• When: 01/31/2018
  • QIC: Stroganoff
  • PAX: Hercules, Hushpuppy, EZ Rider, Gastone, Spiderman, Brownstreak, Tesla (Respect), Timeframe, Clavin (Respect), Squirt, JJ, Short Sale, Tube, Stroganoff

So…..it was cold again.  My trusted Ford Explorer told me it was 22 degrees when I arrived and 19 degrees when we were leaving.  The moon was freaky bright….blue, blood moon or something going on with it.

As the PAX started to arrive I started to think about what we would do.  I really had no idea at the start of the warm up that went like this:


Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

The Pledge

The Thang (We’ll figure something out during the mosey)

We moseyed to Martha Rivers and headed for the far end of the parking lot……hey, let’s do some 22’s.  I haven’t done them in a while at this AO.

Merkins and Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 20 Merkins – Run back to start – 2 Monkey Humpers

Run across parking lot – 18 Merkins – Run back to start – 4 Monkey Humpers

You get the count.  This was done OYO until the last set was 2 Merkins & 20 Monkey Humpers.

What now?

Let’s mosey down to the large soccer field for………………some 4 corners.

First round (OYO):

Run to 1st Corner – 20 Merkins

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run back to starting spot – 50 Flutter Kicks

That was fun.  Let’s do it again in reverse.

Run to 1st corner – 50 Flutter Kicks

Run to next corner – 40 Squats

Run to next corner – 30 LBC’s

Run back to starting spot – 20 Merkins

Still much time remaining.  I….must……do………work………in……….the………shelter.

I can’t help myself so we moseyed to the closest picnic shelter for some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 15

LBC’s X 20

Dips X 15

Step-Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

LBC’s X 20

Mosey back up the parking lot to one of the light poles for a quick round (except for Gastone and Spiderman) of Ring of Fire:

Circle up around the light pole and plank – each man does 5 merkins around the circle until all are complete.

Mosey back to Snoballs.

50 Flutter Kicks IC

5 Burpees (I swear I heard a train)

Announcements:  Flag football on Super Bowl Sunday (not me)

Prayer Requests

The Moleskin

Nice work men.  It was especially nice to see a few out I have not seen in a while such as Brown Streak.  Keep it up.

It was an honor to lead the group this morning as always.  I hope the work was worthy of the time spent.

Until the next one.  Aye.