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Day: June 6, 2018

No Weight Vest Required

What a beautiful morning to lead a workout at Snoballs.  There were no FNG’s so we started with the Pledge.

Merkins 10 IC

Moseyed to the small hill next to the shelter and playground for a SSH ladder with burpees.  At the top of the hill we started with 20 SSH then ran to the bottom for 5 burpees.  Back to the top for 19 SSH and at the bottom for 5 burpees.  After 10 rounds we went to Soccer Field #1 and performed lunges, then bear crawls, followed by more lunges.  Then we headed to the pull-up bar.  One at a time we were challenged to do as many pull-ups as you can while everyone else was getting a break with some LBC’s.

Moseyed back to the bathroom house when I heard mumble chatter about the walls.  I thought we needed to take a closer look so we stopped for some Hip Slappers.  After walking to perimeter to make sure the building was structurally sound, Whoopee led us.   Then we moseyed to the front gates for 20 derkins and 20 dips.  With time remaining, we headed to the back wall for 20 Dips IC, 10 step-ups (each leg), 15 Dips IC, 10 step-ups(each leg) and finished with 15 Dips IC.

I normally wear a vest during the workout but since I knew the punishment I left it in my truck.  During the COT, Whoopee talked about challenging yourself and here is my challenge to you.   Get a vest and wear it during your workouts.  You will definitely get stronger by wearing one and you have a place to put your keys and phone )

Thank you for allowing me lead.

Slam Ball

15 strong men at Midoriyama for a Canteen beatdown. Swimmer and Floppy Disk went mountain bike riding. I’ll try to remember what we did.

Warmup SSH x 10

Mosey to the first soccer field. Awaiting were 2 tractor tires and some cinder blocks and we carried (2) 30 lb. Slam balls. We split into 2 teams. First guy on each team lifts the ball over his head and slams it on the ground 5 times, then flips the tire 5 times, runs to the end of the field while the next guy slams the ball until each team is finished. Rinse and repeat except this time adding 5 push ups and carrying 2 cinder blocks to the tire flips and slam balls. Ouch!

Next up was 4 corners with 15 merkins, 15 squats, 15 Xmen crunches, 15 American hammers with karaoke on the longer field lengths and nur (run backwards) the shorter lengths. Rinse and repeat. Some decided to also sing karaoke as they ran it. The guy singing Randy Travis was pretty good! Reba McIntyre and Meatloaf needed some work. Throughout the workout Slaw kept trying to distract the Q requesting burpees but the Q stated firmly, NO Burpees!

Mosey to a hill with the slam balls and split back into 2 teams. Bear Crawl up the hill pushing the Slam Ball and when you got to the top, let the Slam Ball roll back down to the next guy. Rinse and repeat. Several of the Pax had their bear crawl form questioned.

Mosey back to the flag stopping at each light pole for 15 merkins. Back at the flag for 6 MOM. Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, Crunchy Frogs and some kind of cross over merkins.

Convergence at Midoriyama this Saturday June 9th at 7 a.m.
Forge Bible Study Wednesday nights at Grits N Greens at 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, June 16th at Folsom is the 2.0 workout at 7:00 a.m. followed by breakfast.

Sidecar requested prayer for the Self family. Tiger requested prayer for a family who lost a child to a sudden illness. Def Leppard’s son and there may have been others missed. Lift up each other.
Great to have some newer guys to Midoriyama, Mario and Step Down. They are pushing hard.

Q…Bueller, Bueller

Well, this has happened to me twice. A Pax had the Q and while talking with another Pax on Saturday, it was confirmed. However, when time was close, they were a no-show. A few people started asking and all I had up my sleeve for a backup was the blockbuster. Sargento manned up and said how about the ABC where you do an exercise based on the letter as long as I would do the backblast. It was set and away we went. Apparently when put on chopping block, you cant think of an exercise beginning with that letter. Of course, B was for burpees, but thinking three ahead, when L popped up, YHC said lunges. That was to some shagrin because LBCs were right there. X came around and an extra lap was noted. It was a fun disaster.

Lessons to learn:
1. Always have a spare Q should this happen.
2. If you are on the list and know, SHOW UP. People depend on you. If not, let someone know ahead of time.
3. Follow up with your Qs, regardless if you have heard they are good. I didn’t learn the first time, but I have the second. It wont happen again men and I apologize for the lack of leadership on the part of the Site Q.
4. Its getting hot…..Wear deodorant you smelly rascals!!!! This is not amusing.

Announcements: Convergences this Saturday at Midoriyama at 0700, hike up Grandfather on June 23 (get with hot for teacher), 2nd F next weekend.

Prayers: Coworker losing his mother, Abbas shoulder, Flush’s knee, Lynn Hamm, BBs uncle aneurism and stroke, Graduates

This will not be fun

As the pax began to gather for another Monday morning beatdown the air became thick with anticipation.  With the dawn of 5:30 and no FNGs the disclaimer was made  “This will not be fun”.  Lots of disgruntled mumblechatter was sensed in the background but YHC was on a mission – wake this pack of men up and get them a good workout in to start the week – so without further delay…

Warm up:


Merkins x 20IC

LBC x 20 IC

Don Q x 20IC


Warm-up continued:  Mosey to the KFC rock quarry for some coupons.  Mumble chatter was overhead about size mattering and I reminded them that size always matters unfortunately I’m not sure all pax took this to heart as rocks were selected.

Then across the street for 11s – Overhead press and Merkins – a real crowd pleaser

With the pax starting to sweat it was time to mosey to old Harris Teeter parking lot for some wall sits with coupon – overhead press and straight out presses x2

The quads were really burning so it was time to shake them out with some Dora but with a twist – “Descending Dora” – 300 squats (with rock) 200 Merkins and 100 “Rockies” (Burpee with Rock).  This was quite ambitious and YHC was humbled by the rock – so time to Omaha after 50-70.  I felt it was quite the accomplishment so why not take a victory lap around the parking lot before heading back to return rock to its home and mosey back to pelicans. But wait whats this – a lonely little wall – how about some attention for this wall with 2 sets of dips x20 IC.  Astonishingly we still made it back for some Mary with Freddy Mercury, flutters and WWII sit ups.  At this point time was called and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Announcements: – convergence at Midoriyama 7am this Saturday


Prayer requests: T-square’s friend who recently lost her battle with pancreatic cancer

As always it was my pleasure to serve – Until next time


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