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Day: March 14, 2018

Arm day

The biceps are often neglected in a Gashouse so I wanted to get them worked in.

Disclaimer, I suggest you go home and go back to bed.


Warm up: Moroccan night clubs, IC x 30

Appalachian Americans, IC X 10

low slow Merkins, IC x 5

Mountain Climbers

Whoopie, Boudin, Woody went off to ruck somewhere, and the rest of us mosey’d on.

Mosey down Neal Hawkins, into park, around clubhouse, down to play ground.  It was taped off, but we were daring and jumped the tape.

Partner up, do 20 pull ups of some sort, while partner does 10 crunches from the plank position with feet in the swings.

alternate, and repeat for 4 sets total.

Repeato but exchange merkins for pull ups.

Mosey to back corner of park, wait for 6 (might have been me), 10 count, and 5 burpees on your own.

Mosey out to well lit street and Easy Rider called whisper cadence for some Rocky balboas, x15 ic.  We were all quite so we didn’t wake the neighbors.

mosey to top of hill, 10 count for 6, then mosey some more to lit turn off where there just happened to be some Q-pons (blocks).

partner one did curls while partner 2 did planks and Merkins.

15 count of up/down, curl the block, Merkin.

Hold at top for 10 count, hold at middle for 10 count, hold at down for 10 count, hold back at top for 10 count.

switch and repeato. Thanks to Stroganoff for the cadence

switch and repeato

switch and repeato.  Thanks to Hippa for the cadence

Mosey back while carrying the blocks.

Chest press IC x 10

Flutters x 20 ic

lbcs x 20 ic

twistie, ankle slappy things x 15 ic

Freddy Mercuries x 20 IC.


Announcements, sign up for Csaup, 2nd F at Growlers Thursday eve for drinks and basketball, Some other stuff

Prayers, not a lot of prayers this morning.

COT, Thanks for letting me lead.



Back In The Saddle

17 Strong today at Midoriyama for an old man Q. I haven’t Q’d in a while so it was great to be back on a sunny but cool afternoon. An FNG (Anthony Guida) so disclaimer was given. Edison in the house! Great to see him. Swimmer got in some EC on the mountain bike before we started. Sister Act has fled the state. Slaw was not there. Someone said Sandy V but I told them it was work related.

Warm Up, SSH x10, Arm Circles Forward and Reverse, Don Q’s x 10, Around this point was the obligatory no shirt scene by Ash Pond (sometimes its Slaw). It always happens, we’ve just learned to deal with it. Squats x 10, attempts were made to disrupt the counts but YHC had laser focus and didn’t miss any. There seemed to be extra mumblechatter about age, walking canes, being senile and arthritis but YHC had to block all that out. Pledge.

The Thang: Mosey to Dog Park Hill. I decided to combine Hill Sprints with BLIMPS. Crowd favorite! Several unfavorable comments were hurled at YHC but we proceeded with the plan.

Burpees x 10, Sprint the hill, touch the fence, sprint back down.

LBC’s x 20, Hill.

Imperial Walkers x 30, Hill.

Merkins x 40, Hill. Started feeling it about here.

Plank Jacks x 50, Hill. YHC was gasping.

Squats x 60, Hill. No mumblechatter now I noticed.

Circle Up for a count to be sure all 17 survived. We did.

Mosey to the playground, Billy Madison led Flutter Kicks waiting on the six.

5 chinup/pullups, 15 Dips, 3 Sets. Ouch! This was the point where several passing vehicles (even a police car) and Tool Time seemed to be gawking at Canteen. He does have perfect form on those pullups as does Defib. It’s quite disgusting and motivating at the same time!

Mosey back to Turd Shack 2 near the soccer fields for some wall work. Huckleberry would approve! It went something like this, I think.

Hip Slappers x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7, Merkins x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7, Merkins x 7, LBFC’s x 7.

AYG back to the flag.

AW Tozer said “The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them.” It is not enough to know the right way to live but we must strive to live the right way.


3rd F Forge Wednesdays 6:30 pm Grits and Greens in Lowell. Come and eat and have a great Bible study.

2nd F at Growlers Thursday 7 pm, Check with Sargento for a headcount.

Saturday, March 24th, 7:00 am Convergence at Folsom for all Saturday workouts. Whoopee, Freight and Tool Time Q and Painlab will be there.

Sat. April 7th, F3 Gaston Relay, Everyone please sign up. There will be a group for you.

Sat. April 14th, Community Foundation 5K, F3 and Speed for Need will be representing.

Prayer Requests: Wojo’s sister got great news about her health, my son Logan who is going through a lot with his seizure disorder. Guys on the IR.


** Great to see so many guys out today. It was great to have an FNG, named by his friend Sparrow, “Finch” after Jenny Finch because he is a pretty good softball pitcher. He pushed hard all workout. We didn’t run as much as my usual Q but we worked the upper body pretty well (over 400 reps) and still managed 1.7 miles or so. Billy Madison talked about the 3rd F Faith being what drew him to F3 at a time when he really needed it and how everyone should try to put a little 3rd F into each workout. As most know, I agree 100% with that and always do when YHC Q’s. Great to see the guys I haven’t seen in a while. Thanks to Tool Time and Tyson for picking up the six. Thanks for the push!

Cold Hands Redemption Day

It was a little bit chilly rolling into the Folsom gloom. YHC was anxiously awaiting what mumblechatter might be continuing from last Thursday’s episode. YHC was prepared for such scorning. ShowToKnow!!  Roadie is already present and after the Big White Truck was parked, the headlights start pouring in. Looks like the fartsack was weak on this particular day! Let’s get to work.


Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, Don Q, x15 IC; well here comes the site Q on time as usual. NightClubs til Sparky joins the group.

Pledge the shovel flag(I believe many have forgotten that there’s a shovel flag present and mosey to the parks flag instead?)


Mosey………….For a solid mile before a break. Hey, there’s Oompa rolling in. He can catch up, and did rather quickly. These Folsom PAX are really getting the hang of this running thing. Finish up at the top of the lower parking lot. Triple Nickel time, 5 Burpees run up the hill to designated light pole for 5 squats, repeato X5. Mosey back to start to grab a jump rope then run up to the tennis courts. Line up, 25 jump ropes drop for 10 burpees then run to the other end of the courts and back, rinse-repeat. 20 jump rope, drop for 15 plank jacks run to the end and back, rinse repeat. 15 jump rope, drop for 10 Merkins, run across the courts and back, rinse-repeat. Oops, Q went over time a couple minutes, but no mumbelchatter heard!

Announcements: Convergence Saturday At Folsom! 0700. Sign up for CSAUP by the 17th.

Prayer requests lifted

YHC took us out!

nice work men! Awesome to see the energy and encouragement that is surrounding the Folsom AO! It really makes it easier to fight the fartsack to get out there and hang out and sweat with you guys!


Four Corners at The Storm

On a morning of true gloom with daylight savings time taking us back to the Dark Ages the boys of the Storm commenced to get after it under the stars. It went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Merkins X15

Peter Parker X 20

LBCs X 20

Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for some four corners action as follows:

1st corner : CCDs X 20

2nd corner: LBCs X 20

3rd corner: HR Mekins X 10

4th corner: SSH X 30

Middle: 5 burpees.

This was really an interesting roll here because we found out some folks could not count to 4! YHC found that amusing to a high degree. But we managed to run to each corner, get that done and run back to the middle and knock off the burpees. Twice in fact! Wonders never cease even among the numerically incompetent.

Next set: Burpee suicides to end of parking lot. A burpee suicide is where we run to parking spaces forward and back one then do a burpee.

Next set: Burpee broad jump back to the middle.

Mosey to the main school building.

Set 1: bear crawl through the “pods”, 10 dips, 10 dirkins

Set 2: crab walk through the pods, 10 dips, 10 dirkins

Set 3: same as set 1

Set 4:  10 Mike Tysons, run the parking lot to halfway, 10 squats, all the way, 20 squats and back to the start.

Set 5:  10 Mike Tysons, same runs, 10 jump squats and then 20

Set 6: Peoples Chair, 20 air presses in cadence,5 hip slaps.

Set 7: Repeat set 6.

Mosey back to the flag for some Mary that included Rosalita, Dollies, and oblique crunches.


Dad a great day today. Nothing beats a clear chilly late winter morning to do this in. Glad to see Wheezy posting on a regular basis! We did a little of everything today so very little downtime. That’s kind of the way I want it to be. And we get our money’s worth doing it like that to! everybody did great work today which is why this is such a great group to lead.



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