With the weather warming up and this 40 day challenge going strong 9 HIM’s showed up for some fun times at Folsom this morning. Mumble chatter was going before we even begin, forgot to mention we have an FNG welcome Pale Rider. 530 time to start gave my I’m not a professional you vs you speech and we began.

The thang!
20 ssh
20 side leg raises (aka swan kickers) shout out AT!
20 alt arm raises, this got the mumble to a rumble since the knees were getting dirty.
20 windshield wipers
Mosey to the flag!
Say the pledge
10 merkins
20 mountain climbers
25 lbcs
25 sandy v’s
25 seconds plank some guys jumped up so we did them again.
Sparky’s parking lot!
25 seal jumps
Lung to middle of lot
10 Bobby Hurley’s
Lung to the end
15 merkins
Lunge back to middle
25 lbfc
50 lbcs
Mosey to the shelter
20 dips
20 bicycle crunches
20 dips
20 leg raises
Rinse and repeat
Mosey back to the beginning and we did 22 for the vets!

I had a plan to talk about leadership or some manliness quote at each stop,but life kept me busy and did not have any quotes ready. Well the sky Q kicked in this morning on the radio pulling into Folsom talking about our spiritual gifts. So I challenged the men to think of their gifts that they could bestow on others. F3 has given us so much and continues to give us friendship, guidance from others and a bunch of other cool stuff I could list for days. As a country we have more gifts than we could imagine we are all truly blessed in one way or another! Remind yourself of how someone has given to you and take an opportunity to give to someone else. Our spiritual gifts can be stronger just like our body’s if we choose to exercise them!

Announcements: 5k, or the Murph on Memorial Day.
Prayer request: always praying for each other, personal request, our country, military, and our families. Special prayers for nurses and teachers this week as we celebrate those who help others.
Welcome to the jail cell our new FNG Pale Rider.
The Bedpan is full..