Jumped in the truck this morning to see 7 degrees ! When I pull up at folsom, Volt is ready and waiting!

Warm up …


Wind Mills

Time to mosey! Run to the top of the park for the pledge! Then move to the parking lot next to the flag, starting at the first curb 10, 20, 30 squats sprinting in between. Next, given pizza mans orders, 100 merkins! We spread them out knocked out 25, then moseyed to the ball fields 25 merkins, moseyed to the ponds 25 merkins, while at the lower parking lot 5 burpees at the 4 corners! Mosey back up to the flag for 25 more merkins! Mosey back to the truck!

If you deer hunt, you know the best time to go is when it’s cold, because the deer are gonna be moving! Now I know why they do!

Announcements: Joe Davis this weekend, Wednesday night 3rd F “The Forge”  at grits and greens from 630 to 730!

Prayer requests: my dad/ those that couldn’t make it out this morning/ all of us, that we would be a light that points people to Christ!