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Spring has arrived but where is the PAX?

Understanding many were preparing for the P90x event this weekend,  YHC was expecting a smaller crowd.  Island and I arrived about 5:20 am and no one was in sight.  A bit odd, though a number are known to come streaking in at the last minute.    After a few minutes, it looked like it may be just be the two of us.   Perhaps it was the weather (freezing on the 1st day of Spring) or maybe that the Martha’s House crew knew that Gastone’s hill was going to be the star attraction.   Or maybe a statement against YHC’s Q abilities.  Being very insecure, YHC started to cry.  But suddenly out of darkness, there were lights.   And then more lights.   Looks like we’ll have a party after all.     6 PAX strong, lets get to work.


Disclosure : Be careful as we run down Riverwood, vehicles are going faster and faster.  Beware and be safe.

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC

MNC’s x 30 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

Lets Mosey

The Thang

Mosey down Riverwood Parkway, stopping at every light or so for 20 squats OYO (total of 100)

After 5 sets of squats, switched over to 10 burpees per light (total of 20)

At Gastone’s hill, Bernie Sander’s to the top circle

Plank it up

Flutter Kicks x50 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up Gastone’s hill, sprint to each light, complete 10 merkins, rinse and repeat until the top circle

Plank it up

Reverse Crunches x 40 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up the hill, bear crawl to each mail box, pause for a 10 count, rinse and repeat.  Complete to the 5th mail box

Meander to the side parking lot

On the decline (Hill), perform 30 big boy sit ups (feet up on the high side).  This was  crowd pleaser for sure.   Some had good form, others modified and had some strange body gyrations.

Let’s mosey, back down the hill and head towards the start.   YHC hears some mumble chatter about being happy not to be going back up Gastonia’s hill.   YHC will give your money’s worth so mid stride omaha’d and circled back to Gastone’s hill.   Normal mosey up to the top circle and mosey back down.

After the false start, now heading back to the start.  We stopped at a few lights to lunge walk to the next light.  Time was getting very short.  Jail break to the finish.  Time…..

Way to push it men.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q.  This group today put in the work.  Watt’s Up has turned into some Marvel super hero, Timeframe has lifted his game and is steps ahead of where he was, Spiderman is back to top form, Dirt is just solid and a machine.   Island is just continues to be the shut down corner.   You guys are inspiring me to lift my game.   Thanks for the push.


Convergence at Folsom March 30th

Community Run April 13th

Mt Mitchell Hike First Sunday in May


Gastone’s father in law

Unspoken prayers

Till next time.  Go Tar Heels!


The women crashed the party

Another rainy  morning in the gloom at Neverland.   The place where dreams do come true.   If you haven’t posted recently at Neverland, come on out.   Some magic in the air.   Looking at the forecast and radar, YHC figured we needed to seek cover.   The PAX was 8 strong for a core meltdown.   No FNG’s so let’s start.

The Pledge

In hindsight, no disclosure – Q Fail.   I am not a professional, I am an idiot.  Modify as needed.  You vs You

Warm up:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • MNC’s x 30 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Don Quixote’s x 15 IC

Mosey towards the park, stopping in the maintenance parking lot

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey into the park, back trail to the kids playground

Modified Cindy:   Total of 5 sets

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Squats

Timeframe with a 10 count

Next up, find a pole for a 60 sec dead hang.   That was so much fun, let’s rinse and repeat to try it again.

Meander out of the kids playground to the shelter by the turd shack for some Mary fun.  Find a place on a table.   Perform the following set with no rest in between.

  • 20 flutter kicks
  • 20 lbc’s
  • 20 leg raises
  • 20 freddie mercury’s
  • 20 heel touches
  • 20 american hammers
  • 20 long arm crunches
  • 20 reverse crunches

Bernie Sanders (NUR + Uphill) to the top of the parking lot, plank it up waiting on the six, mosey back to the shelter

Rinse and repeat the Mary meltdown

Time was running short, quick 10 count by Whatsup

20 step ups each leg

Rinse and repeat the Mary meltdown – this time only 10 per exercise

Mosey towards the start at SnoBalls.

Stop at the 2nd light – 20 plank jacks OYO

Stop at the 4th light – 30 plank jacks OYO

At the park entrance – 40 mtn climbers OYO

Arrive at the starting point – TIME

Announcements:  50 Mile CSAUP Saturday am, May 5 hike at Mt. Mitchell; BRR team(s) are being formed

Prayer requests:  Those suffering with addiction, Gastone’s Father

Good work gentlemen.  Way to push the rock.   Happy President’s day to all.


The Elixir for the Super Bowl Hangover or perhaps the magic number of 24

10 PAX strong to start the week in gloom on this balmy Monday at Neverland.   Much mumble chatter to start about the boring game last night though I didn’t hear any Patriot fans.  Or Wolfpack fans for that matter.   5:30am on Monday’s come fast.   Let’s hit it

Start with the pledge and typical disclosure

Warm Up

SSH x20 IC

LBC’s x 20  IC

Merkins x 10 IC

The bucket of jelly beans made a return visit.  Someone grab the bucket and let’s mosey.

The Thang

Arrive at the doctor’s office down Riverwood Parkway

Broad jumps up the hill to the light; mosey back to start, rinse and repeat x3.   I’m always amazed at the damn rabbit (Island) that comes flying by.  So graceful in mid air.

Some grab the bucket of jellybeans and lets mosey to the back parking lot.

On your six, form a line, shoulder to shoulder.  AMRAP – Flutter kicks, while the 1st in line completes 20 bucket presses, pass on down the line until the end.  Brutal

Recover, grab the bucket, scale the back retaining wall and mosey to the parking lot by the pizza joint.

Time for the famous Red Barchetta , line up at the start, dash to the far end of the parking lot by the ATM, complete 100 SSH’s OYO (don’t forget the bucket of jellybeans)

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, Dash back to the 2nd light, complete 75 mountain climbers OYO

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, Dash to the 1st light, complete 50 LBC’s OYO

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, from the plank position, complete 20 merkins OYO

Really an improvised Red Barchetta, only 3 lights total across the parking lot.

Whassupp man gave us an inspired 10 count

Next exercise – run to the loading dock, hop up and then bear crawl down the ramp, mosey to parking lot and complete 20 squats OYO

Rinse and repeat x3

YHC took a quick time check and saw that we still had plenty of time

Ran the Red Barchetta again with a minor adjustment

Line up at the start, dash to the far end of the parking lot by the ATM, complete 100 SSH’s OYO (don’t forget the bucket of jellybeans)

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, Dash back to the 2nd light, out of the corner of my eye, saw a truck pulling out of the ATM.  Watch for the truck and called 75 monkey humpers  OYO.  Think the guy was amused, though, he hit the horn a time or two.

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, Dash to the 1st light, complete 50 LBC’s OYO

Dash back to the start, plank it up waiting on the six, from the plank position, complete 20 merkins OYO

Getting close to time; grab the bucket and head towards Snoballs

Stopped at the wall and called 20 step ups

Followed by the people’s DIPs x  15 IC

Rinse and Repeat x2

Mosey back to the start, still had a few minutes, in honor of Spiderman, who has made a strong return and had to leave, 20 Peter Parkers and ended with 20 big boy sit ups OYO



May 5th Mt.Mitchell Hike – see Gastone

CSUAP – Spelling? coming up

Took us out in prayer.  Big prayers for Hushpuppy that surgery goes well with a speedy recovery, Whassupp man, Easy Rider’s son, Gastone’s dad, Blades and Stones of Whetstone

Great work gentleman.  Always a honor to lead.  Getting challenging coming up with new routines.   Sort of fall into old routines.   If you haven’t Q’d lately, get on the list.  Also, try other AO’s to get some new ideas.

Till next time – Turtleman

Island delivers a strong Q but is allergic to typing

12 strong in the gloom for a beat down to start the week led by none other than the legendary Island.  This guy is the best broad jumper in the Gastonia region, perhaps entire F3.   Like Karl “The Mail Man” Malone, Island delivers.  Turtleman was hibernating as it was below freezing.  A cold morning for sure.

What Island had in store can only be imagined except for those that actually suffered the beat down.   As Site Q, YHC should probably of been there but knew that the mail man always delivers.   Suspect it went something like this:

Warm up:  Slaughter Starter in tribute to none other than Slaw.  Mosey towards Gastone’s hill, stop at each light for 20 burpees.   Rinse and repeat up the hill, back down, all the way to grandma’s house.  Stop at all lights and stops signs for 30 burpees.  That includes car lights.  Must of completed 300 total.

At this point, the PAX had their tongues dragging.  They were toast.  Mosey back towards Snoballs stopping at the wall for 100 leg ups.


Good Q Island.   Need to get you online to post back blasts.

Last Monday of January 2019

Where has January gone?  Seems like the jolly ole man in the red suit was just here.  Having the Q gave YHC the push to climb out of hibernation on this beautiful morning.   As 5:30 neared closer, more and more vehicles continued to pack in.  16 PAX to start the week strong.  Started with the pledge and normal disclosure (I’m not a professional, modify as needed, I’m an idiot, etc)

Warm up: 

SSH x 30 IC

MNC’s x 30 IC

LBC’s x 30 IC

Plank Jacks x 30 IC

The Thang: 

Mosey down toward the park, down the maintenance building.   While waiting on the pax, completed 30 shoulder planks IC.

Mosey around the back of the fields, watch out for the bumps in the dark – STAY to the RIGHT.   Bandit had a bad wipe out there a year or so ago.   Stop at the parking lot by the kids playground.

Time to partner up.  I borrowed from a recent Medicine Women Q which is a best practice to partner the pax up.  Gets guys working together who may not regularly have the chance.   Counted out to 8 and repeated.  Next find your partner – 1’s together, 2’s together, you get the point.

Bear crawl 1-2-3 –  YHC found this one in the Excericon; Dora’s obnoxious neighbor.  Partner A bear crawls to the first light and back while Partner B completes an exercise (100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 lbc’s).   Rinse and repeat.  This one was a crowd pleaser.   The combo of bear crawl and squats was a nice combo.   Mumble chatter was minimal, however, heard periodic noises from JK2.

Plank it up waiting on the six and then right arm up, left arm up.   Some heavy breathing so-called for Timeframe to give a quick 10 count.  Somehow it went from 100 down by 10.   This is a smart group of HIM.

Next up – Bernie Sanders up the parking lot to the top side (some conversation about the difference between the Bernie Sanders and NUR, difference is up hill and there was a nice incline.

Mosey to the clubhouse between the ball fields.

Next up, partner back up for some Dora.  Partner A runs out towards the turd shack, up the parking lot and back around with Partner B completes an exercise (100 derkins, 200 big boy sits ups, 300 dips).   Time was getting close, those that had finished helped the others complete the exercises.

Mosey back to Snoballs for the close.


Announcements – CSAUP & Mt Mitchell hike (See Gastone).  Whetstone updates, QSource reminders

Prayer requests – Whassup’s family death in family, Easy Rider’s son and a few others.

Way to the push the rock men.  This group got it done.  Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  Always a honor.



Welcome to Neverland

A wonderful mild morning in the gloom as 14 (includes 2 ruckers) joined for the first post of the year at what was previously known as some combination of the black/dark knight/night. With the new year, comes the opportunity to start new and a quick announcement was made that the AO would now be known as “Neverland”. Announcements have since been posted via twitter world and slack. The genesis of “Neverland’ was a play off the confusion of the previous AO name and the metaphor from Peter Pan’s Neverland, where the aging process does not happen. In many ways, that represents the rock that F3 men are pushing to better our physical and mental capabilities.

Short review of the disclosure and reinforcement of safety precautions

The Pledge

Warm up

SSH x 40 IC

MNC x 40 IC

LBC’s x 40 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Stopping at the first 4 lights – 20 squats OYO

Let’s mosey, towards Gastone’s hill.

At the doctor’s office – leap frog (broad jump up the hill to the first light), mosey back to start; rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey toward Gastone’s hill – stopping at next 4 lights – 20 calf raises OYO

At the Hill – Bernie Sanders (backward run) to the top; stopping at cul-de-sac. Plank it up waiting on the six.

Flutter Kicks x 50 IC

Mosey towards Union Rd; stopping in the Dollar Store parking lot. Lunge walk the parking lot end to end, mosey back to start to rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey towards the start; stopping in the Food Lion parking lot for some wall sits with air presses x 20. Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey across the parking lots; at the old HT saw approaching ruckers (Whoopie and Monk); wanted to welcome them to the PAX. Quick call for 30 monkey humpers OYO to say hello.

Mosey towards Snoballs; stopping at the wall for some dips x 20 IC with a jail break to the finish.


Gastone is planning a trip to Mt Mitchell to hike up and down (5 miles one way); reach out to him if you have an interest. Based on interest, he will plan something

QSource kickoff – great start, check it out

Whetstone – Entering year 2, opportunities for others to join; see Monk for more details.

COT: Prayers to T-Square’s M and family, Stonecolds Dad, Easy Rider’s son

Thanks for the opportunity to Q. Way to push the rock men. Always a honor to lead. Turtleman

How did the Grinch get the dog to pull his sleigh?

Easy answer – he trained the dog to act like a reindeer.

A very mild morning in the gloom, almost felt like spring time.  The forecast was calling for yet another morning of rain, so YHC had two plans.   There are many options downtown, however, YHC tends to melt in the rain so went with a parking garage beat down.  We welcomed a FNG, none other than Whoopie’s brother Frankie Letts.



Warm Up – An ode to honor to our Site Q’s 40th Birthday (Bedpan), who had previously disclosed that his M had plans for him and would be MIA.  Happy birthday Bedpan

SSH’s x 40 IC

MNC’s x 40 IC

LBC’s x 40 IC

The Thang

Mosey through downtown to park

Dips x 20 IC

Derkins x 20 OYO

Dips x 10 IC

Derkins x 10 OYO

Mosey towards main street, hang a right and then into the parking deck

Completed 5 cycles of the following

Lower Level 5 pull ups

Bear crawl up south ramp

Next Level 20 WWI’s

Crab walk up north ramp

Next Level 30 Squats

Down the stair case to the starting point.

Rinse and repeat; completed the first two cycles together, to ensure the PAX understood.

Recover – next up 10 burpee’s OYO, then dead hangs for 60 seconds

Rinse and repeat – 10 burpee’s OYO with dead hangs for 45 seconds

Mosey towards Franklin, right turn towards the old court-house

Stopped for 30 monkey humpers OYO at 3 lights

Bernie Sanders up the hill to the light on Main

Mosey back to the Christmas tree and finished out with a few sets of mountain climbers


Monday AO’s start at 7am: includes Mt. Hollywood and Black Knight

Workout at the Storm on Christmas am starts at 6

The Yank on Saturday; starting point moved to Glenway due to Belmont race

Namearama – FNG Frankie Letts 49 named Rhousey based on MMA background and something about a beatdown of his kid brother.

Good work by all.  Always fun with this group.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Merry Christmas to all.


How do you reach JK2?

Place holder – stay tuned.  Pending  backblast from 2 weeks back at the Black Knight.   I don’t remember details, however, recall that JK2 had a great Q.   Shared some words on leadership that was impactful.


Editorial note:  Not that Rudolph – as in the one who was jamming on the karaoke machine Saturday.  But the Rudolph with the red nose.   Funny thinking about 9 older men jogging at 5:30 in the am singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   More on that momentarily.

As I write this watching the Panther’s Monday night game, I must say, I hope Tepper blows that whole team up.  Coaching staff, front office, trade away Cam and cut the guys who have lost a few steps.  Did see Roscoe in the stands celebrating a TD.  This team is like watching the Wolfpack, gives you something to get you excited, only to break your heart.   Anyway, I digress…

The Pledge



  • SSH x 30 IC
  • MNC x 100 IC (Original plan was 30, mumble chatter (Hush Puppy – I think) said bet you can’t get to 100.   Nice way to loosen up
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards Park, head fake and circle around Snoballs to the bank, stop by the teller line for WWI Sit ups x 20 IC

Frogger across Neil Hawkins to the coupon stack.  YHC encouraged everyone to get a heavier rock.  (Some found rocks heavier than others).

Cusak mosey towards old HT (arms above head with the coupons)

Run to  loading dock,  jump up, Crab Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 2000 American Hammers with coupon – Rinse and repeat x 3

Line up and take off on a Reindeer Run (pretty much an Indian run).  Head towards the ATM, we started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Can’t say that it was 9 PAX strong, however, heard some tenor and bass.  Ran around the HT and back to starting position where we had ditched the coupons.

Next exercise – Run to loading dock, jump up, Bear Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 20 Mike Tyson’s.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

WWII sit ups x 20 IC

Next exercise – Run backwards to the first lighted pole, complete 5 worst merkins ever (1 wide armed merkin, 1 normal, 1 diamond), run back to the start complete 10 curls per arm (omaha’d to 30 due to coupons being so big).  Rinse and repeat x 3.

At this point, our arms were starting to feel pretty good.   Figured we needed a meander, so did the Cusak again to the far wall by the old HT.

Wall sits with overhead coupon press x 10 IC followed by 10 donkey kicks IC.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

  • There was some mumble chatter during the 1st set.   Next thing YHC knows, Hushpuppy was exchanging coupons with me.   The dude had picked up an iron ore core that must of weighed 100 pounds.   Wasn’t that large, however, was quite heavy.   Believe Gastone grabbed for the 3rd set.

Time was running short and still have a number of exercises left on my weinke.

Chest presses x10 IC with coupon rinse and repeat with a count of flutter kicks

Mosey back to coupon stack

Jail break to SnoBalls

Made it back on time.  Way to push men.   It was a great morning with temps above 32.


Prayers for Toto and family.  Stonecold’s Dad

Hush Puppy with the Q next Monday

Stay tuned in for details about Christmas morning workout schedules

Merry Christmas  all



A good week to give thanks

10 strong to start Thanksgiving week at the Black Knight

The Pledge


Warm up

SSH x 50 (or so) IC.  The PAX stopped counting

MNC x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Don Quixote x 10 IC


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, YHC asked Dirt what exercise he was most thankful for.   He responded that he appreciated core exercises and said “flutter kicks”.   Ok, let’s mosey.

Heading down Riverwood Parkway

Stop at the first light, complete 20 flutter kicks OYO, mosey to the next light complete 20 more flutter kicks, on to the next light rinse and repeat.  We stopped after the 5th light for a total of 100 flutter kicks

Hippa appears.  What exercise are you most thankful for?  Of course the kettle-ball hero says burpees.   Ok, next light 10 burpees.   Rinse and repeat at the next two lights – total of 30 burpees

Another question, this time to Easy Rider – what exercise are you most thankful for?  Squats he retorts.

Up Gastone’s hill stopping at each light on the left, completing 20 squats until to the top

Plank it up waiting on the six, turn it into Mountain Climbers x 30 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Bernie Sanders back up Gastone’s hill, believe it was Clavin claiming diamond merkins to be his most thankful.  Stop at each light on the right x 10 OYO

Plank it up at the top waiting on the six.

Monk shared his most thankful exercise was WWI’s.  On the way down, stopped at each light on the right.   At the steep incline, had to do with feet at top of the decline.  This may have been the winner.  Every time you performed one, you slide a few inches down the hill.  We were inch worming down the hill.  Mumble chatter was that someone was losing lower body hair.

The crowd pleaser at the end, bear crawl up the hill stopping at the lights on the left to perform Island’s most thankful exercise of Merkins x 10.   The PAX was questioning the plan and YAC was adamant about first 4 lights.   After about the first light, it was laying a pretty good beat down.  Ended up omaha’ing to complete to the first 4 mail boxes.   Mosey back down the hill headed towards Snoballs.

Believe it was Toto who mentioned his most thankful was in and outs, complete at each light 10 OYO and then to the next light.

At some point, YHC called a jail break.  In the lower parking lot, 10 wolverine burpees (courtesy of Gastone) and called time.  Everyone was pushing the rock.  Good work across the board.   Will make it more enjoyable eating on Thursday.


Christmas town 5k Saturday evening show or support

Wet Stone  – See Monk if interested, have continued to add new stones

Christmas party in Dec

Prayers to those traveling

So much to be thankful for this time of year.  Regardless of the ups and down of daily life, this week is about taking time to pause and reflect, give thanks to the blessings that we have and spending time with family and friends.  It’s easy to focus on the pain or struggles.   It’s all about perspective and balance.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.   Heard a rumor that Rudolph shared that it’s a free cheat day if you are on the 40 day challenge.

Always an honor to Q.   Cheers – Turtleman




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