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Day: July 11, 2018

Pre BRR and Bourbon Chase CSAUP

F3 Gastonia and other regions…Here’s the PreBlast for the Gaston County 50 mile relay CSAUP that will take place on August 25th @ 4am.  With the relay races quickly approaching, here is your training opportunity for a multiple runs within a short period while getting in quality 1st and 2nd F with your brothers.  This is a 50 mile relay around Gaston County that hits all the F3 Gastonia AO’s.  Even if you aren’t running the BRR or Bourbon Chase and just want to push yourself(like you should)sign up now.  There are a total of 12 legs (4 runners per team) so each runner takes 3 legs that total from 10-15 miles(or whatever you push yourself to do) for the CSAUP.   To sign up, please fill out form attached and more details for the event will follow.  If you have any questions please reach out to Pizza Man.


PrisonBreak BB

11 HIMS post at the Folsom AO for some PrisonBreak work.



Miles were logged

Times up



Good  work men! Good to see more PAX out there working to get stronger in the run/ruck areas!

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