Record number this am at Coconut Horse for a Christmas Eve stroll through G-town. We had pax from Cramerton, G-town, NOGA, SOFA, and everywhere in between along with an FNG. We had non-runners, active runners training for marathons, and retired runners. It was crazy. We even had an un-named public servant runner with some obscene 80’s picture on his shirt (“Scoping out the Babes”). There were multiple pax out for EC who came in early and stayed late. Overall great run this am, even for the Q who is not a fan of running.

Welcome Randy, (respect) our FNG. We EH’d each other into showing up this am-#ISI. He worked out with Roscoe and Whoopee pre-F3 several years ago and couldn’t move his arms later in the day (compliments of Roscoe) so this was a big step for him. Stroganoff pulled the name out of his…….head after a brief pause. Hope to see Randy out there at the running Ao’s in the future…..this will eventually lead to other days but we will keep that to ourselves for now. Merry Christmas-Whoopee