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Day: April 24, 2018

Oh no!! It’s me??

I set Abba up to Q a while back and he showed up without remembering he had it. Fortunately Timeframe was eager and ready so they were swapped. Early this week, Abba asked for another reprieve as he was starting a cleanse with his wife and was not to stray too far from a toilet. That I understand so I asked Brownstreak to double up and he agreed. Unfortunately, I still had my do not disturb on so I didn’t get the text of him being sick and not making it out until I pulled in with eith minutes to go. I asked my good friend Dolph if he had any dice or what and he said the 99 so here we go.

Mosey to covered shelter and figure out what exercises we need to do. Remembering them in order was a pax event and I caught a lot of abuse for the lack of memory.

Exercises: Mericans, squats, high knees, LBCs, wall sit and then a pax choice exercise. Either do 9 reps, 99 reps or 99 seconds and reduce by 10 each round. We added some SSH. Pax choice exercises were goofbals, Don Quixote, Jump burpees over partner, pseudo plank mericans, Imperial walkers, oblique crunch, archer push ups, regular burpees.

I had my phone and like to jam out some but the music choice was not right for everyone. Breaker Breaker didn’t like System of a Down, but liked Eminem, Sargento did not like the Billy Idol. Bieber was requested but not found. I was asked why I didn’t have my speaker, replied I didn’t know I had the Q and short explanation and was told that was no excuse.

Mosey back to start and some brave chaps took off and got ahead so I just veered off and kept going a different direction.

Pledge, Prayers, nameorama

Prayers: Lynn Hamm (BB friend), Aunt Judy (BB Aunt) moving to rehab, Missionary Brunson, Guatemala Missionaries,


Moleskin: It is good to take a beating like I did today as it humbles you. When Hippa showed up late during the wall sit station he was witty to reply he had been holding 90 degrees for a few miles. Sargento will be nominated as the Storm site Q as he was very critical of me today and that just tells me he misses the power and control. Thanks for bearing with an impromptu tire fire men. Shoutout to Hippa for his Iron skillet. I don’t think I have seen anyone hit that many in a month. Same goes for Boudin and his EC work.

Snowballs. Wed, Apr 18. 5:30am.

12 + me of Gastonia’s strongest and finest #HIMs conquered the fartsack for some rock pushing on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The stars were out in all their heavenly glory and it seemed to be a perfect morning to better ourselves and encourage the men around us.  Glad to see Clavin made it out this am.  He says that he missed the comradery of the HIMs.  I understand that for sure.  BIG shout out to HIPAA for the impromptu pain lab Q.  That is a him acting like a #HIM.  Great work gentlemen.

5:30 on the clock and time to do this.

SSHx20 (ic)

Imperial Walkersx20 (ic)

mosey the long way around to the lit area in the center of the ballfields

The Thang:

Partner up….P1 does as many reps as possible while P2 runs out to the parking lot, up the sidewalk, and back making a loop and switch…x3 for each called exercise.

Heels to Heaven


This was a good workout.




Mosey to the shelter

Arm squatsx15

Bad joke from Spiderman

Arm squatsx10

Another bad joke from Spiderman and other Pax

Arm squatsx5

Meander to parking lot for some Mary

Flutter kicksx25

Box cuttersx20 (changing direction every 5)

Mosey to snowballs


Almost went into OT but PAX had stuff to do so we dismissed.



Awesome work, encouragement, attitudes, and all around great start to the day.  You guys are WAAY better than coffee.  HIPAA and Clavin kind of hit on something that I thought was a good idea.  Maybe a Pain Lab through the week.  I personally know of several other PAX that would be interested and show more regular if this was an option.  Clavin, great to see you out.  HIPAA, nice work with the impromptu Q.  All the PAX was an inspiration.  True gentlemen in every aspect.  I have been blessed more than you know by all of you.



You Can Always Smoke Crack

YHC had posted somewhat of a pre-blast for my Folsom Q yesterday. It was to have a history theme. I probably should’ve clarified what I meant by “history lesson.” PAX were quick to criticize what my lesson consisted of. Anyway, 10 HIMs post on a possible rainy morning at the prison. Site Q, after being ran over by a few busses on our groupme text, was actually on time. Montross with the only tardy.(Which threw off my Q.)

Brief history lesson was given before warmup. Q mentions 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. This is when the mumblechatter/criticism started. There were 8.5 million soldiers world wide who lost their lives in the war. I mentioned a couple other aspects of the war, but quickly decided to scratch the lesson due to said criticism. 9 men ready at clock in.

warmarama………..nope, let’s mosey, well well well, finally Montross pulls in. YHC gets to the first area of exercise. PAX yelling, yet Montross doesn’t hear where to go. Q says, “let’s go pick up the six.” This jacked up the initial plan, but we got to mosey some more, which everyone appreciated.

Stop at the flag for the Pledge

Mosey again, mumblechatter has started kicking in at this point. Let’s get the running in before the bottom drops. We finally settle in the lower parking lot.


After the history lesson, the only thing the PAX had to remember was the number, 100. Partner up, different exercises with 1 PAX running to the opposite end of the lot and back while PAX 2 performs said exercise.

All x100

Angle grinders(much mumblechatter was stirred by this call)


Burpees(option to modify to squats after 50)

American Hammers( this was a math disaster that made Midoryama look good)

22 merkins for the Vets

During this spectacular event, many were discussing the new 40 day diet challenge that was brought up yesterday. “No soft drinks, fine. No beer.”……questionable by a few, etc, etc. Awesome to see the accountability and effort amongst PAX to become stronger and healthier!

Lets mosey back to start. At this point I hear Allen Tate expressing how much he loved the hill back to start and that his heart would stop on the trip, but he made it without such difficulties. Men pushed it the whole time.  Once all were finished QIC calls 5 burpees OYO, once those were completed, I remembered “Train” on Slack meant 5 DQs, so those were also performed. All said and did, PAX logged in over 2 miles of mosey! AYE!

Prayer requests: each other, our families, Allen Tate’s mom n law, Sparkys boys.

With more chatter about the 40 day challenge and time up, I bring the men in for prayer. We can talk afterward. Just before I begin, Bedpan had some great advice as he was closing out his prior conversation. “You can always smoke crack to lose weight if the diets don’t work!” This broke most into laughter, then I had to real ya all back in.

Honored to Q! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing group of men. There’s always a challenge, yet there’s always encouragement. Glad to see Huck and Allen Tate back at it. Way to push the rock men!



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