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Let’s Try Something Different

Nine showed at Mirdoryama on a gloomy evening.  Didn’t rain, not sure how we avoided it, but turned out to a good evening to try something a little different.  Here’s how it went.


Side Straddle Hop x 12, Imperial Walkers x12, Don Q x 12


Mosey to far paking lot by soccer fields.  Started in one corner.  Q called for an animal theme start.  Each exercise started at the side curb and proceeded up to parking space lines. Idea was to get a total body workout, but maintain a core focus.  First, duck walk with a shoulder press, Al Gore for the six.  Everybody mosey to the turd shack for 10 hip slappers in cadence.  Mosey back to the start.  Bunny hop with a shoulder press, mosey to turd shack for ten donkey kicks, mosey back to start.  After each exercise mosey to turd shack alternating hip slappers and donkey kicks and back to start.  Continued with crab walk, chameleon walk, crouching tiger with burpee, and bear crawl with burpee.  All of these exercise are performed low to the ground, to stress the shoulders, triceps and big focus on keeping core tight.

After last set of donkey kicks we went to the big soccer field for progressive workout around small track.  Started with 10 flutter crunches, ran to next turn for 10 flutter crunches and 10 jumping lunges, next turn 10 each of first two exercise plus 10 hand release merkins, this is where Slaw decided to play in the mud puddle.  Last was all three exercises plus 10 jump squats.

Mosey back to middle parking lot for inch worms to third stripe to finish cooking the core. Fellowship mosey back to start.  Time

Different kind of work out today, one that can be as easy or as difficult as is wanted by changing body position.  Closer to the ground is much harder on the exercises involving plank.  Good push by all.

Remember speed for need in McAdenville, half marathon in Belmont Dec 22, and Christmas party Dec 15 at (Keesh, Quiche, Ceash) house.

Prayer requests, Lil Sweet has a friend with cancer, Def Leopard wife having knee problem, Nantan on a boat, DDC traveling, Sly and his unit, victims and responders to CA wildfires.

Always  an honor


40 Day Spiritual Challenge

Great job by Freight organizing  3rd F event after convergence.  Freight shared a well thought out word on Moses father in law Jethro, referencing how Moses relied his father in law heavily for advice in proper actions.  Moral of the story was how we all need advice and listening ears from time to time, and how Whetstone was created to be another avenue for Pax to rely on.

That aligned nicely with YHC comments on wisdom.  Wisdom will not be achieved until we submit to our Father,  Keeping His commands.  And the beauty is that submitting to Him makes not doing the don’ts and doing the do’s not only desirable, but pleasurable.  YHC stated how the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are books on wisdom.

YHC then referenced how Broke made the comment a couple of weeks ago, “what if we had a spiritual challenge, praying and reading our Bible each day.  What kind of change might we see?”  After consulting with Broke, a 40 day spiritual challenge was issued.  Proverbs has 31 chapters, Ecclesiastes has 12 chapters.  Challenge is to read a chapter a day from these books, and on three days read two chapters.  A total of 43 chapters in 40 days.  But don’t just read the words.  Meditate on them, God will speak to you.

Second part of challenge is to choose a fellow Pax and pray for him every day.  Contact him if you wish and see if there are any special requests.  Otherwise just lift him to God every day.


When two or more are gathered…write a backblast

Three seious HIM’s and me met at Belmont Central Elem and ran a few miles around Belmont. Just over 5 total. It was a good time

Wrath after Michael

Wind was still pretty heavy after Michael pushed through. A few HIMs showed to see what was in store. Started with SSH, Don Qs, and imperial walkers. Mosey

Went to parking lot in front of big soccer fields for some Route 66 with deconstructed burpees. This was terrible way to start. Chatter was heavy after round 5. Slow mosey to playground for 10 pull ups. Head across to side parking lot for 100 big boy sit up and a lap around the island. Another crowd pleaser.

Go to turd shack and plank at 15 degrees. Pax in a line. Started derkins and end man drops for lap around shack. Next man when first finishes his lap all the down line. Wall sit for minute. 10 hip slippers. Wall sit. 10 Australian mt climbers. Wall sit. Back to 15 degree plank and laps. No derkin. Wall sit. Finish

High wind tore flag from shovel. Thx to d fib for rescue. Mentioned christmastown 5k and Forge on Wednesday nights.

Remember in prayer hurricane victims and Oompa family

Always an honor to lead


Mid summer morning in Mt Holly

Few in numbers at Mt Hollywood, but high in intensity.  Six HIM’s came out to start the week.  Went like this:

Started with SSH, Don Q’s, and imperial walkers.  Added in 5 burpees.

Mosey down Catawba to Main St, stop in the parking lot of the Italian restaurant.  Q calls blackjack with merkins and American hammers.  Started out with 20 merkins , ran up the hill to end of parking lot, one American hammer.  Reversed until one merkin and 20 hammers.  210 reps total.  Go to the wall at side of restaurant.  Q calls for 10 Australian montain climbers, 10 hip slappers, and 30 second wall sit, three rounds.  Brick pavers on walk way are of the slick variety, our hands were slipping from the sweat, wanted to avoid face plants so we omahaed to Tiger squats, 10 on one curb, run across for one on opposite curb and reverse (11’s).  About half way through, time to mosey back.


Christmastown 5K coming up, also The Forge on Wednesday at Grit’s n Greens

Remember Oompa and his family, Tesla sister, brother from Atlanta area that passed last week.

Q closed with prayer.  Have a good week everybody

Yank in the Woods

For any of you who the title describes what you do in your personal time, please keep that to yourself.

YHC decided to mix it up at the Yank, explore some new places.  We started with SSH 15x, Cotton Pickers 10x, imperial walkers 15x, 5 burpees.

Mosey to trail head and Rocky Branch, 5 burpees upon arrival.  PAX instructed to search for two coupons while on the trails, hang on to them.  Began a mosey on the main trail, but stopped at bridges for hand relase merkins or LBCs.  We did six sets of 20 hand release, and two sets of 25 LBCs while on the trail.  We did only the first section of main trail, about 1.3 miles.

Coming off the trail everybody had their coupons.  Q calls for iron hulk with coupons.  One merkin and four shoulder press, two merkin and 8 shoulder press, all the way 10 merkins and 40 shoulder presses.  This was tough.  Mosey back up Woodrow Ave to pull up bar being Belmont Middle.  10 pull-ups.  Mosey to the Yank.  Couple minutes remain so we called 25 American hammers, 25 flutter crunches, 25 dips.  Time.

PAX pushed hard, great work men.  We mentioned Christmastown 5k speed for need.

Tesla mentioned his Uncle Roy that passed away recently, who was a WWII pilot is being honored in Kannapolis Saturday with a military flyover.  All are welcome to attend.  Some thought also shared of what the Yank represents to them, some really good words spoken.

Q closed with prayer.

Post Flo at Hollywood

Eight HIMs posted in Mt Holly to get the week started right.  Heres how it went:

Warmup, SSH 15x, Imperial Walkers 10x, Cotton Pickers 15x, pledge.

Mosey to parking lot behind BBT, partner up for Dora.  100 diamond merkins, 200 flutter cruches, 300 Bobby Hurley.  Partner runs lap around the bank and switch.  Mosey to parking lot at wells fargo.  Blart introduced me to iron hulk at Mirdoryama a couple weeks ago.  That sucked, let’s do it.  Down for 1 merkin, back to feet for four shoulder press.  Down for two merkins, on feet for eight presses.  All the way 10 and 40.

Mosey back but detour to steps in front of community center for deep sea divers.  Five on each step, six steps to the top and back down.  Shoulders blasted by this point.  Those were really hard.  Mosey in front of school to benches.  10 step ups each leg, 25 dips, 15 step ups, 25 dips, 5 step ups, 25 dips.

22 for the Vets.  Time

Workout was hard today, shoulders gonna feel it for a while.  Pax worked hard today, great work.

Speed for need event Saturday, JJ5k, Burpeethon Oct 6.

Prayers requests: Shadrap son undergoing some medical testing Tuesday morning, Dallas family losing a young child from storm, my brother having some health problems, all recovering from the storm

YHC took us out.

As always, happy to be a part.


VQ at Mt Hollywood

Posting this for Orangeman who isn’t set up yet with account to post backblast

Orangeman first ever Q, and it was a tough one.

Warmup: SSH 21x, 3 burpee, Imperial Walkers 21x, 6 burpee, Morocan Night Clubs.  Mosey to parking lot behind BBT

VQ called for 11’s, hip slappers and big boy sit ups.  A little confusion in counting on a Monday morning, but Pax eventually got through it.

Mosey down main street to Glendale.  Take a left at Glendale to Veterans Park.  Pledge.  20 Dips Oyo on benches surrounding flag. Back to street.

Beauty about Glendale is that starting at Vet Park and heading back toward Main and beyond is a series of steep hills.  Q calls for run hill and stop at each side street for an exercise.  At  Main 10 merkins, next street 20 crunchy frogs and back to main for 10 merkins.  Back up hill for 20 crunchy frogs, and on to next side street for 30 I can’t remembers.  Back down hill for 20 crunchy frogs, up hill for 30 I can’t remembers, then up hill to next street for 40 stagger merkins. Back down hill for 30 I can’t remembers, and then up for 40 more stagger merkins.

Mosey back to middle school for burpees until time.

Nameorama, announcements, prayer requests, COT

Really good VQ by Orangeman, tough workout.  Hate to see what in store for his next one.



School Daze

11 Him’s posted at the Yank pre-Labor day, including one FNG we been working on for a while, welcome Tanner Smith – Slice.  Boudin stopped by for warm -up and pledge as he was getting in some miles still prepping for BRR.

Here’s how it went: warm up SSH x 10, cotton pickers x 10, imperial walkers x 10.  Pledge.

Mosey up main street hill take a right on Eagle to Belmont Central Elem.  On play ground beside school is large map of USA, that became “homebase”.  Normally homebase is a safe place, but in our case it was the site of repeated burpees.  All pax arrive at map for 10 burpees.  At each coner of play are Q had written an exercise in chalk and number of reps.  After each exercise, back to home base for 10 burpees.  Exercises were 10 merkin, 20 lbc, 30 American hammer, 40 cdd, 50 squat, 60 step ups, 70 SSH. Adding in 10 burpees after each set totaled 80 burpees.

Mosey out back side of school, beside Davis park and around to front of First Baptist Church.  10 burpees.  Reverse bear crawl up the steps from the side walk to the front doors of the church.  There are A LOT of steps, this pretty much elevated suck factor to extreme.  To add to the punishment, the steps are divided into three sets with a flat area in between, 50 big boy sit ups at each flat area then continue the reverse crawl up.  Once complete crawl back to side walk.  10 burpees for 100 total burpees.

Mosey back to Yank, had a couple minutes left for some more merkins and little flutter crunches.  Time.

Good push by all on a muggy morning.

Reminded everyone of spend for need event, JJ5K, Murph, Burpeethon.

Named FNG – welcome Tanner Smith!

Prayer requests – teacher students administrators in new school year, another shooting in Florida, all with thoughts of committing acts of violence

Always an honor


Coast to Coast

11 HIM showed at Midoryama on a hot day to push the rock, great effort by all.  Wojo feeling some back pain but didn’t let that stop him. Several showed early for EC.  Pizza Man and Sister Act took the Iron Pax challenge.

QIC called time and started with SSH and Don Q’s.

Midoryama has a main road that leads from entrance to the back soccer fields.  Series of street lights line from entrance to F3 parking lot on same side of road, six lights.  At parking lot lights switch to other side of road, seven lights to soccer fields.  Q leads PAX to first light nearest parking lot toward soccer fields.  Calls 40 merkins, then sprint to first light leading toward entrance.  Light is on PAX right side due to change in direction of lights from parking lot.  At that light Q calls 40 Bobby Hurleys.  Sprint toward soccer fields to second light on right, 40 diamond merkins.  Sprint opposite direction to second light on right for 20 lunges each leg.  Continue changing directions and running to next light in sequence.  Exercises called were wide arm merkins, low slow squats, stagger merkins left arm forward, lunge walk, stagger merkins right arm forward, calf raises, and military merkins, all 40 reps and continuing to change directions and run to next light in sequence.

Mosey to start for pledge.

Tough workout, due to exhausted arms (240 merkins total) and lots of running combined with hot temps.  PAX brought it those as usual.  Great work, hope you got money’s worth.

Good to have visit from Penny Pincher who normally posts in Ft Mill/Rock Hill area.

Lots of announcemnets, CSAUP and Sargento 2nd F on Aug 25, convergence at Fort on Aug 18, tubing Aug 18, Speed for need and JJ 5K in September, Burpeethon in Oct.

Prayer requests: kids, teachers, administrators starting new school year, those battling addiction.

Q ended in prayer.

Always an honor and a pleasure


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