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Day: December 22, 2018

12 or 13 Days of Christmas?

15 showed in the gloom for the annual Stroganoff Christmas beat down with a side of Mayor for the Painlab.  A few did some EC running beforehand.

No FNG’s; quick disclaimer; pledge

Short warm-up that included the following:

SSH’s x 10 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x 12 (IC)

Split up for the Bootcamp and Painlab.

The Thang

Painlab Q’d by Mayor went as follows:

3:00 minute rounds of each exercise

Single/Double Arm Curls

Deadlifts – Release

Front Raise

Split Squat (Bulgarian) – Two rounds

Tricep Overhead Extension

SL Deadlift (Romanian)


Calf Raises

Bent Over Row


Press on Bench

Deck of Death:    10 Merkins; 10 ranger merkins; 25 diamond merkins; 10 incline merkins; 10 derkins; 25 Freddy mercury’s; 100 SSH’s

The Bootcamp Group moseyed to the Grier track for a dose of Stroganoff’s 12 Days of Christmas (or a baker’s dozen):

Day 1 – 1/2 Lap around the track

Day 2 – 12 Bobby Hurley’s

Day 3 – 12 Merkins

Day 4 – 12 LBC’s

Day 5 – 5 burpees

Day 6 – 12 Flutter Kicks

Dayy 7 – 12 Squats

Dayy 8 – 12 CDD’s

Day 9 – 12 Hillbillies

Day 10 – 12 Mt Climbers

Day 11 – 12 SSH’s

Day 12 – 100 Moroccan Nightclubs

The PAX worked through this quickly enough that we still had some time for an abbreviated Wolfpack Grinder.

10 Squats IC – Run. 1/2 lap – 25 Merkins

10 Squats IC – Run 1/2 lap – 50 LBC’s

Rinse & Repeat

By this time, we had worked our way back to the Schiele to finish with some Mary:

30 Flutter Kicks IC – 10 Dying Cockroaches IC

Good work men.

Bootcamp total reps and miles through the 12/13 days of Christmas:

~2 miles moseying

132 Bobby Hurleys; 170 merkins; 208 LBC’s; 40 burpees; 144 flutter kicks; 152 squats; 60 CDD’s; 48 hillbillies; 36 Mt. Climbers; 24 SSH’s; 100 Moroccan Nightclubs


Monday workouts coming up are scheduled for 0700 start times – Black Knight & Mt. Hollywood; Tuesday 0600 at The Storm

Many prayer requests.  Name-o-Rama.

The Moleskin

As always, it was an honor to lead the workout.  Thanks to Mayor for running  a great Painlab Q.  Great to see Jobu back out at the Gashouse.

Great work by all the Gastonia PAX that participated in the Belmont 5k or Half Marathon this morning.

We finished up with my annual book give away.  This year was the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  This is one of my favorite personal growth books.  The two I have given out the last two years were The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews and Freedom from Fear by Mark Matteson.  If you don’t have them, I would encourage you to check them out.  I may have a copy or two in the back of my vehicle.  Ask me at the next post if you would like a copy.

Merry Christmas to all the PAX of F3 Gastonia.

Until the next one.  Aye!


The Montross Christmas Spectacular

Sweat courtesy of Freight

YHC hung the shovel flag with care, with hopes that the PAX soon would be there. With the rain finally gone and a few guys out of town, Montross has the Q and is bringing a beatdown.

I knew we would be missing a few Saturday regulars so I arrived to Folsom unsure how many HIM would be there. All the best to those running the Santa Hustle today, hope it went well and all were safe!

Turns out we had 7 this morning for a Christmas-themed workout. Get some!

SSH – 10 in cadence
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Monkey Humpers – 10 IC
5 Burpees
Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the flag at the entrance of Folsom for the pledge.

Short mosey over to the parking lot.

12’s – as in the 12 Days Of Christmas. Just like 11’s but with a bonus lap. We did Merkins and WW1s. The guys got this done a few minutes quicker than I expected!

Lets mosey down through the park. We head left at the fork to the lower parking lot by the softball fields. There is some mud to navigate right now. Fat Ricky noted that Tool Time could run through the mud and still have clean shoes. The outgoing Nantan is special, but I don’t know if he is that special!

Santa’s Sack – we did a variation of a Triple Nickel here – partner up, size matters. Partner 1 planks, partner 2 puts his feet on partner 1 and does 5 Merkins, then partner 2 jumps on partner 1’s pack for a piggyback rode across the lot. Flip positions, 5 Merkins and another piggyback ride across the lot. That was 1. 4 more times for 5 total.

Let’s mosey! We cruise down and around the pond and up the hill to the tennis courts.

Run Run Rudolph – I forgot to share the name of this, but it goes like this: run to the end of the first court, 10 burpees, run back, 2nd court 20 jump lunges, run back, 3rd court 30 tuck jumps, run back, 4th court 40 squats, run back, 5th court 50 merkins, run back, 6th court 60 LBCs.

We did a few rounds of Captain Thor, but it wasn’t flowing so I Omaha.

Mary – everyone called an exercise and led it.
Gumby – Heels to Heaven 10 OYO
Swimmer – Flutter Kicks 25 IC
Freight – In and Outs 20? IC
Mozart – Freddie Mercuries 20 IC
Volt – Sandy Vs – 15? IC
Hacksaw – 10 burpees and 10 Hillbillies each leg.

Time! As we got up and saw pools of sweat around the tennis courts, we noticed Freight’s silhouette left a little extra surpise…the Folsom logo!

Prayer Requests: families at Christmas, and Hacksaw’s dad and step-mom. You don’t have to fear death if you know where you are going!!!! YHC took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: I wanted to bring some scripture and beer to the workout this morning. I know, not a normal combination! Here me out though…My message to the guys this morning is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, first and foremost. As I looked at scripture related to Christmas, one thing thst caught my eye is how Joseph had just married Mary and she was pregnant before the consummated. Therefore, he had to be thinking ‘what will people say’, ‘is she lying’…many questions….but the angel of the Lord spoke to him and he leaned on his faith. He obeyed the Lord. Joseph was a real HIM. One of the OG HIMs!

In addition to Christ’s birth, let’s also celebrate friends and family. Enjoy the time with your wife and kids and soak it in. Let’s also enjoy time with our F3 brothers….that is where the beer(amd other beverages in my cooler) comes in LOL. With Roadie and Huck absent, there were no takers on the beer, however we enjoyed some water and Gatorade together.

I suppose I will have to bring the beer back.



It has been a while since YHC has posted and the last time at the Goat I signed up to Q and told the Pax the BlockBuster would be back.  There was a little confusion about the actual date, thinking that I had the 18th, Sparky and Dr. Seuss helped me out.  As the start time neared there were 12 Pax ready to get going.

Warm Up; 15 SSH IC, 10 Windmill IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC

Thang;  BlockBuster – All exercises completed with a 8” cinder block

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises – Curls x 10, French Curls x 10, Overhead Squat Press x 10, Front Raise x 10, Bent Over Rows x 10, Blockies x 10

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises –

Run 1/2 mile –

Complete 6 exercises –

Run 1/2 mile –

Mary – All pax lead an exercise of their choice


COT; Namorama, Announcements, Prayer Requests

BOM; Thanks TopHat for taking us out.


NMS; All Pax pushed through this one and did well.  Golddigger, thanks for the push through the runs on this sir.  TopHat always a pleasure to have the mumble chatter regarding the running, well done sir.  Dr. Seuss has some 4” cinder block and offered them up to the Pax for a slight modification, way to be thinking Seuss.  JOBU and Brownstreak had discussed the night before that they needed to get back out here with the Pax.  Yes, they were present.  Good to see you men back out in the gloom.  Nice work as well.  Moses and Tesla, TClaps fellas for keeping up with the youngins.  Respect.  As always men, Thanks for the oppurtunity to lead.  #DRP

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