• When: 03/08/2018
  • QIC: Mayor
  • PAX: Bandit, Hippa, Dolph, Dr. Seuss (R)

Good morning everyone,

I had to step in and take the lead and swap out with Breaker Breaker as he was out of town.  It would be a colder one than we have had lately so with the bundle up, out the door I go.  Time is up and only three pax there.  Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t announce that I am leading anymore to get more people out there; or change something about myself, but there’s always time for that later.

We have a pull up bar and a set of perfect push ups at work and a while back, we heard of this workout called the Hang.  We started a competition to see who could just hang the longest.  YHC got 37 seconds, Dolph got 1:15 and Bridge Club (Freedom Park) got 1:32.  The lesson is the lighter you are, the easier it is provided you have some grip strength.

The Thang:  Warmup (all shoulders), Disclaimer, Pledge….and here comes Dolph in hot.  Mosey to the gazebo and circle for instructions.

Hang for a total of six (6) minutes.  After each time you fall trying to reach the six minutes, run a lap, do 20 squats and 20 merkins and grab the the bar again and hang some more.  Again, the goal was to get to six minutes.  you could either use your watch or count by Mississippi’s to 360. At the end of the first grip loss for most, Dr. Seuss joined the ranks.

This was a struggle for sure.  Grip, chest and forearms were lit up.  Some finished up and I had 45 seconds to go and time was getting close.  Called for some motivation and received it.

After this we ran as a group back for the six and crossed the bridge.  With the three rail split rail, put your feet on the lower rail, do 5 merkins, middle rail and do 5 merkins and high rail and 5 merkins with out stopping in between to blast the chest.  Mosey back to the start.

Announcements:  Grits and Greens every Wednesday, Bourbon chase group meeting soon, 2nd F at wing joint for march madness (pending intel from Sargento).

Prayers: Hippa coworker dealing with Chrones and depression, Teachers, Military and Police, Dolphs Father in law with heart surgery and although this isn’t a Christian group per se, the Christians being persecuted and martyred globally, each other and justice world wide.

Name-o-rama and COT.

Moleskin:  This was a tough one, but I have kept this in my email for a long time.  Most recently I have made a commitment to push myself to be better and stop sitting back waiting for the world to go by.  There is nothing good on the backside of quitting.  Even if you get knocked down over and over again, have the courage and determination to keep coming back, even if you know a knockdown punch is waiting.  DONT QUIT.