5 squat thrusters, 5 Pushup/rows, 5 squat jumps.  (This station was the timer.  When the PAX was finished with this station everyone switched.

Station Two: (two pax)  Pick up a 9 foot log and carry it down the hill and back and then do shoulder presses.

Station Three:  You get your very own log this time.  Use to do push presses, mountain climbers off it, or whatever you want to do.

Station Four:  Carry the weighted GoRuck Sandback up and down the stairs.

Station Five:  Derkins with feet on the wall.

We completed a few rounds of this until Whoopee ended it.  Next we broke up into two teams of three.  Team one carried sandbag and did the stairs.  Team two stayed with Whoopee and repeated the DEFIB SPECIAL with using the dumbells, a rucksack, and a piece of granite.  Two rounds or so before we moseyed back to the AO with all the coupons (minus the logs).

Huckleberry led the Painlab.  Here is what happened there…

First exercise was a wave of merkins, followed by a wave of squats and followed by a wave of LBCs all x 10.
Slow meander to the parking lot.  Route 66 with bear crawls and mountain climbers, returned back with squats and toy soldiers.
Partner up for Dora 123456.  Exercises were:
100 CDDs
200 WW1
300 Squats
400 Hillbilly
500 Calf raises
600 Moroccan nightclubs
Nice work by all, decent amount of mumble chatter.
Next I asked Rudolph to do his boxing routine.  This was especially fun after the Moroccan nightclubs.

Huckleberry had the Painlab PAX circled up for MARY and we joined them.  5 burpees, 5 more burpees, Huckleberry then did 50 LBC’s while the rest of us just waited for the church bells to signal the end of the workout.  Huckleberry apparently is hard of hearing as they started ringing on about rep 30.

Announcements:  Community Foundation Run next Saturday, Cinco de Mitchell, May 5th.  Gastone is Q.  Expect to ruck up Mt. Mitchell and back down on this day.

Prayer Requests:  Voodoo’s Father in Law who has been sick but is improving.  Prayers for each other.

Always good to be at the original AO where it all started over four years ago.  I challenge each PAX, if you have never had a successful EH, keep trying.  Men need the fellowship.  We don’t have to walk alone.


Philippians 4:13


5 for 6

Friday’s are the best we are Blessed to have a location like downtown the options are endless.
With the rain coming in this morning I took the men to the parking deck for some amrap.

Warm up:
SSH,merkins,cherry pickers,and some other stuff. Let’s mosey:

The thang:
To the parking deck
6minutes each set take a lap around the parking lot then at the end go up one floor to do the next exercise.
Set 1: 25squats,20merkins,15lunges
Set2: 20bigboys,15flutters,10 mtn climbers
Set3: 25ssh,25sealjacks,25 overheadclaps.
Set4: 30 lbc’s,20sandy v’s,10american hammers.

Moseyed back to rotary for Mary that included 15 burpees for Slaw!
EZ or turtle made the call on those. Time!!
Prayer request
Gastone’s Dad and EZ riders son.
5k& speed for need next weekend if you haven’t signed up just show up and run or hang by the tent and EH others.
Always a pleasure to serve.

The Bedpan is Full!

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