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Day: October 22, 2015

The Next Exercise Is… The One Mile Run

Just starting to get used to the chili mornings here in Gastonia.  But the cold weather has not kept the brave from posting.  Against their better judgement, 6 PAX posted at #MarthasHouse.  Hats off if you got ’em.  We start with the Pledge.

Here is how it went…

First we mosey from Brewsters to Martha Rivers parking lot for quick warm up…

  • SSH IC x20
  • Merkins IC x20
  • MC IC x20
  • LBC IC x20

And the next exercise is….the one mile run.  Linus-clockwise.  Better keep up with Q since he’s the only one with headlight.  Back side of the track was completely void of any light.  One anonymous PAX (sounds like Tree Square) verbally noted “I should have stayed home today”.  But reality is that #HIM don’t fartsack – that’s what the other 99% did.  So we run the outer loop around Martha Rivers park which is 1 mile.  We regroup right where we started for some light ab work…

  • LBC IC x20
  • Dying Cockroach IC x20
  • XYs – IC x20 (need to practice that – very awkward)
  • Homer & Marge on Q’s count.

And the next exercise is… wait, are you ready for this…  wait for it…. Yep!  The reverse one mile run. Running the track clockwise was just a dark as Linus-clockwise. Regroup at the starting spot.

Next we partner up for 11s.  Merkins and Bomb Jacks across the parking lot.

Finally we mosey back to Brewsters with 3 minutes to spare for 3 MOM, peoples choice.

Wrap up with Name-O-Rama, COT and BOM.  Keeping T-Square in prayers (job interview Friday and for his mother in law).

As always…. an honor and pleasure to lead you guys!



10/22 #GoatIsland BB – “Winging It and Crowd Funding”

7 PAX joined together in the cold for yet another of Godfather’s “winging it” workouts. I’m sure the PAX would agree that after Q’ing the same AO for the last three weeks, that Godfather should get his act together and actually start planning something, “But until then…”. With Dolph announcing it was 5:30 on the dot, it was time to begin this chilly Thursday morning beatdown…


  • Side-Straddle Hop x15 (IC)
  • Monkey Humpers (AKA JoBu’s) x10 (IC)*
  • Diamond Merkins x10 (IC)

*The Monkey Humpers/JoBu’s were dedicated to JoBu, who will be competing in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC this week. Make us proud, JoBu!

The Thang

After counting off to SEVEN, the PAX split up with three men going to one end of the parking lot and four going to the other. At one end, the group of three would be doing Merkins AMAP and at the other end, the other group was completing Prayer Squats AMAP. Just for fun, one person would do a Coupon Carry down to the other end of the lot and switch off with another man. The coupon, as the PAX would quickly learn, was a pole that had been knocked down by some overzealous park goer. When all the PAX had carried the coupon the length of the Parking Lot, the exercise was over.

The PAX then moseyed around the Parking Lot before taking a detour through grass to stop at the picnic tables. The next exercises was 10 Step-Ups, 10 Dips, and 10 Bunny Hops onto the bench of the picnic tables. Admittedly, it was a little too slick so I might have only done 6 Bunny Hops – but I have to live with that. The next round at the picnic tables was 10 Incline Merkins and 10 Decline Merkins.

After drying off their hands/gloves, the PAX moseyed to one end of the parking lot. T-Claps to BA for posting the picture of James Brown and Michael Jackson and inspiring this next exercise. Rather than simply Zombie Walking from one end of the Parking Lot to another, the PAX hit a normal Zombie Walk half-way and then switched to a Moon Walk Zombie Walk (Zombie Walk backwards) for the second half.

Once we all regained our composure – those MWZW’s will do damage to your knees – the PAX were then introduced to Burpicides – the horrible lovechild of Burpees and Suicides. To get to the other end of the Parking Lot, the PAX had to make four stops and four burpees**. Between the first and second rounds, there were a couple of count-offs to let everyone catch their breath.

**Shout out to Dolph for completing some extra credit on the play – He did a Burpee at every stop, not just at the turning points.

Feeding into Godfather’s nostalgia, the PAX moseyed up the hill but detoured off the sidewalk to the bottom of the hill for few rounds of Hill Beatdowns. Round 1 of the HB was to Bear Crawl up the hill and mosey down twice. Round 2 of HB was to Bunny Hop up the hill and mosey down. Round 3 of the BH was to Crab Walk up the hill (thanks Top Hat) but several of the PAX succumbed to gravity and had to finish the hill by walking (actually just one, it was me).

Back on the side walk, it was time for a little crowd-funded Mary. Each of the PAX led one ab exercise.

  • Dolph – Canoe/Raft
  • Anthrax – Homer to Marge
  • E4 – Freddie Mercury
  • Godfather – World War 2 Sit-Ups
  • Yack – Side Lunge
  • Top Hat – Russian Twist
  • Mayor – V-Ups
  • Dolph – Supermans

Since we were at the entrance to bridge anyway, Top Hat suggests were do Imperial Walkers across the bridge, but we audibles to only do those half way and finish with Hillbillies. Another brave soul suggested a Bear Crawl on the way back, but again we audibled to do 5 Burpees OYO and finish the bridge with Backwards Skip.

With three minutes left on the clock, there was just enough time to mosey back to the Parking Lot and do a Ring of Fire with 5-4-3-2-1 Merkins. At the COT, several PAX stepped up to Q for the following week. T-Claps to Top Hat and Anthrax for taking #TheStorm and #GoatIsland respectively next week.


  • We still need a fill-in for the Mud Run.
  • Keep JoBu in your thoughts Sunday morning; he’ll be running 26.2 miles!
  • Don’t let the cold keep you from coming to work outs! In the words of Anthrax, “the hardest part is getting out of bed” but Godfather also added, “…until you open that door.”
  • Coffeeteria – 1 in attendance

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