It’s time for another Murph to complete our year . Let’s all assemble this Monday December 31 at 7:00am at Martha’s Park at the entrance to the playground area nearest turd shacks. Bring all AO flags and let’s show Gaston County how we do it!
Those not familiar with the Murph it’s in honor of a fallen soldier in Afghanistan (Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy) whose daily routine was 1 mile run , 100 pull-ups , 200 push-ups , 300 squats and ending in one more mile run. Our usual routine during the pull-up / push-up and squat exercise portion is to do 10 pull-ups , 20 pushups and 30 squats ten times using hash mark techniques till completion.

This workout will also be a slightly longer and possibly run an hour in length.

Help us close out 2018 in style and close the books, put up the decorations and prepare for the new year that’s only hours away!!