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Time to celebrate!!

The Yank may need to change name to Sun City soon as it has become the place to be for the over 50 crowd.  Or maybe they are the reason that the Yank is the original Varsity site because these men know how to push it!

No warmup, these men didn’t need it.  Mosey up the Nichol’s hill and take long way to the tennis courts at Davis Park.  Once at the courts the PAX realized they had been invited to a birthday party.  That’s right, my little Tiger Cub was celebrating his very first birthday!  His hospital name is Charlie, so we helped him celebrate with some Charli at the courts:

C  corner to corner with merkins, diamond merkins, wide arm merkins, and CDDs

H  hurpees

A  agassi

R  rampage (LBC, bear brawl the baseline, squat)

L  Lt Danger (lunge, lunge, squat, merkin along baseline)

I  Inch worm

Since first birthday was 7/07/18, we did three rounds, 7 reps first round, 7 reps second round, 18 reps third round.  Had to Omaha round three to have time for the E.

That’s right, Elevens, Tiger squats and Mike Tysons.

Mosey back to the flag.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the exercises give them a look.  This was a really tough workout, everybody pushed hard, great job men!!

Talked a little about blessings at the end, and how they may be shown in ways that we don’t recognize fully in the beginning.  I am 47 and have a one year old son.  When I first learned he was on the way I had nine months of sleepless nights.  It was hard on my wife because she was overjoyed at the new life growing during pregnancy, but she knew I was worried about finances, being too old to have a young son, etc.  But then this new life God us made his appearance, all the fear went away.  Charlie fills my heart everyday with joy, but it took me a while to get there.

Trust the Sky Q, he knows what he’s doing.

Remember tubing on Green River, DM Sargento and let him know if your going.

Remember in your prayers military members and public service workers


Special Edition at The Yank

The Yank is opening this Wednesday for a special Independence Day workout. Tesla will lead and follow the workout with a special ceremony.  6:30 Start time



Weather gave us a break at Midoryama, prob for last time for a while.  17 pax gathered for a good time.  Pledge.  Tool time takes off for a run, for the rest of us it went like this.

Merkins, LBC, Squat, Burpee 4 each to start.  Mosey to soccer field.  QIC had separated a deck of cards in three stacks including jokers (how many jokers in a deck?)  One stack was placed at one sideline, one in middle, the other at far sideline.  Spade=burpee, heart=merkin, club=squat, heart=LBC, Ace 15, king, 14, queen 13, jack 12, joker = run across front of neighboring field up the hill in the corner and back.  We started by drawing one card at near sideline performing task and then moving to the middle, and then far sideline.  Take two cards at each sideline to draw down stacks evenly.  Pax swore I replaced some cards with spades for extra burpees, truth never be told.  Somehow jokers kept appearing, again never know the truth.

Took a while to get through the deck, but we had a few minutes to spare, so we moseyed to near turd shack, for some wall planks.  Feet on the wall no more than 18 inches high and in plank position.  We started from the middle with two pax running around turd shack in opposite directions. Hold plank until your turn.  Chatter at all time high during this after the card beatdown.  Holding this plank is really tough.  Mosey back to the flag.

This was a really tough workout, everybody pushed it hard, great work gentlemen


Back at the flag we spoke briefly about decisions in our lives, and about how once we begin to feed our spirit with the good stuff, the evil one works that much harder to turn us from the good.  It is so important to feed our spirit daily and do our best to live well disciplined life.  We mentioned Galatians 5:22 Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,s gentleness, and self control.

Announcements: Whetstone , The Forge 6:30 Wednesday at Grits n Greens, 2.0 workout at Folsom this Saturday, Grizzlies game this Friday (family friendly), kayaking Saturday in cramerton (Pax only), event at First Pres Gastonia June 22

Pray for Def Leopard son undergoing medical procedure within next week, Clark family who lost young son last week unexpectedly, brothers injured or maybe haven’t seen in a while.

Thank you all for the opportunity to  lead for a day


Confusion all around

JV showed up strong at Midoriyma. Must have been the humid afternoon, but Ash Pond forgot his name, Q forgot the pledge, and Hippa forgot to even show.  Even Boudin must have been confused because he did the whole workout with his weighted vest- respect!  On top of it all we even welcomed nine year old FNG, Michael forever to be known as Paperback Writer due to has affinity for the Beetles.  Workout went like this:


SSH X 10 IC, Toy Soldiers X 10, IC, 5 burpees OYO.

Mosey to big soccer field for 5 corners.  Run on paved walkway around soccer fields, at the start we did 10 Bobby Hurley, at first curve 10 merkins, at second curve run up hill 10 times (a real crowd pleaser) this is where Downtown joined us, at third curve 10 WWI, at fourth curve(end/beginning) 10 burpee.  Rinse repeat but sub 10 CDD for the hill.

Head to near turd shack for 20 hip slappers.  After hip slappers Q called for PAX to plank, except feet are on the wall instead of the ground.  While planking PAX at end takes a lap around the shack.  When he returns, second PAX goes.  Chatter was already rumbling, but this one got everyone talking, these were HARD!!!  Everyone happy to recover, cant have that, so Q called for 11’s, curb squats and Mike Tysons.  Make varsity out of this group.

Mosey back to start for 22 for the Vets.

This was tough workout, everyone pushed through, great work by all.

Announced speed for need event, Memorial day convergence, and 2.0 workout at Folsom 5/19.

Prayer request to continue praying for Breaker Breaker aunt and friend, Def Leopard son and his upcoming travel, Ash Pond M, Tiger M

As always, an honor to lead this group.


New view from the Yank

Good showing at the Yank Saturday morning, even had short sale make the trip to the East side, a treat to have him join us.  Had a chance too to welcome my good friend and FNG Dave Mayer (Traveler) into the fold.  Quiche and Boudin had a few miles of EC before the rest of showed, great work men!


5 Burpee, 10 SSH IC

Mosey up main street all the way to Eagle Road and to the lower entrance of Eagle Park neighborhood.  Eagle park has hill in the middle that is just shy of .2 miles, hard climb.  At bottom of hill we did 20 reps each of burpee, step ups, plank should taps, derkins, squat jumps to bench level.  After set run to top of hill and back.  So one exercise then to the top of the hill.  Five times up the hill for a mile of tough climb.  We then went to small parking lot behind Belmont middle school for 11’s, curb squats and mike Tysons.  Almost out of time so back to the Yank, time for 20 LBC and 20 American Hammer, time.

Great work on a tough workout.  We learned a little about FNG, Traveler, I think he will post at Yank often.

Had several prayer requests, a couple from breaker breaker of friend battling major illness, Boudin mentioned a PAX from Metro with a premeature newborn.  Also my M .

Had several for breakfast/coffee after at Cherubs

Always a pleasure


Mmm smell the bacon

Smaller crowd at the Yank this morning, but that’s okay, great to have everyone that could make it.  Norwood EH’d Gilligan into coming out for first time in a while, welcome back kotter!

Started with 10 SHS and 10 Imperial walkers.  Mosey up the hill to the old Stowe Mill office parking lot.  We passed by the clock at corner of Main and Catawba on the way.  Told the PAX that my office window is just above the clock.  The clock was stuck on 12:45 (not sure if am or pm) for several months.  From my Alabama roots, I told them that that time was called “15 to 1”, and it occurred to me  that a 15 to 1 workout would be in order.  In the parking lot we did 15 burpees, ran across the parking lot and did 15 jump squats.  Ran back for 14 burpees and so on until we got to one.  About halfway through the bacon aroma from Nellie’s was causing some to re-consider their morning decision.

Off to the dentist office for ten step ups each leg and plank against the wall.  Feet not on ground or on top of wall, but pressed against. Try it, you won’t like it.

Behind middle school for 11’s curb squats and derkins, PAX looking for the end by now, but not time yet.  On to soccer field where we pushed the blocking sled.  One pushes sled while the others perform an ab exercise.  Flutter kicks, WWI, LBC, American hammer, and a couple of others.

A little time left so we went to pavilion for a couple of rounds of dips and derkins.

On to the Yank for pledge, announcements and CIT.  Gilligan father in law facing surgery coming up, my M with some struggles.

Pleasure was mine


Push It!!! The sled I mean

Twelve brave souls posted at the Yank for some Saturday morning activity.  I heard Sargento learned that Tiger had the Q and decided that recovering from surgery could be a little easier.  Get well soon my friend!!

0700 hits with a train passing through, five burpees.  Move up the hill to the Presbyterian church parking lot.  Eight parking spaces labeled with an exercise and number of reps, after each execise take a lap around the island in the parking lot. Reps progressed by 5 from 25 to 55 for a total of 280 reps.  Jump squats, American hammer, WWI, merkin, , LBC, squat, SSH and one more I can’t remember.

Cross main street to the corner and find a place on the wall.  Time for planks.  But not your ordinary plank.  Feet on the wall, but not too high, too high makes it easier.  12 inches up is plenty.  Get in plank on change call release right hand and left leg.  Then opposite.  This was a crowd pleaser, may become a regular.

Move down the wall a little further for step ups, 25 each leg.  Move on to the field of dreams to push the sled.  The middle school leaves the football team blocking sled out year round, so naturally we need to get to know it a little better.  Each PAX pushes the sled until he says enough.  Other PAX do burpees until the sled stops and then run to that spot.  Nice work men!

Head to parking lot behind middle school for 11’s with everybody’s favorite, curb squats and mike Tysons.  No one likes curb squats.

Go back to the park for lunges to the bottom of the steps and five diamond merkins, lunge back to start.  Finish with ring of fire at the fountain.

To the Yank for pledge. and circle of trust.

  • Westside AO trying to get started March 17. Teaming up with Charlotte to get this going.  Tesla heading this up.  Will take several Gaston PAX to charlotte on the 17th

Remember the families impacted in Florida earlier in the week, and people with similar thoughts in their minds.  Remember those on IR.

Season of Lent began earlier this week.  It is a time to meditate and consider that we all have one main purpose on this Earth, and that is to serve God above all else.  We do this one thing, then everything else in life will fall in place.  Maybe not easily, and not without effort, but the path we are led down will never lead us astray.

Pleasure was mine

Outwork Yesterday

13 Pax showed at the Fighting Yank for some early sweat on a cold morning.  Had a new face among us – Brian Hedgepath, who embodied the entire spirit of F3.  At the end of the workout as we were making our way back to the Yank out Nantan was bringing him in.  Tool time told him they were close enough to walk it in, Kiwi’s reply was that he would rather push it all the way.  Nice job!!  Enjoyed having you!!

Warm-up: We had to celebrate my Alabama Crimson Tide winning its 17th national football championship so here we go:  SSH 17 X IC, Alabama Ass Kickers 17 X each leg IC, 17 squats OYO

The Thang: Mosey around back of Sammy’s Pub to McLeod and back up to Main St and Myrtle.  We started to make our way up Myrtle by running to the second utility pole and the backward lunging back to the first pole and then doing a merkin.  Then run to third utility pole and backward lunge back to second pole and perform two merkins.  Continue to the end of Myrtle.  Mid way up the hill at the dentist office we pit stopped into the parking lot and performed either 30 box jumps or 30 step ups on each leg on the retaining wall.  A crowd pleaser after those backward lunges.  Q misjudged how long backward lunges would take, so we finished the hill by running to the top.

At the top of the hill we crossed Central ave to parking lot of First Baptist church.  There we circled up for a game of duck duck goose F3 style.  All pax on your six and begin American hammers while first PAX  circled the group.  When he made his circle, next man up.  Continue around the circle with dying cock roach, flutter kicks, peter parker, WW I, and LBC’s.  Five burpee train penalty.

Mosey around corner to bottom of hill and Hill street and Oak street.  Time for triple nickel.  Five burpees at bottom of hill, and five diamond merkins at top, five repetitions.  Another five burpee train penalty.

Mosey behind school for 11’s. with  everyone’s favorite, curb squats and Mike Tysons.  Grab some curb squat all the way down pop back up and feel some serious burn.  Those were tough.

Head back to the Yank for pledge and to learn about our FNG.

Spent just a moment talking about how we don’t have to be perfect, we only need to try each day to be a little better than we were the day before.  We will stumble, and sometimes we will fall, but we have our brothers there to help along the way.  Most of all we serve a living God that can take any path we are on, or have followed  in the past and bring us to the place He wants us to be.

Remember this week those out with illness and injury, and those that haven’t been seen in a while, reach out any time you can.

Frosty night for some newbies

VQ lead workout means no one knows exactly what your gonna get.  We had an evening full of adventure complete with some bubbles and even a princess (no I am not referring to Slaw running around with no shirt), more on that later.  The group is normally pretty vocal, but tonight there wasn’t much more than teeth chattering.  It went like this:

Warm up:

Side Straddle hop 15x IC, 20 toy soldiers 20X IC, Peter Parker 15X IC, then we all heard the dreaded whistle 5 burpees OYO


Mosey the long route to Hamburger Hill for a simple workout.  Simple but not easy.  Bottom of hill 5 merkins, 5 Mike Tysons, 5 stagger merkins with each hand extended, 5 lunges each leg.  Run to top of hill.  Rinse and repeat 5X.


This took most of our time, but not all.  Mosey back to the turd shack for a set of 11’s.  Started with 10 deep squats all the way to the curb of parking lot, run to other side for decline merkins.


22 for the vets

Announcements included meeting at Tequilla’s downtown this Sunday.

Prayer requests, Oompa has a friend that attempted suicide, Tooltime has a co-worker that passed away leaving a 9 year old daughter, Pizzaman says his grandmother is ready to kick ass again after hip surgery.  Seems like there was another, sorry my memory is failing.  Remember those that don’t see the holidays as joyous times, and those separated from family in public service and military service.


Welcome to Ariel (Brian Bridges )and Mr Bubbles (Dustin Bridges), enjoyed having you gentlemen with us.

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