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Day: December 17, 2018

How do you reach JK2?

Place holder – stay tuned.  Pending  backblast from 2 weeks back at the Black Knight.   I don’t remember details, however, recall that JK2 had a great Q.   Shared some words on leadership that was impactful.


Editorial note:  Not that Rudolph – as in the one who was jamming on the karaoke machine Saturday.  But the Rudolph with the red nose.   Funny thinking about 9 older men jogging at 5:30 in the am singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   More on that momentarily.

As I write this watching the Panther’s Monday night game, I must say, I hope Tepper blows that whole team up.  Coaching staff, front office, trade away Cam and cut the guys who have lost a few steps.  Did see Roscoe in the stands celebrating a TD.  This team is like watching the Wolfpack, gives you something to get you excited, only to break your heart.   Anyway, I digress…

The Pledge



  • SSH x 30 IC
  • MNC x 100 IC (Original plan was 30, mumble chatter (Hush Puppy – I think) said bet you can’t get to 100.   Nice way to loosen up
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards Park, head fake and circle around Snoballs to the bank, stop by the teller line for WWI Sit ups x 20 IC

Frogger across Neil Hawkins to the coupon stack.  YHC encouraged everyone to get a heavier rock.  (Some found rocks heavier than others).

Cusak mosey towards old HT (arms above head with the coupons)

Run to  loading dock,  jump up, Crab Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 2000 American Hammers with coupon – Rinse and repeat x 3

Line up and take off on a Reindeer Run (pretty much an Indian run).  Head towards the ATM, we started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Can’t say that it was 9 PAX strong, however, heard some tenor and bass.  Ran around the HT and back to starting position where we had ditched the coupons.

Next exercise – Run to loading dock, jump up, Bear Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 20 Mike Tyson’s.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

WWII sit ups x 20 IC

Next exercise – Run backwards to the first lighted pole, complete 5 worst merkins ever (1 wide armed merkin, 1 normal, 1 diamond), run back to the start complete 10 curls per arm (omaha’d to 30 due to coupons being so big).  Rinse and repeat x 3.

At this point, our arms were starting to feel pretty good.   Figured we needed a meander, so did the Cusak again to the far wall by the old HT.

Wall sits with overhead coupon press x 10 IC followed by 10 donkey kicks IC.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

  • There was some mumble chatter during the 1st set.   Next thing YHC knows, Hushpuppy was exchanging coupons with me.   The dude had picked up an iron ore core that must of weighed 100 pounds.   Wasn’t that large, however, was quite heavy.   Believe Gastone grabbed for the 3rd set.

Time was running short and still have a number of exercises left on my weinke.

Chest presses x10 IC with coupon rinse and repeat with a count of flutter kicks

Mosey back to coupon stack

Jail break to SnoBalls

Made it back on time.  Way to push men.   It was a great morning with temps above 32.


Prayers for Toto and family.  Stonecold’s Dad

Hush Puppy with the Q next Monday

Stay tuned in for details about Christmas morning workout schedules

Merry Christmas  all



Just wing it

YHC did indeed order a Mount Hollywood shirt so of course in order to earn the right to wear it, one must Q the site. I took Tiger up on his offer to Q an open slot in the cool month of December. Never posting before at this AO I wasn’t really sure what to do or where to go. All I’ve been hearing is “it’s dark”. This being said and me not doing any surveillance of the area prior to my Q, I decided to wing it for my first time ever. I did wear my wrist Q so I had plenty of items on there I could incorporate into the workout once I came upon the appropriate spots in town. Arrived at the site a little early. 1st one there. Slaw roles in then Sister Act who decides to blind me with his high beams. I guess he was letting me know he was there after I called him out on GroupMe the night before. He was complaining Sunday night about his Sandy V, I mean legs, due to running 12 miles at Crossroads that morning. So I challenged the new 1st F and he showed, now that’s leadership! Tesla let me know we’d have an FNG, he was present. Everyone else finally arrived and we began.

Disclaimer for the FNG. Core F3 principles announced




Mosey out of school parking lot and head down Central Ave.

Stopped at the first Decorative Street Lamp. 5 Burpees then Bear Crawl to next Street Lamp. Rinse and Repeato until you reach Main St. (6 Street lights total = 30 Brupees BC .07 Miles uphill). Asked Tiger for 10 count “1,2,10 lets go”, My Man!! Frogger across Hwy. 27 to the corner of 27 and Main. Wall sit March 9 IC, Wall Sit, Wall sit March with Air Presses 10 IC. Recover. Next on the list, Walls of Jericho. 7 Exercises called were: Diamond Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, CDD’s, Derkins, Hip Slappers, Plie Squats & LBC’s. Recover. Frogger back across Hwy 27 to Central Ave. Let’s NUR to the last decorative street light then Mosey back to home base. Circle up for Mary, PAX Choice. Orangeman calls 6 shooters (YHC liked this exercise), Tiger calls WWI’s. Sister Act let out a smelly flatulent and re-positioned himself in the rotation but we will skip over him. Tesla calls out Oblique crunches. Time!


Announcements: Yank being relocated Saturday 12/22 due to Marathon downtown Belmont. Starting location will be at Glenway Pub at 0700



FNG Naming

Prayer requests – Freon’s family dealing with loss, Def Leppards Daughter having surgery, Families around this time of year & others spoken and unspoken.

YHC took us out.

It was a pleasure leading this group of HIMs this AM. New faces for YHC to meet. Glad to see this AO growing. I encourage you all to continue to explore this AO. There is lots of area to cover and downtown is only .5 miles away. I’d like mention 2 things, 1) Freon, hard strong work this morning! I know you said you were not feeling well but I honestly could not tell! 2) Welcome FNG Guts (I guess we now have 2???)! USC Med Student home on break. He’s a 20 something year old cat and let us know at the end of the workout that we really get after it!



Improv @ The Goat

Goat Island itself is a great venue for a boot camp, and usually the weinke is created with the expectation of the gates being open. However, this morning the gates were locked, causing YHC to improvise. So improvise we did.

Warm up: SSH, IW, toy soldiers, and some slow Don Qs, all IC. Start a mosey, and begin the task of adjusting the weinke. Turn left (instead of right), and head up the short hill to front street. YHC sees a nice long straightaway and calls for a karaoke. After a couple hundred yards, flap jack and karaoke back. Now the real improvisation begins as the island was going to provide a nice area for my 12 days til Xmas thang. Think YHC, think… where to lead the pax for this gift… tennis court area down the street!! So we mosey to the courts.

The thang:

YHCs version of the 12 days of Xmas will start with 12 reps followed by a run, then 12 reps/11 reps/run, 12/11/10/run…

12 merkins, 11 squats, 10 CDDs, 9 monkey humpers, 8 single leg calf raises, 7 flutter crunches, 6 big boy sit ups, 5 diamond merkins, 4 burpees, 3 Bobby Hurley’s, 2 standing broad jumps, and a final run across the parking lot.

The train came through, so 5 burpees.

Mosey back to downtown, stop at the gazebo for some core Mary, pax called. Time was called, took the super short mosey back to the start.

Pledge and COT

Announcements: Quichemas on the 15th, 12 days til Christmas, Boudin’s Mom’s birthday -learned of this because it is also Taylor Swift’s birthday (you see, YHC has a 13 yo daughter who knows this stuff).

Prayer requests, taken out by Dr. Seuss

It’s was an honor to lead you men this morning. Way to push the rock!!

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