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Grandfather Beatdown

6 HIM’s went to see Grandfather on 6/23.

Whoopee, Blart, HIPAA, Moses, Sparrow, and Hot For Teacher.

We were met with 70 degree weather!! After navigating our way around a washed out bridge, we headed up the Tanawha and Daniel Boone Trails to get to Calloway’s Peak. The route was nothing short of beautiful. The total hike was 7 miles and took us 4:12 minutes to complete. We even climbed up 3 ladders near the top. We rummaged through an old airplane wreck as well (a cool surprise). After the great hike, we broke bread (and chicken wings, BBQ, and hush puppies) at Woodlands…not to bad.

It was great day…hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Two notes…my thighs are smoked and my neck muscles hurt! Wasn’t expecting the extra work out to that muscle group!


PreBlast–40 Day Mountain Challenge

I posted this challenge on twitter, so here is the PreBlast…To end the 40 Day Challenge that Roscoe gave, we will climb, hike, crawl, run, and possibly fall down Grandfather Mountain on June 23rd. We’ll leave the Schiele Museum at 6:30 am, arriving at the Boone Fork Creek around 8:00. Then we will hike 3+ miles to top of Calloway Peak. After a few moments to take in God’s glory (there is no place like this on Earth), I’ll provide a Bible lesson. Then we’ll hike back to the Boone Fork trail head. The hike should take us about 4.5 hours round trip so long as we have no injuries! We did this with the Scouts from Troop 11 about 2 weeks ago and it’s a challenge…but if I bunch of knucklehead Scouts can do it, you can too…MAYBE. After the hike we’ll break cornbread at Woodlands BBQ and Picking Parlor (once again, no place like it on Earth!) We should be back in G-Town by 3:00.

Alright…who’s up for it? Let me know, I can go solo if so…

Pain Lab_No weights or Brains

Being my first Q, I figured it needed to match the intensity of previous Pain Labs from Rudolph and his previous posts. So here goes…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…no wait.

Call me Ishmael…hold on.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…

It was cool and icy in Ralph’s house. 3 Pax and 1 Q showed for Pain-lab. The goal for the day was KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Not hard for me, so that’s what I did. We broke it down to 14 basic exercises using the Tabata method: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest between. Here’s the breakdown (sorry that the Lexicon for all exercises are not accurate)

Merkins 20 seconds-rest

LBC’s 20 seconds-rest

Wax On (shoulder rotations) 20 seconds-rest

Sumo Squats 20 seconds-rest

Tricep Dips 20 seconds-rest

Stair Step Ups 20 seconds-rest

Peter Parker 20 seconds-rest

Front lunges 20 seconds-rest

Hi Plank 20 seconds (brought in some yoga poses)-rest

Warrior pose 20 seconds-rest

Up Dog 20 seconds-rest

Down Dog 20 seconds-rest

Low Plank 20 seconds-rest

Warrior Pose Side Stretch 20 seconds-rest

Breaking those 14 moves down with 2 different times really put a beat down on the shoulders and hammys, so we decided to up the ante by running through all 14 exercises (+ another set of Merkins and LBC’s at the end) for a total of 8 minutes of solid workout….TWICE. While we didn’t run, cardio did play a factor in the training for the day. We kept it simple…No brains. We kept it body resistance…no weights. KISS.

Thanks for the encouragement from Rudolph and his confidence in letting me lead his Lab. Thanks for Short Sale, HIPPA, and Tube for following my lead. Hopefully they feel the pain from the lab. I also got to play my theme song for the workout. How many PAX get to do that!!

Peace, HFT

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