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Day: July 9, 2015

BackBlast #Martha’s House – Woody Brings the Beatdown (again)!

Nine PAX Post at Martha’s House (not necessarily looking) for Motivation!  Welcome FNG Mike Tamberella (Defib).  Disclaimer and Pledge, of course.

Warm Up

  • Inch Worms x8
  • 8-Count Merkins x10
  • 4-Count Rowers x12
  • 4-Count Swimmers x10
  • 4-Count WWII Sit Ups x10

The Thang

  • Indian run from Brewsters through Martha River’s parking lot, around playground and lower fields.  Stop at pull up bars, then…
  • Split in two groups.  Group 1 does 10 pull ups while Group 2 does 20 alternating leg raised Merkins. Switch exercises when group is complete for 2 rounds.
  • Move to picnic tables and complete 3 rounds of Bulgarian split squats and dips. 21,15, and then 9 reps
  • PAX lock shields for 21 Seal Sit Ups
  • For those that could still walk, one round of the Motivator.  21 reps of the following… heel raises, jumps, SSH (no arms), SSH (with arms), SSH (no arms), jumps, heel raises.  Ugh!

Mosey back to Brewsters for COT and Name-o-rama.

– Woody

Just another walk in the park(ing lot)

13 PAX posted in the gloom at Goat Island Park and granted a 1 minute delay to those who were deemed to be either lost in suburbia or fartsacking. You know who you are.

Little did they know that they wouldn’t get out of the parking lot today as there was ample lighting and the light posts turned out to be perfectly spaced for speed drills. Today’s balanced breakfast was largely composed of suicides, each separated by a carefully chosen selection from the #Exicon. After each exercise/suicide combo the pax would plank until all were accounted for, then start the next exercise together. Order as follows:

Side Straddle Hop x 20
Freddie Mercury x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Mericans x 10
Plank jacks x 15

The Thang
Lunge + jump x 20 (total movements)
Carolina Dry Docks x 20
Prisoner Jump Squat x 25

Hold plank to catch our breath.
Count up, count back to gather our thoughts.

Peter Parker + Merkin x 30(ish)
Star Jack x 20
Turkish get-up x 20(ish)

We ran out of workout before we ran out of time so we finished with a bonus round of up downs and a few minutes of Mary. COT then dispersed for the day. Thanks to all who posted!


The following is the body of an email that YHC sent out to the PAX of F3 Revolution.  I received considerable positive feedback and thought I’d share it here.

Stay strong men, keep living third.  Iron Sharpens Iron.  Get Better.


You know those pants that you keep in your closet in case you gain that weight back?  Or maybe they’re the pants you have on right now, because you’ve been too busy, you quit caring, or you just can’t seem to make the time to do any real workout with work and church and kids and soccer and dance and committees and class and blah blah freakin blah.
Think back to the hardest thing you attempted lately? Did you accomplish it?  If so did you like the way that felt?
If you didn’t I bet even if you were discouraged, some part of you wanted to kick that thing’s ass the next time you tried it.  (assuming you have man parts)
Maybe your fatpants aren’t really pants.  Maybe it’s that bottle in the back of the cabinet that you used to have trouble putting down.  Maybe its that internet browser that you used to go to and still know how to get to certain corners of the web without leaving a trace.  Maybe it’s that phone number you should have thrown away after the last time you screwed up.
Whatever your fatpants are it’s unlikely you can be confident you won’t be putting them back on if you rely on yourself to do whatever the hard thing that you need to do to prevent it.  Face it, we suck.  Self control is a hard thing.
F3 does a lot of things for a lot of men, some obvious, some not.  But perhaps the most important result of posting in the gloom to get beatdown with a bunch of men who wanted to sleep just as bad as the other 99% of the population is that after some time you build a trust.  Somehow holding each other accountable on whether or not that good ole’ American pushup (Merkin) actually counted or not, leads to holding each other accountable on much weightier things.
So quit putting it off.  Except for with very rare exception, your excuses for why you can’t make it to workout at 0515 on a weekday or 0700 on a Saturday are really just that, excuses that you choose to give instead of deciding to get better.
SEE EXCUSES – if you don’t have time to click the link (seriously?)
You’re not too out of shape.  And you don’t have to come everyday or any set number of times.  
Where you’re already skipping workouts is probably not free.
It is early.  You can make it happen and early is the most likely time you WILL make it happen consistently
You will see better results than you do with your trainer 99 out of 100 times
No it’s not crossfit, No it’s not a cult, Well maybe….you decide.
So if the hardest thing you’ve done lately is finish that whole burrito, or make it to the soccer field by 9 after you had a couple too many Friday night, or walked from the BACK of the mall parking lot in 95 degrees; come fix that and I promise you will feel more accomplished before your wife and kids, or roomate wake up than you have in a long time.
Let those FATPANTS be a souvenir of an accomplished victory not a safety net in case you fall.
Also there will be a study called Series 33 starting at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby starting end of summer/fall.  We had good attendance at a similar study from numerous men from numerous congregations even before F3 was a thing.
Be on the lookout for this.
Make it happen,

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