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Day: January 15, 2018


Once again it was cold.  My trusty vehicle thermometer told me it was 19 degrees when I arrived at The Black Knight to kick off the week.  This has become a recent theme during the Gloom.  My high dollar Casio watch told me it was 5:32 am (it’s 2 minutes fast and I do not know how to correct it) so we started with a quick warm up IC:

SSH X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10 (after the Don Quixote juke)

The Pledge

Wait, is that Pockets coming in hot?  Let’s add one more warm up with some Hillbilly’s X 10

The Thang

Time to mosey to Martha Rivers Park and Field #4 or what most call the Upper Back Field for something I’ve never done before….who knew I could come up with something new.  This came to me on the drive to the AO this morning.

It would be a ‘Murph-Like” workout…..clearly not The Murph but similar in the manner in which we performed the reps/sets.

Line up on one side of the field facing across the short side.  Here we go:

Sprint to the other side followed by a set of 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Rinse-Repeat for 4 more rounds

For round 6 we added a second set of reps after the sprint across the field so it went like this:

Sprint to other side – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – 10 Merkins – 20 Squats – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Rinse-Repeat for 4 more rounds

For those counting, this yielded 10 total sprints – 150 Merkins – 300 Squats (ask Gastone, I think YHC only finished 290) – 450 LBC’s

The ground was frozen solid so my apologies to those who did not have sufficient glove protection.  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, correct?

Plenty of time left so we moseyed to the picnic shelter for my normal Q routine of IC work as followed:

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Flutter Kicks X 20

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Flutter Kicks X 20

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Time became an issue so we moseyed back to the start and finished off with one set of Mary:

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 30

Quick announcements plus a few prayer requests:

Tube’s Grandmother

Gastone’s monther-in-law

F3 Gremlin’s family and the PAX from Mint Hill/MECA.  Godspeed.

Namo-O-Rama;  Nice to see Hippa out for his second workout and a Kotter (Tube).

Second round of apologies for the grass/straw that is now all over my car and my house.  What can I say, F3 workouts are outdoors.

I was unable to come up with a good name for this backblast so I just put up the temperature plus the number of reps we did during the wacky field sprint work.

As always, it was great to start the week out with you men in the gloom.  I hope the work was worthy of your time.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one.  Aye!



Ruck & Run and lot’s of fun..

Some met early for the Ruck and other’s did the run.

5 Miles and some did more.

Quiche was attacked by a tree. Gastone found a rock in the dark in the middle of the path.

Great to see Hushpuppy out and in the mix.

Some stayed for coffee or hot chocolate after. Quiche locked his keys in the car.

Lot’s goes on with the Sunday mornings.

Gastone Out!


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