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Day: February 21, 2018

Fake News

Nice temps bring out a great group on Tuesday. Pulling up I found many PAX out getting some EC in. As we gather there was a guy named Quincy out doing some running on his own. So after talking with him, Canteen and a few others convinced him to stay and workout with us. So he decided to do part of the workout since he had to head home soon to his family. Hopefully he will return on Thursday. With that I explained to him that we are all idiots. He said OK. no problem. with that we started.

Warmup in cadence

10x Goofballs or until the shovel flag was in the ground

10x Merkins

10x Moroccan night clubs

10x Hillbillies

Lets Mosey to the big park map by the path leading down to the docks.

Run down the hill to the volleyball net and do Burpees. Leave there and do WW1 sit-ups at the docks, mosey back to the top and do Merkins. Start with 5 reps each then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. Plank for the six then do a count off.

So I had put a tweet out about off road shoes and dirty clothes. Freight was calling me out on it and that is when I looked at the time and realized I had an over exaggerated wenkie. I promised him next time I wouldnt disappoint.  After catching our breath we moseyed on over to the gravel road, down to the side of the lake. This is where our FNG had to leave us.

On top of the earth dam we did some core work, all in cadence. But first we did 5 Burpees for the train whistle we heard.

20x CDD

20x Flutter Kicks

20x LBC

10x Pretzel Crunches 10 each side

10 Crunchy Frogs OYO

With time running out we moseyed back to the shovel flag for some 11’s in the parking lot. Starting at the mid point of the parking lot, we did merkins there and Tiger Squats at the curb. We didn’t quite finish before time was up.

COT, Announcements

Speed for need race 1. Sign up men. Lets support each other and lets help the community. Also there are speed for need patches.

Wednesday nights.  The Forge. At Grits and greens in Lowell. We need Speakers. Step up please.

Canteen is looking for someone to do the Savage race with. And the Warrior Dash as well. Several guys from the Folsom AO are going to the Warrior Dash.

Mud run in Columbia coming up. Its a big F3 event. Check out the preblast.

Prayer request.

High school students that were in a car accident. They are in school with Stroganoff’s daughter.

All PAX.



At the time of finishing this I learned of the passing of the great evangelist Billy Graham. It is said that he has brought over a billion people to learn of Christ Jesus. If every person who has heard the gospel through him would share with just one other person. WOW.   It is said that he has this verse in bold letters in his home.

Galatians 6:14

but God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me , and I to the world.


UNO with Green Cards

As I searched for weinke inspiration, I watched the Olympics and thought of all the athletes who had trained their entire life for these two weeks. Some of their events would last mere minutes, and they had one chance to live in sports glory. I thought about trying to come up with exercises that would relish in the spectacle of events like the Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, or the Skeleton. This seemed really complicated so I went with a much simpler game that seemed more our pace… UNO.

YHC arrived at the AO to find some HIMs already in full mosey as they finished up some EC. Good work Gastone, Boudin, and Whoopee. It was a very mild morning for late February but perfect none the less.

No FNGs so let’s go…

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15

The Pledge

Mosey to the building between the baseball fields in the park. YHC pulled out his cards and explained how this game of UNO would work.

Each color represented a workout:
Red = Merkins
Green = Seal Jacks
Blue = LBCs
Yellow = Squats
Number of reps based on number on card = 1-4 x 10, 5-9 x 5, 0 = 30 reps
Skips of any color = Flutter Kicks
Reverses of any color = American Hammers
Draw 2’s = 5 Burpees
Draw 4’s = 10 Burpees

The cards were shuffled. No deck stacking or funny business going on. As with any hand of UNO, seven cards were dealt face down. May the cards be in our favor…

First hand:
Green 9 = 45 Seal Jacks
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees
Red 2 = 20 Merkins
Yellow Skip = 30 Flutter Kicks
Green 8 = 40 Seal Jacks
Red 9 = 45 Merkins
Green 9 (Seriously?!) = 45 Seal Jacks

Mosey around one of the baseball fields and back for the second hand.

Second hand:
Green 2 = 20 Seal Jacks
Blue 8 = 40 LBCs
Green 7 = 35 Seal Jacks
Red 9 = 45 Merkins
Yellow 4 = 40 Squats
Yellow Reverse = 30 American Hammers
Yellow 0 = 30 Squats

Mosey to the shelter for a modified third hand:

Red = Derkins x 15
Green = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Blue = Dips x 15
Yellow = Step Ups x 20

Third Hand:
Green 5 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Yellow 1 = Step Ups x 20
Blue Skip = Dips x 15
Green 9 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20
Red 0 = Derkins x 15
Blue 8 = Dips x 15
Green 5 = Big Boy Sit Ups x 20

Mosey by the playground and through the parking lot and back to the shelter.

Abbreviated Fourth Hand (3 cards):

Blue 2 = Dips x 15
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees
Draw 4 = 10 Burpees

YHC then asked Woody for a 10 count to catch our breath after 20 burpees. He omaha’d the 10 count to a recommendation of 10 Pull-ups. Sure, let’s do it. Mosey to the top of the hill to the pull-up bar.

Each of the PAX did 5 pull-ups, some with assistance, while the others did Squats while they waited.

Mosey back to Snoballs.

Since we didn’t draw enough green cards and we have a minute left, let’s do some Seal Jacks (x10).

Monk recommended a lecture at Belmont Abbey on 8/26 at 8pm. I believe the title was “Business as a Vocation”
The upcoming convergence, nomads, and site launch with Telsa were all mentioned. Just check twitter or the email for details.

Prayer Requests
Brownstreak. We miss having you out there with us brother.


Until the next time…

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