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Day: August 6, 2018

Com’in Back from Cali…

My family vacation this summer was a trip to the west coast, starting in LA and finishing in San Diego, checking out the left coast for a change of scenery. It was beautiful, well parts were at least. LA is a zoo and you can keep the traffic. Imagine Franklin Street during Christmas, 8 lanes wide all going at least 60 to 90 miles an hour. Then throw in a few Evil Knievals weaving in and out and splitting the lanes when they have to. I enjoyed seeing Mike Love’s current tour of the Beach Boys live, some good food, and a few other things, but it is good to be home. Where I thankfully checked the Q schedule as I was doing my month end Weasel Shaker duties to learn Turtle Man had me listed as Q of The Black Knight this morning. Actually it didn’t bother me – kind of got me excited to design a new workout.

I decided to use my sandbags and bricks for a portion so that required me to get up early. That wasn’t a problem as my body clock is all to heck at the moment. I woke up about 0200 for some reason and doubt I slept much until the alarm at 0500. Good news is I arrived early to the AO for a change; second one in the parking lot behind the freshly shaved Island. If he didn’t have the purple Hornets shirt on, I’d have thought we had an 20 year old FNG. Don’t worry, Island said “the beard” will return one day. Whoopee and Stone Cold declare they were going to run instead of attend my boot camp. I was a little hurt because Whoopee and I already traded barbs via twitter – not over our musical interest but over the workout. But he’s got the BRR upcoming that requires dedicated miles. Now – my man Gastone – he got up early for EC to log his miles and then posted for the extra pain. He had the sweaty knuckles to prove it. Others began to roll in and it was time to clock in. Veterans abound so only the brief disclaimer was stated: “modify as necessary.”


  • 4×4 (4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers) x 5
  • Butt Kickers IC x 10
  • Squat Jack Twits IC x 10
  • Burpees 5 OYO


Mosey via the gravel road to the first picnic shelter at Martha Rivers, careful to avoid the large dumpster truck. Upon arrival I explained Round 1: mini Insanity. The circuit had 4 exercises at 30 seconds each with no rest until after all had been completed. We did 3 rounds of AMRAP during each 30 set:

  • Knee crunches (rest back of calves on picnic bench)
  • Dips
  • Box Jumps
  • Decline Peter Parkers

This was a grueling set that immediately brought the sweat, except for Gastone – he was already moist. Odd word “moist:” but guys find it funny while women seem to hate it unless it is mentioned in baking – is it time to digress? On the knee crunches I reiterated to give yourself some headroom between the picnic benches and quickly referenced the fabled Michael Scott joke “that’s what she said…” It took a second before the chuckles occurred. It was dark and I think it was Pedal that nearly broke the table on one of the moves – he said he was fine. Gastone tried to bring the mumble chatter but he seemed to be the only one. A peanut gallery of one is tough; time to mosey to Phase II – along the upper track and through the back entrance to Riverwood we ran until reaching the entrance. We dropped for LBC’s for a period of time until the 6 arrived and all had done at least 30 seconds of crunches. Let’s get to the office building for 11’s. I’ve not done these in a while but recalled Island doing an entire workout of this exercise and it being tough. My version was to begin with 10 merkins on the south end, run to the opposite side near the wall for 1 flying squirrel. You know the drill from there. All the guys pushed hard through that one. Other than the huffs for breath, it was quiet.

The final Thang only required a fellowship mosey to the front of the old HT. I did this a Midoriyama a few weeks ago and it was a crowd pleaser. Learning from that lesson we divided into groups of 3. P1 would remain at the parking line and perform Moroccan Night Clubs with bricks in each hand. P2 would lunge walk to the next parking line with sand bags in each hand or over their shoulder. P3 was waiting while performing flutter kicks. P2 set the timer for the exchange meaning P1 and P3 had +/- a minute of the exercises. Most of the time MNC’s are docile but do them for a minute with resistance and the shoulders will burn. More time was needed as we only made it two rounds before a sprint was required back to the AO.

COT: The announcements have been posted in other BB’s so take  a look. Throw some school supplies in your car as Hush Puppy and Squirt are collecting for Least of These kids. We lifted prayers for the newest AO Mt. Hollywood, all the guys traveling, and all the thoughts in our hearts and minds.

Today was a grinder but one that everyone pushed through. We really could have used two more really strong men to make the teams of three work, oh that’s right, they were running. I’ll still count them since they did break a sweat during their 5 mile mosey. To the others, it was good to see TimeFrame back along with many of the regulars. Thanks to our fearless leader Turtle Man that put me as the Q. Even though he was spooning this morning and missed his ride to the workout, he made sure his PAX were taken care of – you’re welcome. Until the next one, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Welcome to Mt Hollywood!!!

Mt Hollywoood is a go!!  Thanks to all who came out for the initial post of Gastonia’s newest AO.  Now the work begins to expand PAX numbers on that side of Gaston County.  Broke, Pizza Man and I pulled a recon mission a couple of weeks ago, but was in the day light, may be a few times around the area as we learn what works and what doesn’t, but the start was terrific.


SSH 10x, Goofballs 10x, burpees 5 OYO.  Pledge

Mosey downtown which is a little further that you may think, at least the PAX thought so, simmer down boys.  Stop at parking lot on Main St of medical practice. I had the Q at the Yank Saturday, and called for a few contra burpees, such a crowd pleaser lets do a few more.  Q calls 11’s, curb squats and  contra burpees.  Lots mumble chatter on this, gotta love the noise.  Once those done, let’s mosey across the street to the funeral home, seems appropriate.  Go to the retaining wall behind funeral home for planks with feet on wall.  Feet between 12″ and 18″ off ground.  Started in a line with inside middle running to outside and then outside to inside.

Move to inchworm planks.  Feet on wall and start with hand below shoulders, inch hands out as far in front of you as possible.  Called for three sets.  These are super difficult, but can’t have feet too low or too high, that eases the pressure on the abs.

Mosey from there to the bottom of Broke calls First Baptist Hill.  Three tiered hill that we ran, stopping at each side road for 10 squats.  Head back to middle school.

Have  a few minutes left so we went to one edge of paking lot, lunge to second parking space line and two Bobby Hurley’s to the other end.  Circle up for some abs, Pizza Man called little baby flutter crunches, Tool Time called V ups, Q called American Hammer, all 25x.

Finished with 22 for the Vets.

Hard workout today, way to push the rock gentlemen!!

Announcements: M led workout at Folsom Aug 11, CSAUP and fellowship on Aug 25, school supplies turned in by Wednesday.

Prayer requests: Sly and military members, Breaker ask to continue prayers for Lynn Hamm, Freight M having medical procedure, Tesla son returning to college.

Honored to have the opportunity to lead today



Sometimes things don’t work out as planned.  YHC got up early to be certain a new area of Belmont was open and available for the PAX to enjoy. Yep, all looks good.  On the Yank to meet Traveler for a few EC miles.  Back to the Yank a little before 0700 and meet Quiche, Tool Time, and Boudine completing some EC of their own.

Q calls time, no FNGs so quick disclaimer and lets get started.  Warmup was SSH x15, Don Q x15, 5 burpee OYO.  Pledge.  Let’s mosey.

Up Nichol’s hill and out Central Ave toward HT.  Nope, not stopping at HT this morning, head to the high school.  Decent amount of activity in the parking lot by the stadium, YHC checks the gate, same gate that was checked at 0600, locked now.  Mosey to the end of parking lot where there was an open gate. Q announces stadium steps and descends down the hill toward the field, feels just like the glory days.  That is until we approached and told that the South’s premier HS football program is holding media day, we need to find another place to go.  Of course a good Q always has a back up plan.  But as for me, I winged it.

Head back up the parking lot towards front of school.  Q sees long row of buses parked side by side.  Announce Dora 123, partner up and do 100 push ups, 200 LBC, 300 squat, partner takes a lap around the buses.  Just so happens that we are working in a parking lot with numbered spaces, 381, 382, etc.  Decision made to call the same burpee (contra, de-constructed, or whatever the evil move is called) in relation to last number of each space starting at 381. So one burpee at 381, lunge to next space with two burpees and 382, etc all the way to 10 at 390.  Q was a little overly optimistic on how long this would take, so we called the second Omaha at 0745 to begin the mosey back to the Yank.

Fun was had by all.

Announcements: M led workout at Folsom 0800 8/11, CSAUP 8/25 and Sargento house destruction that evening, Stop Soldier Suicide 5k/10k Speed for Need event, JKK 5K same day, collection of school supplies by Sparky

Prayer requests: Tool Time asks for prayers for Sly and all our military members

Tiger closed in prayer

Always a pleasure


We trotted in that general direction

10 showed for the Coconut Run.

2 started at 5:30 for 5 extra and 1 overslept for that venture.

3 Started early for and extra 3 miles.

10 then ran 5 miles together.

Hushpuppy collected supplies for least of these. Honorable Mention

Tooltime went Full Starsky this morning. (Definition in Lexicon)

Made some announcements.


Nice, the guys sang Happy Birthday to me. All of you get extra points in my book for this. Thanks.

We broke in prayer.

Then went off to have some coffee,

Gastone Out!



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