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Day: February 8, 2018

Basically we ran.

YHC started Wednesday putting the word out that he had the Q at The Pub.  When I showed up Whoopee was already getting some EC with a ruck sack on.  7 HIMs showed up eager to get some fresh oxygen into the system.   YHC offered a 3 and 5 mile option, but everyone signed up for 5.  We came , We ran,  We finished

Pledge (Clavin has a flag on the back of his truck if you ever need one)


Great work today! Always a pleasure to lead HIMs.  Keep posting and getting stronger. See you in the gloom.

I believe Spiderman has the Q at Downtown tomorrow.


Birthday Q

YHC showed this warmish morning on his 45th birthday.  YHC took the Q spot early so no one else could get it. The PAX didn’t disappoint as 8 HIMs showed for the Birthday Q. Nice to see the numbers getting up from the 3 or 4 that Folsom had been seeing. We have some consistent HIMs that are getting better each time some are putting in 2 a days. T claps to everyone of you. Keep it up!

Warmarama:  SSH, Gravel Pickers, Hillbillys all x15 IC   start the mosey to the flag and hear comes Sparky in  hot.  Morrocan Nightclubs till he gets out of the truck.

Thang: Mosey to the flag for the pledge, then on your 6 for Big Boys and Merkins x20 IC.

Mosey to the little parking lot that Sparky loves for some reason. ( he says bad things happen in this lot) Burpee Long Jumps across and Bear Crawl back.

Mosey to the Shelter for some Arm Squats, and Step Ups x 15 IC. Run a lap of the parking lot. Next was Derkins and Incline Merkins x 15 IC. Run a lap.  LBCs and American Hammers x 20 IC.  Run a lap. Back for 1 more set of Arm Squats x 15 IC. Run 2 laps. On the Hammers Huckleberry renamed his French Hammers as he lay on his back and moved his arms to each side for the first few counts.

Montross was also quite the talker this morning as he and Huckleberry took jabs at each other. From where YHC was I couldn’t hear all that was said but most of the ones that could hear were getting a good laugh from it. Hate I missed the chatter.

Mosey back to start and somewhere Sparky heard a train/redneck truck horn, maybe in his head as YHC or Medicine Woman didn’t hear or blocked it out. Anyway we put our 5 burpees in regardless. Times up.

Announcements: Snowless tubing at Crowders Ridge Feb 18th 17:00 to 18:00. Get tickets online (see Roscoes preblast), Men’s Retreat at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in March. (See Sparky for details) YMCA trail cleanup date TBA (see Whoopee)

Prayer Request: Each other, unspoken, Medicine Womans sister and brother in law.

COT: YHC took us out

BOM: Great work by each of these men, several of these men doing 2 a days and good work sticking to the 40 day challenge. That takes discipline. You will be stronger for it. As always a pleasure and an honor to lead today.


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