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Day: February 15, 2018

Roadie special

17 HIMS showed for this 75 degree “spring run” 1730 lets mosey 3 mile run. Stop at top of Lake hill. Roadie tweeted lastnight prove you can do more than run haha…1 merkins at top of hill 1 burpee at bottom climb until you get to 5 1.5 mile hill run 4.5 miles for the day great work men..hope we broke those new shoes is roadie.


  • Bowling Saturday – Contact Sargento
  • F3 Dads Sunday – Snow tubing without snow?  Contact Roscoe
  • SPEEDFORNEED – April 14th SIGN UP NOW!!!!!  

BOOM Docks


S- ssh 25ic

T- tomahawk 15ic

O- overhead squats 10sc

R- rocky balboas 15ic

M- Moroccan Night Clubs 25ic


The Thang 1:

Dora 123 at the loading docks

100 merkins

200 lbc

300 squats

The Thang 2:

Crossroads: 4 way crossroad in front of school aka round about.

Road one: 10 merkins

Road two: 20 squats

Road three: 20 lbc

Road four: 20 mt. climbers

At the center before taking other road 5 burpees


All 11 pax named an ab workout for a 10 oyo or 10 ic count.


Better yourselves…

16 HIMs posted at Midoriyama to better themselves.  Great work by all!!!  If you never have posted at Midoriyama…come on out cause the weather is getting good.  17:30 is here…it went like this…SHOW TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!!! Hopefully you got your money’s worth….until next time  Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUTTTTT!!!


Adopt a highway

YHC showed up and Gastone was already getting some work in.   At 5:30 we started with the pledge and then we ran.  Some ran 5 and some ran 3 and a half.  During the run, Clavin was on a mission to clean up Gastonia and Adopt a Highway.  If anyone is missing a Jaguars license plate or an NC plate, talk to Clavin he found them on Hoffamn Road.  Next week he may bring his metal detector and look for coins 🙂

I have been recovering from several ailments and send thanks to those who pushed me today.  Great work by everyone!


Prayers: Monks family, Timeframes family, Hushpuppy, Kiwi and the grieving families in Florida.

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