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Day: February 25, 2018

The Q is always right!

As the weather gets warmer it brings our more and more PAX. Today at Gashouse was no different where 21 who were willing and able to get after it did just that. Many of the PAX got in some EC with rucks or runs as well. Keep up the strong work.

YHC is always in EH mode and it finally paid off with two FNG’s following through on their HCs from earlier in the week. There was also one FNG who showed by his own gumption and motivation. HIM’s all around! Aye!!!

The disclaimer was given for the benefit of the FNG’s and the rest of the PAX. With that out of the way we can get to it.

Warm Up:

Goof Balls x15 IC

Don Quixote x10 IC

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

Some split off for Pain Lab, the rest mosey across Garrison to the parking lot of the office of on Boss Hog (someone EH that guy to come back out with us).


The PAX performs dips on the high end and mountain climbers at the low end. 10 reps of one and 1 of the other, then switch to 9 & 2, 8 & 3 on until you’re completely flipped. Make sure you do 11 total reps on each cycle though. I think everyone enjoyed this.

Mosey down the street to the big parking lot at Parkwood. YHC did some recon before his 10 mile EC mosey and found a perfect place to perform his favorite routine from The Yank, The Figure 8! As expected, when he began explaining the routine to the Figure 8 virgins they whined and questioned everything like a bunch of girls afflicted with the sandy V. YHC had to reassure them that it wasn’t nearly as complicated as they thought, just do the thing!

The Figure 8:

20 reps of each exercise

Station 1 – Merkins

Station 2 – World War 1 situps

Station 3 – Bobby Hurleys

Station 4 – American Hammers

Station 5 – Side Straddle Hops

Station 6 – World War 1 situps (again)

Station 7 – Bobby Hurleys (again)

Station 8 – Alternating Shoulder Taps

By the end of that rotation everybody had gotten the hang it. See, YHC wouldn’t steer you wrong. It was so fun we decided to play it back again. YHC recalls that this round was when a certain PAX, whose name rhymes with Sort Shale, was complaining that the routine was incorrectly named. All YHC knows is that when he wants to come up with a routine on his own, he can name it whatever he very well wants to! It’s shaped like a figure 8!!! Repeato for a third time for good measure.

Mosey back down the street down to where Stroganoff has flashbacks of former baseball glories for our next routine.

Triple Nickel:

YHC understands that there was some variation to this but we had to cut it short due to time. At the bottom perform 5 squats, bear crawl to the top and perform 5 derkins. Repeato x3 and we’re done.

Mosey back to the Schiele for the finishing touch, Bring Sally Up. Man, it seemed a lot harder this time that usual. Aye!

Prayer Requests: Forestview students in car accident this week, First ARP mission team to Haiti, my apologies for not recalling the rest

Announcements: Speed for Need is at Community Foundation Run on April 14th.

Moleskin: The passing of Billy Graham this week reminded me of what a profound impact we can have on people by our words and actions. His example of what a Christian husband, father, friend and leader can look like is a legacy that will live on well past his life. We should all strive to create our own legacy that glorifies God like Pastor Graham did.

Great work today men. It’s a pleasure leading you and I won’t let so much time go by before the next one here. Have a great week!

Ruck and Run

14 Men posted for some early morning work at the Coconut Horse. 4 ruckers set out at 06:00. 10 runners left the stable at 06:30. Wonderful morning to be outside and getting some cardio in with the Gashouse brothers.

5 for Coffeerama afterwards.

Prayer Requests:

Worldwide’s 2.0 is having nervous system issues. Def Leppard’s son is also having his nervous system monitored as well. Sly and upcoming deployment.

Quiche took us out in prayer.

Have a wonderful day today, gents. Until next time,


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