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Day: May 20, 2018

Is Everyone on the DL?

Sparky had been planning a 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom. Once the date was set, he reached out for a Q to lead the PAX that weren’t bringing 2.0’s or doing Pain Lab with Hipaa. YHC volunteered because hey, how hard could it be? Sister Act and YHC had been kicking around some ideas, and we came up with something easy to remember.

YHC posted early with Sister Act to get some EC. By the time we get back to the launch pad at Folsom, it resembled a scene from Daddy Day Care! It was awesome to see soooo many PAX and their 2.0’s getting ready for some F3 fun. YHC must admit, it was difficult to talk to everyone before the workout started. Guys just kept coming in. The parking lot was full. Whoopee  started us off with handing out rocks to all the 2.0’s while telling a story given to him by Dr. Feelgood. YHC won’t tell the whole story, but it is about faith in Jesus and pushing the rock, no matter what. Even though the rock doesn’t move, the constant pushing and continued faith through the hard and lean times will make you stronger. Whoopee attempted to get Dolph to take his shirt off, but Dolph refused. YHC believes Dolph refused because he didn’t want the other 2.0’s asking their dads “Daddy, why don’t you have big muscles like he does? You work out, don’t you?”. Thanks for saving us the humiliation, brother!

Whoopee then calls the warmup of SSH, Merkins and Mountain Climbers. YHC has no clue who is going with the dads or going with YHC. After Whoopee moseys the herd of PAX and 2.0’s away, YHC is left with Sister Act, Def Leppard, Pockets and Oompa Loompa. As we get ready to take off, YHC asks how the guys are doing. Sister Act rolled his ankle playing 3 on 3 basketball at his 2.0’s dance rehearsal. Leppard’s hip is still giving him a fit, Pockets thinks he has pulled a groin muscle, and Oompa brought the crud back with him from his business trip last week. YHC had a double portion of Sandy V going on due to his inability to post because of his own bad work week. YHC thought to himself “Is EVERYONE on the DL?” (by DL, that stands for disabled list, not on the “down low”). We will modify as needed. Let’s go.

The Thang:

  • Run 1 mile
  • Stop and perform 10 reps of 10 exercises. Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks, CDD’s, Corkscrews, Bobby Hurleys, Seal Jacks, WW1’s, Werkins and Burpees.
  • Rinse and repeat until time’s up or someone splashes Merlot.

YHC must admit, Leppard’s typical Merkin/CDD form has improved drastically. All the shouts of “Keep your butt down, Leppard” have finally paid off! Outstanding form on the Merkins, sir! The slow moseying group pushed through 4 rounds. We arrived back to the launch pad when the 2.0’s were circling up for name-o-rama.


Having said that, YHC must admit to a few Q fails.

  1. YHC did not communicate clear instruction for the route that was to be taken. Because of this, 2 PAX were separated from main group and didn’t rejoin until all PAX arrived back at Folsom, which leads to the next Q fail-
  2. YHC did not pick up the 6. If YHC had done this, then Q fail #1 never would have happened.
  3. No Pledge of Allegiance was performed.
  4. And last of all, no COT was performed. This violates one of F3 core principles. In the confusion of the 2.0’s, Pain Lab, etc., YHC completely brain dumped and completely struck out on the COT. Men, I am truly sorry for this Q fail most of all. The COT is what brings us all together at the end of the workout to share things that are on our hearts and minds. It’s where our shields are locked once again before we go our separate ways after the workout. YHC asks for forgiveness. He won’t miss that again.

Even though we were lower in number than usual, the men truly pushed through a tough one (due to the injuries). All gave it their best and came out the other side a little stronger. Thank You for the push, men. Thank You for letting me lead.



Maybe Turtle Man will eventually write it…maybe not

Way back, coming up on two weeks Turtle Man takes the Q at Snoballs. For as much mumble chatter as he provides, he doesn’t take the Q too often but I’m sure that will change soon. The circle began to form and Turtle Man stepped forward with a disclaimer and the pledge. We did a light warm-up of a few things that I can’t remember because, well, it’s been nearly two weeks and I can barely remember my own Q from a week ago. But as you maybe began to detect – if you don’t write a backblast for a workout which I attended, I want credit – especially during this 40 Days of Discipline. The Weasel Shaker can be a thankless job and the pay is awful, but there are certain privileges that will be invoked from time to time and this happens to be one of them. So after a brief warm-up, Turtle Man announces the sometimes disconcerting “follow me,” out of the parking lot and away we went traveling down Riverwood Parkway. We stopped after maybe two minutes of action and were commanded do to 25 merkins on our own. Turtle Man was announcing his presence with authority. He announced it a few more times so that by the time we reached Gastone’s Hill, we’d done 100 merkins. A nice shoulder burn was going and then the Thang was announced. NUR Gastone’s Hill all the way to the top; once at the top, perform 25 American Hammers (or maybe it was Flutter Kicks, or maybe he omaha’ed to Flutter Kicks, but we did 25 of an ab exercise at the top). Run forward all the way to the bottom and do I think 10 or maybe 20 squats (or some exercise like a squat intended to burn our quads). That was the loop: NUR up, ab exercise for 25 reps, Run down, 20 of a leg exercise = 0.4 of a mile each trip. Nice idea Turtle Man, which I later learned he borrowed from Stone Cold. The challenge was levied as to who could complete six rounds. To conserve time, Turtle Man omaha’ed the NUR after the third trip, opting for the standard forward mosey. At some point during the trips Stroganoff and Stone Cold had to leave a little early. We reached 06:10 and Turtle Man called for the jail-break. Sargento had been leading the charge the entire workout and following his Q, about-faced on the hill maybe 3/4 up and headed back. Gastone and maybe Whoopee decided they were going to complete the 6 laps, which they did and hustled behind us. We had a brief COT and Turtle Man took us out in a prayer.

So as you have read – a pretty good Q. That very morning after the workout I set up Turtle Man with access (again) to write his backblast. He even thanked me for doing it. But then the Sad Clown attacked him and he got lazy or lost his focus. So I’m picking up the Six in the narrative way. Here is looking forward to Turtle Man’s next Q and writing his first backblast. For all of you among the PAX, many have the ability to post a backblast. If your Q falls short – you step in and write one for him, we’re always here for each other.

Short Sale

F3 Gastonia Expansion

7 HIMs posted at the Dallas Courthouse to do some recon work for a future Sunday morning running/rucking AO.  Thanks to all that posted and it shows why you do recon work before you launch an AO.  All PAX ran today, anywhere from 4-5 miles were logged.  The route definitely needed a little work which YHC was quick to give two options to the PAX to choose from.  Official launch date expected first Sunday in June (June 3rd).  Start time is yet to be set.  Once again thanks to all the HIMs that posted.


SFN Run for Holland 5/10k in Spruce Pine

SFN Patriot 5k

Memorial Day Mulph at Martha’s – Whoopee w/ Q


Those that were mentioned and not mentioned.





Keeping it short and sweet.

Disclaimer, you should go home and go back to bed.

Pledge to the stars and stripes

Expected an FNG, He didn’t show.  Had a great name for him, but he didn’t get to hear it.


SSH, X 15 IC,

Italian night clubs (bacwards Morrocans) x 20 ic

Low slow squats x 15 ic,

overhead claps to get the shoulders opened up, x 15 ic

Mosey to the park,

Do some Murph prep with 100 pullups and 100 swing crunches, 5 sets of 20 alternating each.

Mosey to the KFC parking lot, grab a rock.  10 curls right arm in cadence, then 10 curls left arm in cadence.

Mosey to a spot on the wall at the old HT.  Next exercise is the Pushup Bra while in the people’s chair:  What, never heard of it?

Rocks to the chest, push them up, push them out.  10 in cadence (Push up over head 1, back to  chest 2, push out 3, back to chest: One rep).

we then did more curls, alternating back and forth. Total of 60 curls per arm, and 30 sets of rock pushing.  After the pullups at the park, arms were pretty whooped.

Mosey to the ramp and loading dock.  Wall sit with your rock to the chest.  Each pax down the line runs around the railing, jumps up the wall, bear crawls back to the spot.  next pax goes, everyone else holds the wall sit and the rock.  That hurt.  Davinci had a pretty bad fall and skinned his knee.  I felt bad that someone got injured but he walked it off and i’m sure his M took care of him when he got home.

Mosey back, return the rocks to their homes, mosey back to Snoballs and we were finished.

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