Earlier in the week, YHC had to travel to Utah for a vendor meeting. While out there, I got a message from Stroganoff asking about the open Q at the Gashouse for the upcoming Saturday. YHC had already gotten several messages about being in Utah after posting about a trail run so I knew there was some decent material to create a weinke.

With the threat of rain looming, YHC arrived to find a number of guys already circled up and ready to go. The rain drops started to fall almost exactly as 0700 hit the clock. No FNGs so the disclaimer was short.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15

Mosey as a group to the flag at the front of the Schiele for the Pledge.

At that point, the Pain Lab PAX were going to go back and do their thing while the rest of us were headed towards Grier. I looked back to see how many of the PAX were going in each direction, and I quickly realized I needed to work on the marketing in the pre-Q message on twitter. Roscoe had the Pain Lab Q. He’d sent out a message with a ripped Arnold Schwarzenegger and the promise to get swole. YHC had sent out a gif of a pale guy in a skin tight Utah Jazz uniform doing some weird gyration. Can’t blame anyone for making that choice. Roscoe EH’d me and was Q at my first post so I have nothing but respect for the push he gives when he has the Q. Had YHC not been Q, there may have been one more in the Pain Lab PAX.

The plan for the Utah-inspired weinke had been work with multiple partners. We typically partner up in groups of 2, but the idea was to work in groups of 3 or 4. However, there were only 5 so breaking off into groups wouldn’t work. So we would just work in one big sister wife group of 5.

The group moseyed to the track at Grier for an Indian run in a lap around the track.

Mosey to the Grier parking lot out front for a couple of rounds of Conveyer Belt. Each Sister Wife would line up on a parking space line in the plank position. The PAX on the end would bear crawl to the other end of the line while the other PAX would move down one line towards the line that was just vacated. Once the bear crawling PAX hit the other end, the group did 10 merkins. Then, the next PAX now on the end would bear crawl to the other end, everyone moves down one line, 10 more merkins. Rinse and repeat until all 5 PAX had bear crawled to the other end. This was repeated with lunges to the end of the line, Al Gore while he lunged, and 10 squats once he got to the end until all 5 PAX had lunged.

Mosey to the steps at FPC steps for a round of BOMBS (Burpees, OH Claps, Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups, Squats). One Sister Wife would run up the steps and back down while the others performed the given exercise. Once all 5 of the PAX had run/down the stairs, we’d move on to the next exercise.

Mosey to the top of the stairs. Since the theme was multiple partners, we had to get in a little OPP (OH Clap, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers). Mosey down the back road and stop at the bottom of the hill. OH Clap x 20. Mosey to the bottom of the stairs. Plank Jacks x 20. Mosey up the stairs. Peter Parkers x 20. Let’s run that back. Mosey down the stairs. OH Clap x 20. Mosey towards the bottom of the hill. Plank Jacks x 20. Mosey up the back road. Peter Parkers x 20.

Now for a round of Dora with a slight twist. This is usually done with one partner, but that didn’t fit the theme. So we did something similar to the earlier BOMBS in which one Sister Wife ran down the stairs and back up while the others performed Merkins, LBCs, and Squats. One trip up/down per PAX for each exercise.
Mosey back to the Schiele using the back road down the hill and behind FPC. We got back with no sight of the Pain Lab PAX so we took an extra lap around the parking lot to kill time.

Quick round of Mary. We may have done something before, but I know we did flutter kicks. Then, the ball was passed to Short Sale. By the time he chose an exercise and did the demonstration, the bell was ringing. Time was up.

Murph on 5/28 at Marth’s 7am
Burpees by the lake 10/6 – Family-friendly so all levels of fitness encouraged to come.
Light Ruck 7/22 1pm
Crossroads – new running AO in Dallas

Prayer Requests
Hipaa Brother-in-Law’s mother
Cotter- Good to see BA out there
Roscoe parent’s neighbor has cancer


Until the next time…

During the mosey from Grier to FPC, the discussion was around a friend of a PAX who was a smoker and not in good shape. The fear was him coming out to post and having a heart attack. It was noted by another PAX that he was going to have a heart attack sitting on the couch and smoking. “Plus, I know CPR B*tch.” If that’s not encouragement enough to EH someone, I’m not sure what is.