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Another Great Morning

On Monday Clavin asked me if he could use my extra weight vest so I was more than happy to accommodate his request.  I looked around at 5:30 and did not see any new faces so we started with the pledge and got to work.

Maracan night club’s 20 IC
Side Straddle hops 20 IC
Merkins 15 IC

Moseyed to the concession stand at the park and pulled out my weinke.
10 of each then ran around the park and back to finish with 5 of each.  Merkins, Squats, Mountain climbers, Burpees, Leg raises, Plank rows, Jumping lunges, Toe taps, Buzz saw planks and Bobby Hurleys.

Then moseyed to the playground and knocked out 6 minutes of as many rounds as possible of 5 pull-ups and 20 squats.

Moved on to the gazebo for 3 rounds of 10 derkins and 20 dips.

Once our chest and arms were feeling good we went to the bathroom building and did 3 rounds of wall sits with marching and shoulder presses.

I recently saw a new exercise and wanted to try it out.  We all lined up and got into plank.  As one HIM ran by went to the other side everyone did a merkin.  After two rounds we had enough and moseyed to the end of the lot and knocked out 20 squats and 50 calf raised. (My calfs were still burning from Mondays Q with Island!)

While we were doing 50 LBC’s, I heard a train whistle so 5 burpees were next.

We headed back to Snoballs and finished up with big boy sit ups.

Prayer request: Gastone’s 2.0, Squirt’s M and Stone Cold’s knee.


Monk, you or me?

Last week, Monk asked me to Q at the Pub this morning so I agreed and pulled in early eagerly to see an empty parking lot.  Hmmm, I thought to myself table for 1?  After a few minutes here come the HIM’s.   Whoopee barrel rolled out of his truck into the merkin position to knock out his 10,000 for the month.

No FNG’s so we started down Hoffman and I was at the point.  About an 1/8 of a mile I was at the six with Roscoe who was kind enough to hang with me since I am not a runner (but will be someday).  What I failed to tell Roscoe was that I challenged myself to run 4 miles under a 10/min pace.  Well at the halfway point I turned around and Roscoe kicked it into gear to catch up with the others.  We all made it back

During the run, Monk forgot that I was Q and took over, or else he didn’t like where things were going.  )      We said the pledge and he closed out the COT.


Here is what you need to know.  Yesterday at Snoballs, Whoopee mentioned that everyone should challenge themselves, whether it is to train for a marathon or work on pull-ups or lose weight.  The only time I listed to him was then and so this morning was my challenge.   Last week I had to walk several times during the 5 mile run so this week I fought it and won.   Best last was 8:52, for me that’s Usain Bolt like.  Thanks for the push everyone.


No Weight Vest Required

What a beautiful morning to lead a workout at Snoballs.  There were no FNG’s so we started with the Pledge.

Merkins 10 IC

Moseyed to the small hill next to the shelter and playground for a SSH ladder with burpees.  At the top of the hill we started with 20 SSH then ran to the bottom for 5 burpees.  Back to the top for 19 SSH and at the bottom for 5 burpees.  After 10 rounds we went to Soccer Field #1 and performed lunges, then bear crawls, followed by more lunges.  Then we headed to the pull-up bar.  One at a time we were challenged to do as many pull-ups as you can while everyone else was getting a break with some LBC’s.

Moseyed back to the bathroom house when I heard mumble chatter about the walls.  I thought we needed to take a closer look so we stopped for some Hip Slappers.  After walking to perimeter to make sure the building was structurally sound, Whoopee led us.   Then we moseyed to the front gates for 20 derkins and 20 dips.  With time remaining, we headed to the back wall for 20 Dips IC, 10 step-ups (each leg), 15 Dips IC, 10 step-ups(each leg) and finished with 15 Dips IC.

I normally wear a vest during the workout but since I knew the punishment I left it in my truck.  During the COT, Whoopee talked about challenging yourself and here is my challenge to you.   Get a vest and wear it during your workouts.  You will definitely get stronger by wearing one and you have a place to put your keys and phone )

Thank you for allowing me lead.

Day 4 of 40

No FNG’s so we started with the Pledge.

20 SSH (IC)
10 Merkins(IC)

We moseyed down Riverwood Parkway and stopped at Plantation Trail and River Ridge Drive and did 20 squats at each location before heading to Gastone’s Hill (aka Village Ridge Drive)

We ran Gastone’s hill three times and at the top it was 5 burpees and at the bottom was 10 hand release Merkins (not push-ups- Thanks Whoopee)

On the way down the hill after round three, Turtleman brags and says he is going to 3 rounds running forwards and 3 rounds running backwards next Wednesday when he has the Q.  So that gave me an idea, let’s do one round backwards up the hill.  At some point we did 4 burpees and 40 LBC’s ( day 4 of 40).   Running back down the hill to a waiting 5 burpees and headed back to Plantation Trail and River Ridge Drive and did 20 squats.

We turned into the vacant office parking lot and lunged to a light pole then hopped the cement wall and circled up for 5 burpees near the dumpster.  I saw the dock next to Bellacino’s and we jumped it then bear crawled down the side.

Moseyed to the wall for 10-15-20 of dips and derkins.  Time to head back to Snoballs and Gastone closed out the program with some flutter kicks.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.

A great Monday

It was 5:30 and we said the pledge.

After a short warm-up of 15 SSH IC, we moseyed to the park and gathered at the bottom of the hill next to the picnic shelter near the soccer fields.

We paired up and instructions were given.  P1 would run up the hill while P2 performed the exercise.  50 Burpees, 100 SSH, 150 Merkins, 200 WWI’s and 250 Squats.

Then headed to the picnic shelter for 15 Derkins, 15 Dips, 20 Derkins and 20 Dips.

Walked to the parking lot and did lunges, then sprinted, lunges and backward run to the end.  I heard a train whistle at some point so 5 burpees for everyone.

At the gate we did 50 LBC’s and moseyed to Snoballs and did 50 more.  Gastone led 25 Flutter Kicks IC.  15 IC Merkins and last but not least 15 Bobby Hurley’s.


My pleasure to lead this group.

The Pub

Was a chilly morning when we first got there but all of us warmed up very quickly.  At 5:30 we headed out to conquer the run.  Gastone and Monk led the way while Timeframe and I kept them in sight for most of the time.  We all did 5 miles and I want to thank these HIM’s for the push.

We said the Pledge.

Prayer requests for Timeframe’s parents and Monk’s daughter.

After reading Gastone’s post, I am glad he didn’t have to call anyone to post bail 🙂

Great work everyone and I cannot wait to Q The Pub in a few weeks with warmer weather and 15 HIMS!!!


Adopt a highway

YHC showed up and Gastone was already getting some work in.   At 5:30 we started with the pledge and then we ran.  Some ran 5 and some ran 3 and a half.  During the run, Clavin was on a mission to clean up Gastonia and Adopt a Highway.  If anyone is missing a Jaguars license plate or an NC plate, talk to Clavin he found them on Hoffamn Road.  Next week he may bring his metal detector and look for coins 🙂

I have been recovering from several ailments and send thanks to those who pushed me today.  Great work by everyone!


Prayers: Monks family, Timeframes family, Hushpuppy, Kiwi and the grieving families in Florida.

Today is a New Day

At 5:30 I went over the disclaimer for FNG (Jeremy Biddy) and it was time for the pledge.

20 Merkins IC

Moseyed to the flag pole near the clubhouse at the baseball fields and partnered up.  P1 would run while P2 did exercise.  They would switch when the partner got back.  We did three rounds with LBC’s, Merkins and Squats.
Then we headed to the paring lot and knocked out lunges to the second light pole and ran to the shelter.  At this point we did 10 Derkins IC, 50 step-ups, and 12 Derkins IC.  After a meander to the track we ran backwards to the pull-up bar.  5 pull-ups each while the PAX planked.  This was Omaha’d halfway into squats.

At this time we headed back to AO.

Prayers for Gastone’s family, the York County Sheriff’s Office and the family of Deputy Michael Doty.

Welcome FNG Bed Pan.

It was great to see so many HIMS show up, one of the largest Monday’s I can remember.  Remember, YOU can change the world by your example.

Merkin Factory

There were nine HIM’s for the warm-up

SSH 10 (IC)
Merkins 10(IC)
Then a slow mosey to the back where we picked up Spiderman for an even 10 and headed to the park.

Once in the parking lot, we started at one light posts and ran to the next for a merkin ladder. We perform20 merkins and ran back for 19, 18 and so on. After a few rounds I threw in an Omaha and we stopped the ladder 10.  Onto the shelter for 100 dips then moseyed to the pullup bar.  One at a time the men did 10 pullups while the PAX did an exercise of their choice.  I can’t remember them all but there were some monkey humpers, LBC’s and lunges to name a few.

At the trail intersection 5 burpees before making our way back to the shelter for 50 LBC’s, 50 dips and 50 LBC’s. Back to the parking lot for 20 yards of arms raised lunges followed by 5 burpees.  Time for an Indian Run, last man knocks out a burpee then runs to the front.

Paired up and P1 ran to the gate while P2 did merkins. Then we did LBC’s and headed back.

Prayer requests for Donovan and his family, and our F3 brothers.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work. It was an honor to lead.

And Begin

No FNG’s so we started with the pledge.

LBC’s 20 IC
Merkins 10 IC


Moseyed to the parking lot of the old Harris Teeter but on the way had to stop and grab a rock.  Once at the thing was to perform 5 reps of Merkins, LBC’s, Squat with a Shoulder Press (w/rock), WWII’s, SSH, Bicep Curls w/rock, and Burpees.  After those 1 lap around the building.  Rinse and report for 3 rounds.

Then we kept our rocks and walked to the parking lot and partnered up. P1 would run to street while P2 did exercise.  We used the same exercises as made sure everyone was completely happy.
Then we kept rocks and did lunges, Sprints w/o rocks, and more lunges.  We returned to rocks to their home and stopped by the bank wall for 20 Derkins, 15 Dips, 10 Derkins and 5 Dips.  Moseyed to Snowballs where Gastone led Flutters and we finished with American Hammers.

I pray that these men will leave as faster and stronger leaders to handle anything that life throws at them.

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