Hey guys, I am the Gashouse Q for GrowRuck. The GrowRuck experience is designed to draw out the leadership principles that are implicit in most GORUCK events by including a specific, leadership-focused classroom portion and then a GORUCK Challenge (Light or Tough) led in such a way to specifically illustrate and make impactful those lessons through team physical activity. In the F3 context, it is best suited for men who have little or no GORUCK experience or for GORUCK TOUGH who want to introduce another man to GORUCK and potentially sharpen their skills as leaders who model followership.
In the F3 context, these events are often designed to include all three Fs and form a peak F3 experience over the course of 48 hours (usually Friday to Sunday). There is usually a 2nd F event on Friday. Saturday morning begins with a workout as a group then a leadership teaching by The Iron Project. TIP is a leadership consultant firm which was founded by OBT, Dredd, and Gnarly Goat. The leadership teaching last to around lunch. There would be a breakfast served before every one goes off to get some rest before the GORUCK event starts at 6 pm on Saturday evening finishing up around 6 am on Sunday morning.
The Iron Project runs these for profit, the cost run about $150 per person. They target 35 participants per event. This GROWRUCK event will take place in Charlotte and will have PAX from around the region participating. There is a Lend a Ruck program, so you would not need to go out and buy one. This announcement is gage initial interest from GasHouse. This event would take place in late August or October. Please let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in participating in this leadership event. Please pass the word to those who are not on Slack, and I will also share at the workouts throughout the week. Thanks, Boudin