12 showed up wondering who the Q at Downtown was but did not know that a middle of the night call from Turtle-man put me in the driver seat because he  is dealing with a family member in the Hospital. But, once I told everyone the excitement and cheering settled down after a couple of minutes.


The Thang:

SSH 20

CCD 20

Imperial Walker 15

Wide Arm Merkins 20

Mountain Climbers 15

Diamond Merkins 10

Mosey to York Street ( Lunge walk across the Bridge) and all the way down to W. Ranking Avenue. Take a right, Left on North York Steet, Right on West Walnut Avenue, and left in to large perfect parking lot. Location is everything.

While waiting on 6 we did something at this point.

Then we did Catch me if you Can. Partner A runs the perimeter of the parking lot which is big while Partner B does 5 Burpees. Then B runs after A and once he catches Partner A does 5 Burpees. Rinse and repeat until one big lap was complete.

Next, 1 Parnter Merkin, Run opposite directions until you meet then do 2 Partner Merkins and so on. We made it to 7.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Merkins

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Wide Arms

20 Slow to fast Flutter Kicks

10 Diamonds OYO

Meander 50 yards and then mosey to York street at the bottom of hill.

50 I said 50, Sumo Squats.

Run backwards on the sidewalk up the hill to the light. (A little mumble chatter about this due to cars on the road but everyone was ok once we got going) Do what you can do and feel comfortable with that. I am not judging you.

Plank to wait on the light to cross the road and then Mosey around the buildings and back to the start for a finish.

The Moleskin:

Great morning that started out with Whoopee and Roscoe nailing some extra credit. I would have but went to bed early last night and did not read the pre blast. We made a little over 3 miles in this Bootcamp which for some of the guys this is an accomplishment in itself.

Toto, this guy has brought it this week with his 3rd workout in his first week. He plans on attending Pain Lab tomorrow morning. Kudos to Toto.

Captain Stubbing, has been much more that present lately as well. Kudos to all the hard work.

I am only highlighting a few and many others have been working hard, keep it going. Sometimes the results are hard to see and then you look back and don’t know how you got to the front of the Pax.

Prayers for several of the pax going through or family that is going through something. I would notate these people but I don’t want to mess up all the relationships so just give a good prayer for the pax.

Gastone Out!