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Day: August 23, 2018

No “Time” to Waste

11 HIM’s posted on a much less humid morning at the Goat.  The cool weather was invigorating and we got right to it.


Warm Up:

Moroccan Nightclubs

Hands of Time: Pax on six, all heads toward center, legs at 90 degrees. Each Pax counts off, lowering legs to 10 degrees and holding. Went “around the clock” three times.


Mosey to Gazebo for partner activities.

Partners do “Two Amigos” : Pax stand back to back, squat and hold; lower squat and hold IC.

5 Big Boy Sit Up-ups each

5 Booyah Merkins

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to the Bridge for “SheHateMe: 10 Lunges/10 Plank Jacks to the end of the bridge.

At picnic tables, partners get back together for Dips, Step ups, Incline Merkins. One Pax performs the exercise while the other Pax runs a lap and flapjack.

Mosey to church parking lot for Ring of Fire:

Each Pax performs an exercise then moves clockwise until all routines are completed. The plan was to spend one minute on each exercise, but time got the best of us, so we spent thirty seconds on each. (I think we were happy about that when we got to the Side Straddle Squats):

Wide Arm Merkins, Toy Soldiers, LBC’s, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Sweat Angels, Dying Cockroaches, CDD’s, Side Straddle Squats (aka Little Gumby in the Woods, Hippa reminded me), American Hammers, High Knees

Mosey back to flag.


CSAUP this Saturday at 4 a.m.; Picnic at Sargento’s this Saturday at 5 p.m.; September 22: Stop Soldier Suicide Speed for Need 5K also JJ5K.


2 Cor. 5:21 For our sake, He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that, in Him, we might become the righteousness of God.

-God treated our sin-the sin of all who would believe in Christ-as if our sin belonged not to us, but to Christ Himself. He took our sin upon Himself.

-God also imputes the righteousness of Christ-a righteousness not our own-to all who believe in Christ. So, His righteousness is our righteousness.


Slim Shady and brother as they travel to Connecticut for funeral of his grandma.

Kids and teachers returning to school.

Tesla’s relative


YHC took us out.

Thanks so much for coming out and for working so hard! Thankful for you all; constantly praying for you all! So excited for some upcoming VQ’s.





It was an awesome morning to get outside! I pulled up to see Hacksaw running into the parking lot, getting in some EC, he gets to his truck, pulls out some weights and starts doing some curls! I think he’s a cyborg! 530 hits and we are ready to roll, start the warmup!

Windmills 12 ic, SSH 15 IC, then noticing we don’t have shovel flag present for the pledge, we head to the entrance of the park, pledge then head back!

Arriving back at the launch point, I drop the tailgate so we can all grab a block!

20 to 1

shoulder press




20 of each, 19 of each, so on down to 1! Finishing up at 605, we have time for some more block work! Mosey to the tennis court with block in hand for some 11s, thrusters on one side, which is a squat and press, and blockees on the other, from fence to the first light post! Didn’t quite get them all in, but the pax pushed hard and did a great job! Stripes has been going at it a week, and you would think he’s been there a year, getting it done!

I wanted to talk to the pax about being a light, and an example wherever God has you, encourage other men, be a leader! I look around and see a society that just doesn’t care or have any drive, and it’s being passed down to our children, but I do believe that we can do something about it! I think the biggest thing is for us to care! Be there, go out of your way to encourage and help others out, invite those men to a workout! Lord knows, you guys encourage me every day, and I’m thankful for it! Whatever you do, do choose to do nothing!

Prayer request- each other, our children starting school, society

Announcements- jj5k, SNF race, both September 22nd

thanks for the opportunity!


Head Fake, just a run

12 pax showed for a Thursday morning run at The Pub with Gastone on point.

The Thang:

Gastone showed for extra credit, got in 2.6 before I ran out of time.

Tooltime asked if I was taking us to the Halfpipe and I said “No.”

Started with the pledge.

Then I said follow me and starting running n the direction of the Halfpipe. At that point, I was accused of being a liar in some mumble chatter. I also heard another complain that he just wanted to run, his names sounds close to Pimento. I enjoyed every minute while remain quiet.

I took a right on to Duke Street which cuts across back to Hoffman then a left. Take a right at Robinwood, Take a right at E Hudson, and back to Hoffman take a right which takes you to Publix. 5 Miles.

The Moleskin:

This is a solid route to take but I probably would not do this one again because Gastonia is not doing a great job at maintaining the sidewalks and the absence of sidewalks on the path. I have noticed a decline in general maintenance to cutting away stuff from sidewalks. Also, it would be good to get some sidewalks finished and attached on the East Side. That is my vent.

FNG, showed for the run and was named Dunce. But, who knows how we got to this name it was to long of a path to figure out and really has nothing to do with the person. Welcome Dunce, who’s wife is expecting a 3rd child real soon.

Sargento’s house on Saturday, put your name in if you are attending.

I took us out in prayer.

Gastone Out!


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