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Easy Like Sunday Morning!

The Thang:

Some of ran and some us rucked. It was a nice easy Sunday morning mosey!



F3 Gastonia Whetstone

Folsom 2.0 workout (June 16th)

F2 Event – June 16th Kayak @ Goat Island


Prayer Requests:

Lynn Hamm – brain tumor

Breaker Breaker’s Uncle – recent stroke

Nikki Baily – Cancer

Recent High School graduates

Praise – the young man that was lost on Saturday and safely found help and to all the people that help in the search party.

We’re Playing in the Rain!

YHC had family in town in for the Memorial Day weekend and while creating the Weinke on Friday night, started EH’ing my brother-in-law to join us Saturday morning. Did not take much pressure in the head lock to convince him to come out. Was up early Saturday morning and we jumped in the M’s macho Commander and headed to the Fighting Yank. It had rained over night and hopefully the rain would hold off until we were able to get in our workout. As we were pulling up, there were a few PAX getting in some EC, Tool Time, Quiche, and Boudin. What is this? Tool Time said he was going to stay for the bootcamp! Wow! He said he felt a little rusty with the mumble chatter, but would do his best to keep it live.  YHC felt honored to have Nantan join us for a Fighting Yank beatdown.YHC felt the pressure to deliver. No worries, feeling very good about the Wienke created last night.

It’s 7am and ready to get going. Here comes Orangeman running down the street just in time to join us.

Gave the disclaimer and pledge.


SSH – 25 I/C

Mountain Climbers – 20 I/C

Imperial Walkers – 15 I/C

Mercans – 15 I/C


The Thang

Let’s mosey to up main street to the Walk/Run store parking lot for some exercise.

Mercans x 10 oyo

American Hammers x 20  oyo

Squats x 20 oyo

Burpees x 5

Let’s mosey to the building of knowledge parking lot (Belmont Library). During the mosey, it stated to rain, but that didn’t stop us, although YHC’s Wienke was starting to get wet. Repeat the above exercises but this time we will do them I/C since there was some chatter after finishing up the last set that it would be better I/C than OYO.  By now, Tool Time was in rare form with the mumble chatter. Even threw YHC off in the count while doing Mercans.

Let’s mosey to the Field of Dreams (Davis Park) for the next called exercise, Field of Dreams. It was still raining and YHC had to find a dry spot to leave the Wienke and reading specs. Ok, done. Now lets start out by counting off by fours. Ones start at 1st base, do AMRAP Mercans until relieved. Twos at 2nd base, do AMRAP LBCs until relieved. Threes at 3rd base, do AMRAP Squats. Fours at home plate performs 15 burpees then run to 1st base relieving PAX there. Continue until all PAX have done the burpees. That exercise was fun!

Not time to leave the Field of Dreams without another run around the bases, but this time it will be a crawl. That’s right, bear crawl to 1st base, lunges to 2nd base, bear crawl to 3rd base and sprint home. Done! YHC grabbed the Wienke and reading specs and ready to mosey again. Let’s head to the middle school. PAX planked up for the six while YHC found a dry place to keep Wienke during next exercise. PAX head over to the benches for a round of three exercises

Dips x 10

Derkins x 10

Step ups x 10 (5 per leg)

Run across front of building and back, repeat exercises, increase reps 15x, rinse and repeat, increase reps 20x.

Grab Wienke and mosey to the practice field behind school for some sprints. PAX sprint 100m and walk/jog the corners. Rinse and repeat. Almost out of time so we mosey to the Fountain of Life for a couple rounds of Mary.


Murph Challenge on Memorial Day @ Martha Rivers and the Patriot 5k “Go the Extra Mile” in Charlotte on Monday.

Prayer request:

Lynn Hamm, Tiger’s family, the Self Family, Tool Time’s son-in-law, Sly. and there may be another that I left out.

Namearama  and then naming the FNGs

As always, it was an honor to lead you all today. Everyone worked hard. Thank you all and until next time, keep pushing the rock!

Breaker Breaker


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  Philippians 4:13



Another Blockbuster Party?

Last Thursday morning at The Goat, Dolph, had with him in the back of his truck, 15 coupons and we all had a blockbuster party. Somehow after that workout, those coupons ended up in the back of Madman’s truck, which happens to be YHC’s son. I think you know where this story may be heading…

Last night, I asked Madman if he was joining me at The Storm for my  Q. He was a HC and I informed him we need to be out the door by 5:10am so we could welcome the PAX as they arrive. He was up and ready to go to work at 5am, we were out the door by 5:10am. We pulled into The Storm and a few HIMs were already there. Boudin was getting in some EC with a ruck and Orangeman made his morning run from home to join us. I let down the tailgate to Madman’s truck and arranged the coupons  for easy retrieval for the PAX. Over the next 4-5 minutes, more HIMs started showing up. It’s now 5:30am, ready to go to work. 13 HIMs all in a circle ready to get a warm-up and here comes another car. It is Tesla, rolling in at the last minute.


SSH x 30 I/C

IW x 20 I/C

Burpees x 5 oyo

The Thang:

Let’s mosey around the school. Along the way, stop at the roundabout for 15 merkins. Let’s mosey to the back of the school where we stopped for 20 LBC I/C. Let’s mosey, stop by tennis courts for 15 Bobby Hurleys. Let’s mosey, stop at Madman’s truck and each PAX grab a coupon.

YHC called next exercise, which requires using the coupons. Four exercises, curls, o/h presses, squats, bent over rows, 15x and then run to bottom of parking lot, 20 LBC oyo, back to the coupons. Rinse and repeat 3 times.  This was not the same blockbuster party that Dolph gave, but it was still fun!

Let’s mosey to the school building for next exercise, 11s. Derkins and then run to front of school for dips. Finished called exercise with about 10 minutes left. Circled up for a round of burpees. YHC started jumping in place, yelled “down” and each PAX drops for a burpee. Repeat with the next PAX until we make it around the circle…Finished off with a round of Mary and then mosey back to start.


Announcements: F2 at NCWC on Thursday, Patriot 5k on Monday, upcoming Burpeethon. Need PAX to step up to Q over the next few weeks.

Prayer request: the Self family, kids/teachers with EOGs this week, Lynn Hamm

YHC took out with prayer.

As always, thank you guys for the opportunity to lead. It was an honor and privilege. Great work by everyone, keep pushing the rock!

Breaker Breaker


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Philippians 4:13

Hills, Buprees, and Bear Crawls!

What an awesome Spring Saturday morning to be outside for a workout! YHC was anxious driving to the Yank, not sure of the turnout but had a well prepared Weinke and ready to push that rock. As I pulled into downtown Belmont, several PAX were finishing up some EC running. By 7am, we had 11 HIMs, including YHC readyfor a Fighting Yank beatdown. Let’s go to work!


SSH – 25 I/C

Toy Soldiers x 10

Lung w/Twist x 10

Burpees x5


The Thang:

Let’s mosey to Hawthorn Hill..

Triple Nickle with a Bernie Sanders twist

5x Merkins at bottom of hill, run backwards halfway up and then forward to top of hill for 5x squats. Rinse and Repeat 5x.

YHC hears a train, 5x burpees…

Mosey onto the parking lot down under. Here we lose Pockets, had to leave early but he did make it out for the hill work. All PAX meet in center of parking lot for next set of exercises. We all break off into 4 groups and all perform 5x burpees in center, each group moves to a corner for the given exercise.

Group 1 – 12x Balls to Wall HippSlappers,

Group 2 – Mercins x 11

Group 3 – Imperial Squats x11

Group 4 – WW2 or Big Boy Sit-ups x 11 (Q stated BB sit-ups but was doing WW2)

Complete your exercise, run back to center for 5x burpees and then to the next exercise, back to center for 5x burpees. Continue until each group completes each exercise and then rinse and repeat another round. We completed a total of 40 burpees during the two rounds.

Time to mosey again up to the Field of Dreams…YHC had stopped on his way in  before workout and laid out a triangle of cones for our last exercise, the Bearmuda Triangle, modified. It went like this, 1x burpee at first cone, bear crawl to second cone, 2x burpee, bear crawl to third cone, 3x burpees, and bear crawl back to cone 1, rinse and repeat 3x. The exercise calls for each cone to be 30 yards apart, YHC spaced the cones at about 10-12 yards apart and at that distance, it was a bear crawl beat down.

Mosey to Ring of Fire for a round of PAX selected Marys and finished 5 more burpees. Thanks Boudin!



F2 event at Rankin Lake, Frisbee golf. Memorial Day Convergence & Patriot 5K and Global 6k for Water on May 19th.

Prayer request…continue to pray for Breaker Breaker’s friend Lynn Hamm with brain tumor, aunt with recent stroke, Andrew Brunson (missionary in prison in Turkey), Slim Shady upcoming Disney vacation, Tiger’s wife, and men and women in military.

It was an honor to be your Q this morning! Great work by all and way to push that rock! Until next time!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13


What’s Your Name?

Seven men gathered at the Goat on a cold early April morning. Winter is just having a hard time leaving. He is like the friend that has been talking forever and you think they are about to leave, but then says, “oh yea, by the way” and goes on for another 30-45 minutes…. As Pockets was coming through the parking lot, he noticed something interesting in the back of Dolph’s truck and asked if he was expecting some snow. What were all those coupons doing in the back of the truck? Hmm, interesting!



SSH x 25 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

The Pledge


Mosey back side of Cramerton main street, up the stairs, and down to the bridge. Looks like the gate entrance to Goat Island was locked, after some tugging at the lock, realize it was not locked and opened the gate. Thank goodness b/c Q was trying to think fast what rest of the workout was going to be if we couldn’t get into the gate…Mosey to 2nd bridge and then bear crawls across and then to back parking lot for 5 burpees. Next exercise, Walking Zombies across the parking  lot, 12 mercins, and then Walking Zombies back across for 12 more mercins…

Let’s mosey, bear crawls across bridge and then mosey to Dolph’s truck. Hmm, what is going on now? Everyone grab a coupon and head back over to entrance to Goat Island. All PAX take coupon for 8 curls, 8 overhead presses, and 8 squats and then run across bridge and back. Repeat and rinse x 5…I hear the train, 5 burpees.

Once completed, mosey over bridge to picnic tables on the left…20 dips and 20 derkins. Mosey back to parking lot for a round of Marys. After Q did first set, look over to his left for next PAX to name next exercise, but had a brain fart and couldn’t remember PAXs name and asked “What is your Name”, oh yes Mayor, next exercise.

Announcements – CSAUP and Community Run

Prayer Request – Lynn Hamm (brain tumor), Breaker Breaker’s uncle (back surgery recovery)

Good job all. It was a pleasure to lead you this morning.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13

Daily Dose of Mercins and LBCs

Before I was even out of the house this morning, I was in the running mode, running late that is. I arrived at the Storm with about 2 minutes to spare.  It was another cold morning ( I am starting like these 20 degree workouts), and when I pulled into the Storm, there were 8 PAX ready to go and the ninth one, Sarento, right on my tail. Let’s get this party started!

The Pledge

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC

IW x 20 IC

Mercins x 15

Squats x 15 IC


Mosey up to the round a’ bout with the big statue. This Q is getting old and can’t see without reading glasses, so when we reached round a’ bout, Q asked Dolph to read next exercise from Wienke, of course Dolph said 10 burpees. Not yet Dolph! Oh yea, I remember now. 10 mercins and then run to other side of circle for 10 LBCs, rinse and repeat 5x.

Mosey on down the road to the football field parking area and along the way 5 burpees at each speed hump (Dolph 👍).

Next is BlackJack, more mercins and LBCs. start out with 1 Mercin, run to other side of parking area, about 30 yds and do 20 LBCs….After a few rounds, Q realized we needed to modify count since it was already 5:55am, so we ended exercise at count of 10. We then moseyed up to the school wall for final exercises. I think it went something like;

Squats 5x – run 15 yds and back

Dips 5 or 10x – run 15 yds and back

Steps-ups 10x – run  15 yds and back

Mountian Climbers 10x – run 15 yds and back

burpees 5x for the train.

Mosey back to starting point for Mary’s;

Flutter kicks – 15x IC

American Hammers – 15x IC


prayer request for Sarento’s mother in law, Mayor’s wife co-workers, and Abba’s family traveling to Disney.

Good workout brothers. We all need accountability for support and to push us to get stronger and be better men. Thank you F3  Gastonia for holding me accountable and pushing me to be stronger, a better man, husband, and father. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you this morning!



Twelve Days of Christmas

Woke up this morning at 3:30am ready for a Saturday workout. Once I realized how early it was and I had a couple more hours to sleep, I got a glass of water and then went back to bed. After a little more sleep, I got up and headed to the Yank to get my day started with a good F3 workout. Arrived around 6:50am and several PAX were already there, waiting in their warm cars until for the beatdown to begin. By 7am, 14 PAX  came out despite it being a cool 25 degrees.  I guess they wanted to check out the twelve gifts I mentioned in my tweet the night before or they thought this VQ’s workout was going to be light and easy. Either way, I am glad they showed up for a good beatdown at the Yank!

With a quick disclaimer and then pledge, we started with a warm up:

SSH= 20x IC

Imperial Walkers = 15x IC

Peter Parkers = 20x IC


We then did a mosey mile and completed with 5x burpees. After that, moseyed up to Field of Dream to receive the 12 gifts of Christmas. We broke up into four groups and each group started at each corner of the track. Each corner was an exercise x12; mosey to the next corner to complete next exercise. After each lap, count down the exercises until we reached “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” (1x per exercise) for a total of 12 laps. Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Side Straddle Hop, and Monkey Humpers were the four exercises performed. I think I heard someone mutter something about this was going to be an easy workout, but I think they were surprised. We also had one group singing the “Twelve Days of Christmas” as they were running laps.

Next exercise was a Tesla Special, Bear Crawl Slalom. We were going to get two opportunities to crawl, but with the number of PAX, one crawl was sufficient. Tesla, thanks for the challenge, it was a hit with all!  I say that with sarcasm.

To finish up, we moseyed to Heartbreak Hill for merkins x5 and sprint up hill and mosey down, rinse and repeat x2.



LBCs x15 IC

American Hammers x15 OYO

Flutter Kicks x15 IC

Nolan Ryans x15 IC



VQ gave a brief testimony on his 10 year anniversary of breaking a habit. Prayer request from Tool Time of a family going through some challenging times. Prayer for PAX that have recently lost loved ones and not having them around during the Christmas season.

Thanks for all PAX that came out and thanks for chance to lead. Great workout to all!

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

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