I’m posting this for Gomer. Many of our regular pax are gearing up for the Relay Saturday so attendance was light but young Gomer was ready to lead the 5 Pax.


He calls for a mosey and somehow, we wind up on a trail about a mile later. Gomer calls for an exercise and then we return to the trail run. Few more exercises and mosey back to the flag with 2 miles done.

Plenty of time for some Mary so we take turns with Merkins, LBC’s, American Hammers, 25 Shoulder Tap Merkins (for Pizza Man), Low Slow Squats, Lunged to the turd shack and back, 22 for the Vets and time.

Announcements: Regular Saturday AO’s are open while many are running the F3 Gastonia Relay CSAUP. 3rd F event on Friday, April 13th at 7 p.m. at the Porch on Parkwood’s campus. Speed for Need at the Community Foundation Run on Saturday, April 14th hopefully with a large F3 presence.

Prayer Requests: My son Logan dealing with seizures, Allen Tate’s mother in law, Billy Madison’s inlaws, Guys running the Relay, Gomer.


*Gomer wasn’t feeling well the last part of his Q and we hope he is better soon. Sparrow is new to F3 and really pushed hard on that 2 mile trail run! Blart always helps lead the way and pushes everyone to get better. Tool Time is on the IR from exercising but got in 5 miles without messing up his hair. Who did he learn that hair thing from? Its always nice to run through the trails in the Spring and see the creek, trees, rocks and hills, well maybe not the hills!