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Day: May 22, 2018

Another Blockbuster Party?

Last Thursday morning at The Goat, Dolph, had with him in the back of his truck, 15 coupons and we all had a blockbuster party. Somehow after that workout, those coupons ended up in the back of Madman’s truck, which happens to be YHC’s son. I think you know where this story may be heading…

Last night, I asked Madman if he was joining me at The Storm for my  Q. He was a HC and I informed him we need to be out the door by 5:10am so we could welcome the PAX as they arrive. He was up and ready to go to work at 5am, we were out the door by 5:10am. We pulled into The Storm and a few HIMs were already there. Boudin was getting in some EC with a ruck and Orangeman made his morning run from home to join us. I let down the tailgate to Madman’s truck and arranged the coupons  for easy retrieval for the PAX. Over the next 4-5 minutes, more HIMs started showing up. It’s now 5:30am, ready to go to work. 13 HIMs all in a circle ready to get a warm-up and here comes another car. It is Tesla, rolling in at the last minute.


SSH x 30 I/C

IW x 20 I/C

Burpees x 5 oyo

The Thang:

Let’s mosey around the school. Along the way, stop at the roundabout for 15 merkins. Let’s mosey to the back of the school where we stopped for 20 LBC I/C. Let’s mosey, stop by tennis courts for 15 Bobby Hurleys. Let’s mosey, stop at Madman’s truck and each PAX grab a coupon.

YHC called next exercise, which requires using the coupons. Four exercises, curls, o/h presses, squats, bent over rows, 15x and then run to bottom of parking lot, 20 LBC oyo, back to the coupons. Rinse and repeat 3 times.  This was not the same blockbuster party that Dolph gave, but it was still fun!

Let’s mosey to the school building for next exercise, 11s. Derkins and then run to front of school for dips. Finished called exercise with about 10 minutes left. Circled up for a round of burpees. YHC started jumping in place, yelled “down” and each PAX drops for a burpee. Repeat with the next PAX until we make it around the circle…Finished off with a round of Mary and then mosey back to start.


Announcements: F2 at NCWC on Thursday, Patriot 5k on Monday, upcoming Burpeethon. Need PAX to step up to Q over the next few weeks.

Prayer request: the Self family, kids/teachers with EOGs this week, Lynn Hamm

YHC took out with prayer.

As always, thank you guys for the opportunity to lead. It was an honor and privilege. Great work by everyone, keep pushing the rock!

Breaker Breaker


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Philippians 4:13

How I heard it anyway

  1. As I was contemplating on my wienke, one from the past kept coming to mind. Though not one of mine, one I enjoyed very much. It was from nine other than our Nantan himself….Tool Time. Christmas Day 2017…..and it goes a lil’ somethin like this:


1 Burpee then exercise SSH 50 SC

run to next light pole (slight modification)

2 Burpees, cotton pickers 15 IC to next pole

3 Burpees, Monkee Humpers (addressing the road) 15 IC to next pole

4 Burpees and so on…increasing one Burpee at each pole exercises were as follows:

Merkins 15 IC, Squats 15IC, Toy Soldiers 15 IC, Morocon Night Clubs 60 IC (yep), CDD’s 15 IC, Peter Parker’s 15 IC,

I left out the 10 Burpees OYO ( in the crease of the wienke won’t happen again), but a train came by and we did 5!!!

Mosey to Turd Shack for a little Turd Shack wall sit shuffle, and in true Midoriyama fashion the sequence and order got off so front side of the wall began just going to mess with those on the other side…..”Recover”…..Mosey to flag

Core Work: We didn’t get em all in, but gave it a good effort.  In/outs 25 arms up: Freddy Mercury’s 25 forward, 25 reverse, 25 Crunchy frogs, 25 WWI, 25 Fifer scissors, 25 Hip Rock n Raise, 25 Vup Rollins, 12 ea side Vup Roll ups, 12 ea leg climbers, 50 American Hammers (count one side)

mosey to bleachers 15 Arm Squats IC

to curb for 15 Mike Tyson’s (Blart Led) IC

22 for the VETS and…..time.

What a time right now with the events involving the Self family. I’m shaken and I don’t know them and so many of F3 Gashouse do. Prayers up for my Brothers,  and the family.  Other brothers spoke and I prayed us out.

Announcements: Forge Wed 6:30 at Grits and Greens: I put it out there tonight I think we should show up tomorrow and begin the Q at Forge with prayer for the Selfs so even if u can’t stay for the whole thing drop in and pray with us. F3 has been Asked to come out to Harper Park in Stanley to support Caleb Self Thursday Night at 8:00 for a baseball game.


What an honor to lead a workout with such an awesome group of guys.

Retreat! Retreat!

I pulled into Folsom this morning with an ailing ankle that has been giving me problems off and on for about a month now. With that being said, my workout plan was in flux…I had some things in mind for the end of the workout, but I really wasn’t sure if that was the best decision for my foot. So as we kicked things off, I had said item on the weinke and figured I’d let the workout dictate whether I called it or not.

To my surprise, a new sweet-looking shovel flag with dual flags in a V position was waiting for me. Nice work Bedpan. Rumor has it he got the idea while browsing Pintrest. I think HIPAA has created a double-secret undercover F3 Pintrest site or something!

We continue to grow too! We had a young FNG with us today as Medicine Woman brought out young Nick Cooper. He lives near MW – a tough 14 year old young man who rides 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, runs track, and listens to country music. He’ll be ok around Folsom! I wanted to name him Baby since he looks a little like Justin Bieber, but I just couldn’t do that to a 14 year old HIYM like Nick because we want him to tell his friends about F3 so we settled on Quad. Welcome Quad!


SSH – 10 IC
Imperial Squats 7 IC (IC didn’t work as well as I’d hoped so I cut ’em short)
Merkins – 5 single count
Mountain Climbers 10 IC
You guys better be glad Quad was there because it was going to be a Slaw-ter Starter!


I shake up the PAX by taking a left out of the parking lot. The PAX were confused. I thought Medicine Woman was going to just leave and go home! He pushed through though, probably because he didn’t want to look like a sissy in front of Quad! We mosey around the pond and found a surprise.

Now I mentioned earlier I had something in mind for the end of the workout and wasn’t sure if I should call it and I’d let the workout dictate if I called it. Well, God sent one of his little creatures out of the woods to let us know that I needed to change the workout plan. As we’re running on the trail around the pond, I see a skunk on my right. I immediately stop and announce “Skunk!”. Pastor Clever and Gumby slam on the brakes as well, the others are catching up. Then, we see that tail raise up. “RETREAT! RETREAT!” I yell as a jailbreak naturally occurs. Yes, the men of Folsom were mere seconds from being sprayed by a skunk at point-blank range!

So I adjust the plan and we head to the lower shelter. I found the lights this morning without Roadie’s help, BTW.

  • Derkins 20
  • Diamond Merkins – 10 OYO
  • Step Ups 15 IC
  • LBCs – 15 IC
    (frankly I’m not quite sure on the counts here because this was not on my weinke and I just made it up as we went)

I continue to struggle counting LBCs in cadence. I naturally try to count each crunch as 1….meaning 4 crunches for every 1. I figured it out though.

Mosey to the flag. There’s been a lot of discussion about the tragedy at Surf and Turf in Bessemer City on GroupMe the past few days. I know people who were there as I’m sure many of you do, but Medicine Woman knows the family really well on a personal level. As we waited for the 6 at the flag, MW was sharing some updates on the family. I felt the need for a little prayer over the situation and asked MW to lead us in that, as he obliged. Thanks for those words MW! Pledge to the flag and short mosey to the Sr Center parking lot for…

  • 11’s featuring Merkins and Star Jumps – 1 Merkin, cross 2 parking lots, 10 Star Jumps, run back, 2 Merkins, 9 Star Jumps…you know how it goes. Pastor Clever and Gumby put a lap on MW, Quad, and I so gave them an extra set, which they gladly knocked out. Good work guys!

Mosey back through the park and left at the fork to Sparky’s Lot for
– Burpee Long Jumps – these are always a hit. Gumby said ‘You’re a man after my heart, first 11’s and now this”. I will admit, they are borrowed from your weinke brother!

  • Route 66 back across the parking lot,. Lunge to the lines and do Bobby Hurleys at each line. We did all 12 lines so it was really Route 78.

Just a few minutes left so we cut across the camping lot behind the tennis courts. Most PAX were getting pretty gassed and Hank had to hit the road anyway. I did not anticipate the amount of water that would be standing in that field. Feight would have whined and probably turned around but the HIM of Folsom had no real issues. MW reminded us that if he could survive sticking his head in the homless urinal uptown, we could survive this!. Good point brother!

  • 22 for the vets to finish it of.

Time! As for that mystery exercise, I will just save that for another day.

Announcements – The Murphy on Memorial Day

COT – YHC took us out in prayer. Thankful to God for bringing us all out safely to become better dads and better men. Prayed for the kids with EOCs coming up, all of our families, and the victims at Surf and Turf.

Moleskin –

I consider myself from Bessemer City (went to school there, my church is there, my family is there, etc) and I got a call from Sparky Sunday asking if I was ok and if I’d heard about the tragedy at Surf and Turf. I hadn’t even heard about the incident yet…it had only been about 20-30 minutes before and an F3 brother was checking in on me. That was a good feeling for sure, but then my mind turned to the sadness of the situation. What happened has happened and we don’t truly know all the details yet. What I do know though is mental health and mental illness is serious. I worked in the field for about 6 years and saw some of it first hand. Mental illness can change a person and sometimes, meds (not just those for mental illness) can as well. Keep loving on and supporting those around you struggling. Many of us are going to have times where we are going to grief, stress, sadness, depression, etc. Keep each other close and don’t hesitate to reach a hand out to a brother in need. Just as important, the COT is a place where you can share some of those demons you’re battling. We may not be able to “fix it”, but we can pray for you and we can support you, and do our best to help out!

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