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Day: May 19, 2018

It’s been a while

Even though the weather forecast the night before called for rain on this Yank morning, no precipitation was falling and 18 HIMs showed for a cheesy beatdown. For the last month the Sargento house has been dealing with a new puppy that always needs some care just as we’re about to walk out the door for a post. Today was no different and it made YHC forget the weinke. No worries, a few scribbles on the M’s stationary from her 2.0 chariot and we’re ready to go!

There was an FNG present so a full disclaimer was given. The Yank has had some new blood making it’s way to post lately and YHC had to introduce himself to several of the PAX. Keep EHing men!!!

Warm Up

Goof Balls x15IC (of course)

Don Quixot x15IC

Monkey Humpers x15IC

The weinke says to mosey so we head up to the front of the middle school. We do the Figure 8 a lot up here so YHC changed it up this time to do a round of Four Corner Excalator

The Thang:

First corner perform 10 merkins. 2nd corner 10 merkins & 20 flutter kicks, 3rd corner 10 merkins, 20 flutter kicks & 30 mountain climers, 4th corner 10 merkins, 20 flutter kicks, 30 mountain climbers and 40 squats. Plank for the 6.

That was so much fun lets do it again…in reverse! Good work men!!!

Mosey to the corner at the convenience store for 5 Monkey Humpers with the business end to traffic. Aye!

From here we’ll do the Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s at each telephone pole. We even got a couple extras in there. Regroup at the parking lot for LBC mania until the 6 arrives.

Mosey to the 2.0 chariot, pick up a couple coupons and head for the Pit. 11’s from side to side will be the drill. CDDs on one side, WWI situps on the other side. As always the 11s give a great cardio push! 5 burpees for the train.

Fellowship mosey up and around then sprint to the last spot. Zombie walk down the street with lunges at each line. It’s a killer.

Mosey back to the start, waste a minute running steps. Time’s up.

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer requests: Hunchback’s M’s surgery this week, Tiger’s M, Tiger, school kids with exams and EOGs

Announcements: Memorial Day Murph, Memorial Day Speed for Need, 2nd F at WWC this Thursday

Moleskin: It’s been a while since YHC Q’ed the Yank or any other AO. It’s good to be back. Once I get this half marathon training over with I’ll be a regular everywhere again. I appreciate the opportunity to lead. I miss you guys!!! Welcome FNG Tandem!!!


Queen City Honor Flight Preblast

Hey gents,

Ive been talking this up a little bit at the workouts, but here is the official information.

A while back, this was brought up at church. What it simply is, is a flight from Charlotte NC to Washington DC for all veterans so they get a chance to visit all the memorials and see the capital for the country they fought to preserve. Its been a while since this has happened in Charlotte so I spoke to the M and 2.0s about not missing this. We will get to the airport and get our passes from the TSA to be a part of the welcoming committee. I am doing this mainly becuase of my Dad and his service. The last time I went to DC, he asked me to look at the veitnam memorial wall for some names of Marines he had lost touch with throughout his service and TOD.

Out of the 10 names he gave me, only one came up and I remember the feeling I had when I saw that name. That was one man who didn’t make it home. With the welcome home some the the vets got after the country turned its tide against soldiers returning from war, this is a second chance for them. It’s also a chance for the greatest generation and those from the forgotten war and all other conflicts between to be recognized as the heroes they are. If you know someone who is still around and wants to visit, sign them up. Last I read, they are still looking.

This unfortunately conflicts with the 2nd F River Jam that Sargento is putting together, but I am optimistic we can welcome some folks home and still make it out there.

The website is qchonorflight.org.

I have attached some pictures and labelled them if anyone is interested.

2.0 Friendly Workout

  1. So… a month or so back, we thought it would be a good idea to try to do a 2.0 friendly workout once a month, through the summer months! Today neing the first, It went better then i could have imagined!

I wanted to get the HIMs involved in leading these workouts, and they stepped up, and did an awesome job!

Whoopi kicked things off this morning, explaining to the 2.0s why we do what we do, why we push the ROCK! To better each other, to help one another to step up and be better men, dads, husbands, to push each other to follow Christ, and to be physically stronger! Then he led into a few warmup exercises, then mosey !

At this point Bedpan took over, stopping on our way to the Flag at the fork in the road. We did some crab walking, imperial walkers, seal jacks, then mosey to the flag!

Time for Montross! Hats off for the pledge! 22 for the vets, then some burpees! Mory back to the fork!

YHC found a hill near the fork, 10 spuats at the top of the hill then go down the hill, but you had to do it some other way then up right! Roll, crawl, flip, however you wanted, when you get to the bottom, sprit back to the top, x3! Then starting at the bottom, 10 lbcs, this time while going up, crawl/ crab walk, no walking or running going up! Spint back down the hill, repeat x3! Time to mosey!

Gumby took to the small lot that i hate! With a soccer ball in hand, he started us off! He threw the ball and everyone run for it, first one to get to it calls an exercise, then throws the ball for the next person to get, and call an exercise, repeating for 4 or so different exercises! Mosey!

Medicine Woman takes the lead ! Kids Vs Dads! Inch worm, kids lined up on one side, grown ups on the other! Lots of mumble chatter, there was a water hole right under myself and Whoopi, and Dolph wanted a favor from us when the mayor comes through, we gladly obliged, when Mayor got us, haystack! I think he returned the favor to Dolph later! Mosey!

Swimmer had our final stop, at the bottom parking lot ! We were running a little short on time, but he still got a few things in, rocky balboa’s, and lbcs? Time to mosey back to the start!

HIPAA and his 2.0 ran the pain lab this morning, looks like they put a beating on some of the pax, while Slaw led the way with 4 or 5 pax, running 4 miles and getting some exercises along the way!

We circled up, having to name so many new 2.0s and one Fng dad! We decided to split up into 2 groups to get this done! Then came together for the name o Rama! 56 total today, with the majority of that being 2.0s!

Announcements- Memorial Day 5k, Murph on Memorial also!

Prayer request- I’m like Huck on this one, God knows the spoken ones and the unspoken!

My son Madden took us out! Im a proud dad!

Sorry I didn’t post the names of all of those who were there today! YHC can not remember them all?

Today the pax came together to make this a success, and I am thankful! I personally know my boys looked forward to this all week! They had a blast, and so did the boy that came with us! Thank you all for leading and being the HIMs that the good Lord has called you to be! We will do this next month! I challenge all pax to invite someone to come and bring their 2.0s, or if you know a 2.0 that doesn’t have a HIM in there life, step up! and bring them along, be a mentor for someone else!

See you next time!

Proverbs 22:6




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