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Day: February 17, 2018

Cadence or OYO?

It was a warm morning for mid February at Goat Island. 8 showed for a Sargento special. This is how it went I think.



Good Balls x20 IC

Don Quixote x15 IC

Monkey Humpers x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey around the back of the downtown buildings up the stairs to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x20 IC. This was the first time trying this exercise and after a disastrous attempt at cadence we Omaha’d and finished up at 10 reps.

Mosey under the train tracks down to the basketball court.

Monkey Drill the length of the court. At the end perform 10 Monkey Jumpers and Monkey Drill back to the start. Repeato for three rounds.

Mosey back to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x10 OYO! This one went much better.

Mosey down to the base of the bridge.

Mountain Goats x10 IC. This too was a disaster to try and call in cadence. Abort! Abort!

Bear Crawl the wooden span of the bridge. Once across the PAX was to Skip to the next bridge. That was fun!

Fellowship mosey down to the back parking lot for…

Elevens – On one end perform Scorpion Dry Docks, on the other it’s squats. Strong effort was given by all.

Mosey back onto the island to one of the picnic shelters for a rousing round of everyone’s favorite…

27 or 40?!? This was in honor of it being the 27th day of our 40 day challenge which everyone loves. When called upon, the PAX would call the number they want and YHC would name the exercise. Suffice it to say that I can’t remember who or what was called but here’s my best recollection.

Merkins, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Dips, Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryans

Mosey back to the start for the Pledge.

Prayer Requests

Announcements – F3 Dads tubing at Crowder’s Ridge Sunday

It was a pleasure to lead today men!

Push It!!! The sled I mean

Twelve brave souls posted at the Yank for some Saturday morning activity.  I heard Sargento learned that Tiger had the Q and decided that recovering from surgery could be a little easier.  Get well soon my friend!!

0700 hits with a train passing through, five burpees.  Move up the hill to the Presbyterian church parking lot.  Eight parking spaces labeled with an exercise and number of reps, after each execise take a lap around the island in the parking lot. Reps progressed by 5 from 25 to 55 for a total of 280 reps.  Jump squats, American hammer, WWI, merkin, , LBC, squat, SSH and one more I can’t remember.

Cross main street to the corner and find a place on the wall.  Time for planks.  But not your ordinary plank.  Feet on the wall, but not too high, too high makes it easier.  12 inches up is plenty.  Get in plank on change call release right hand and left leg.  Then opposite.  This was a crowd pleaser, may become a regular.

Move down the wall a little further for step ups, 25 each leg.  Move on to the field of dreams to push the sled.  The middle school leaves the football team blocking sled out year round, so naturally we need to get to know it a little better.  Each PAX pushes the sled until he says enough.  Other PAX do burpees until the sled stops and then run to that spot.  Nice work men!

Head to parking lot behind middle school for 11’s with everybody’s favorite, curb squats and mike Tysons.  No one likes curb squats.

Go back to the park for lunges to the bottom of the steps and five diamond merkins, lunge back to start.  Finish with ring of fire at the fountain.

To the Yank for pledge. and circle of trust.

  • Westside AO trying to get started March 17. Teaming up with Charlotte to get this going.  Tesla heading this up.  Will take several Gaston PAX to charlotte on the 17th

Remember the families impacted in Florida earlier in the week, and people with similar thoughts in their minds.  Remember those on IR.

Season of Lent began earlier this week.  It is a time to meditate and consider that we all have one main purpose on this Earth, and that is to serve God above all else.  We do this one thing, then everything else in life will fall in place.  Maybe not easily, and not without effort, but the path we are led down will never lead us astray.

Pleasure was mine

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