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Convergence & Operation Sweet Tooth

ATTENTION ALL PAX (no grinches)….

Saturday, Dec 2 presents two unique opportunities for the PAX of the Gastonia region to come together for an epic beat-down. Both Folsom and The Fighting Yank will be closed so all able bodied men can attend the workouts to be led by Freight and Tool Time. For those nursing injuries or wanting to take it at a slower pace – Rudolph will have you covered with The Pain Lab. Rest assured you’ll get a good sweat with kettle bells and other core strengthening work.

Beyond the workout is a bigger reason to post: Operation Sweet Tooth. This will be our second year to support the creation of F3 Olive, who lost his daughter to an illness in 2016 but out of the sadness created the campaign that carries on her memory by giving to others. In this season of giving, F3 Gastonia will once again partner with the Gastonia Boys and Girls Club to make this Christmas a little brighter. Below is a list of items recommended to donate. Cash and gift cards are welcomed as well.

We plan to deliver the gifts to the Boys & Girls club in person on Tuesday, December 12 at 4:00 PM.  We will meet in the parking lot at the Gastonia Boys & Girls Club located at 310 S. Boyd Street in Gastonia. We want as many PAX as possible to be present to present presents (wow… did I actually just do that?).

So head over to the Schiele Museum on Garrison Boulevard and get there prior to 0700 to join a large circle of your brothers. Find some time this week to do some shopping and bring you gifts for collection.

Recommended Gifts…

  • Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, (Sport Balls)
  • Legos
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Scooter
  • Learning Games Ages 1st – 5th
  • Books/Reading 1st – 5th
  • Math Books 1st – 5th Grade
  • Anything About Science
  • Ninja Turtle Toys
  • Baby Dolls and Clothes, Barbie Dolls
  • Nail Sets, Nail Polish, Bead Sets
  • Cooking and Backing Set
  • Mine Craft
  • Remote Control Car
  • Thomas Train
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Arts and Craft Sets
  • Board Games
  • Stuffed Animals

Contact Bandit with any questions.

Introverted Beatdown


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 20 LBC IC
  • 15 Mountain Climbers IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • 5 BOYO IC

The Thang

Mosey to center of baseball pavilion for 3 rounds of tabata with 30 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

  • Wall Sits OYO
  • Merkins OYO
  • Step Ups OYO
  • Squats OYO
  • Dips (Arm Squats) OYO
  • Planks OYO
  • High Knees OYO
  • Lunges OYO
  • Merkins (with rotations) OYO
  • Side Planks (15 seconds each side) OYO

After round one, take 1/4 lap around baseball pavilion.  After round two, take 1/2 lap around pavilion.  After third round, mosey back to Snowballs.

Last Minute Mary…

  • 20 Dying Cockroaches IC (because I LOVE them)!


  • Bulldog – Clerkins?  Really?  #STUD
  • Spiderman – Don’t worry about the Achilles – you have 2.
  • Turtleman – It was Cinderella… but RATT was coming up if did 5 more rounds.  Playlist is on my Spotify – I’ll share it if you like.
  • Gastone – Thanks for pushing and encouraging me to run more (and post more often).  I might be a runner one day.  NOT!!!
  • Monk – Thanks for not pushing me to run more.  At least one of you has my back!
  • Outhouse – Glad to see you back in the gloom brother!

Filthy Fifty

Today was 53 degrees and foggy. Kind of comfortable (this would change). We started with a disclaimer and the Pledge.

We mosied from Pelicans to Martha’s parking lot for a workout YHC borrowed from a Crossfit buddy at work. Everyone would complete 50 reps of the following exercises OYO. You could complete these in a any groupings or order desired. I sure hope you thought it sucked as much as me. It’s called the Filthy Fifty…

50 Seal Jacks
50 LBC
50 Squats
50 Dips
50 Step Ups
50 Dying Cockroaches
50 Lunges
50 Mericans
50 Mountain Climbers
50 Burpees

For all the studs that finished early, they were rewarded with a run around the parking lot. Eventually we all ended up somewhere in the middle. After a brief count off we re-engaged all our major muscle groups with some bear crawls between the islands. We topped that off with some plank work. Then we focused a bit on the legs again with some lunge walks to the next island, again, topped off with some plank work. Then we put in a few laps around the islands just for fun. Running burns calories, fat and time!

After running back to Pelican’s we finished today’s workout with a speed round of people’s choice, on-your-six, ab work.

Everyone pushed it today. Enjoyed leading this great group of HIM!


Hunting Season?

Last week Huckleberry put the EH on me to come up and Q Folsom. Actually it did not take much EHing at all – he asked when I was coming to Q so I picked up one of next open slots. I’d been putting off posting with the Folsom PAX up north in Dallas for far too long. In fact I was really looking forward to Qing, until about 0400 when all I heard outside was rain. But weather won’t stop F3. YHC arrived at 0500 this morning for some drive by recon since this was my first Q at the Folsom AO. I was encouraged more as the rain had stopped (at least up here in Dallas). Great AO. Tons of space here, lots to do. Now, with a good sense of the landscape, a proven workout plan, and clearing weather, I just needed to wait for the Folsom crew to show up. So I waited…. and waited…

First group pulls up… Midoriyama (Freight and Pizza Man). While we waited, we discussed ruck sacks and Pizza Man’s sneaker collection. Apparently he has sneakers for every situation (dry, wet, running fast, running far, running faster, running rather, red, blue, pink, etc..).

Still no Folsom regulars. But wait.., what’s this..? GOMER! Ok… Folsom PAX has arrived (and almost parked his truck on the playground – anyone smell gas?)

So at 0531 sharp, we started. Here is what went down.

SSH x 20 IC
Don Quiote x 10 IC
Wachamacallits x 20 IC
Thingamajiggers x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to lower parking lot

4 Corners
Dying Cockroaches x 20 OYO
LBC x 20 OYO
Russian Twists x 20 OYO
Mountain Climbers x 20 OYO
Rinse and Repeat x5

Bath House Wall Work
Wall sits + air presses x 20 IC (long count – each press up is 1 count)
BTTW (no count – use Bandit’s internal inertia timer. in other words, collapse when Q can’t hold it any longer)
Donkey Kicks x 10 IC (long count – each wall kick is 1 count)
Careful not to wake anyone.
Rinse and Repeat (normal count second round)

Mosey back to upper parking lot

Partner work with Dora, Dora, Dora
Merkins – 100
LBC – 200
Squats – 300 (next time, we can flip flop LBCs and Squats for Freight)

Slow mosey back to SF.

At 0614 we wrap up with 1 minute of Burpees OYO.

Finished up with the Pledge, COT and Namerama


  • Was great to break sweat with Freight and Pizza Man again.  2 days in a row seeing Freight – new Nantan is really getting around.  Strong!
  • Gomer is a stud! Nice work on 4 corners – if YHC were younger, faster and stronger, I would have beat you. But I am not! Not many men are out at 0530 in the gloomy rainy mornings. Even fewer guys 18/19 years old. Thanks for the strong parter work today!
  • Keep Pizza Man’s family in our prayers as they talk to Hospice.
  • Keep those in our prayers that struggle with addiction of all sorts.
  • Glad to hear Mrs. Floppy Disk is doing well!
  • Many Folsom regulars are out in the field to get in a little hunting, enjoying the gifts the sky-Q provides us with on the big ball. Other’s have some challenging work schedules. Looking forward to catching up in the gloom soon.

How To Thaw Out 8 PAX in 45 Minutes

Eight bad-ass Gastonia PAX thawed out well after a sub-30-degree Bandit beat down.  A few of these tough (aka not-so-smart) guys showed up in shorts for the 27 degree chill.  Not naming names, Gastone.

At 0530, warm-up started with:

  • SSH x20 IC (nice speed work by Hush Puppy)
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Don Quiote  x10 IC
  • LBC x20 IC
  • Burpees x10 OYO

After a brief pause for the Pledge, the PAX take a short run to the old, empty, Harris Teeter parking lot (perhaps this should be called the Belacino’s parking lot).  The first downpainment was Four Corners.  We ran between 4 corners completeing the following exercises at each stop:

  • Dying Cockroaches x20 OYO
  • Mountain Climbers x20 OYO
  • American Hammers x20 OYO
  • LBC x20 OYO

After completeing the first set, we plank for the 6.  Then just for fun – 10 more Burpees OYO.  Rinse and repeat for total of 3 full circuits.  I’m pretty sure Short Sale lapped us on the first circuit. Stud!

Then we run back through to the Sterling Bank parking lot and loop back up the sidewalk and find a place on the wall.  Next downpainment included the following:

  • Arm Squats (aka Dips) x10 IC
  • Step Ups x20 IC

Rinse and repeat for total of 3 sets.

Then we return back to Pelican’s for partner work.  Downpainment of choice is, of course, Dora 1,2,3.

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBC
  • 300 Squats

With exactly 7 minutes remaining (I love it when a plan comes together), we wrap up People’s Choice 7-Minutes of Mary. All had the opportunity to lead exercises. And Gastone taught us all what happens when the Q gives up control.  40 Flutter Kicks (Stroganoff would have been proud of you)!

Great to see you guys this morning!

If you enjoyed today’s beatdown, I’ll be doing it again next week – my VQ at Folsom!  CAN’T WAIT!



Goat Island BB

Apparently, this was a secret workout. I guess you had to be there. Sargento covertly provided only participation information to YHC to avoid wrath of the Weasel Shaker(s).

According to Sargento, the information above is probably correct. Just not completely sure whether it was Pockets or someone else that EH’d FNG Chum.

What… No Boy Wonder?

Maintaining my fitness is a critical responsibility to those in the inner circles of our Concentrica… this is my M and 2.0s. It’s important that I make the 1st F a priority because they rely on me. Lately… with work and family activities seeming to be at a all time high, I have been slacking off on my 1st F responsibilities. As a result… i’m not where i was 6 months ago and looking to change that. The good news… I have all the tools and motivation I need with F3, just need to get out of the fart sack and do the work.

Well, I could use all the extra Q power I can muster. So as I prepared for today’s Q earlier this week, I was looking hard for something extra in the tank. I remembered that last time I was hanging out with Bruce Wayne, he said it was cool if I borrowed one of his bat suits. Well…maybe Mrs. Bandit bought me a Batman t-shirt with a black cape for Halloween. So when the Bat Clock went off at 0440, Bandit put down the cowboy hat, and suited up to go fight evil… Bandit dressed as Bat Man.

It was 0529 and with an official Double Digit Midget (lexicon – look it up), we knocked out the Disclaimer and Pledge and then got to work. Here is what happened today in Downtown Gotham gloom…

Warm Up
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– Toy Solider x 10
– Don Quixote x 10 (for Tool Time)
– We threw in some Monkey Humpers for the late arrivals – kind of a salute if you will.
– Press, Press, Fling (for Roscoe) x1 #NotAnExcercise

Mosied to the parking deck for a modified Four Corners. Along the way, lots of comments on who the most powerful super hero is. Of course it is BATMAN!!!!!!!! Each station was IC as we progressed up one level.
– Dying Cockroaches x20
– LBC x20
– American Hammers x20
– Mountain Climbers x20

Rinse and repeat as we traversed back down. Then off with a short mosey to Place De L’Art to grab a bench for some Arm Squats and Step Ups
– Arm Squats (aka Dips) IC x15
– Step Ups IC x 20
– Rinse and repeat x2

Next we mosey back to the Pavilion, then to the west end of the parking lot to partner up for some Dora 1-2-3. Along the way YHC dialed up some motivational music on the Bat Communicator. A little Rocky, Chariots of Fire, Top Gun, Star Wars…
– Mericans x100
– LBCs x200
– Squats x300

Somewhere near the end of Dora 1-2-3, we lost Whoppee… off to save lives again. #HIM

Next we mosey back near the Pavillion for some wall work with…
– Wall Sit w/ air press x20
– Donkey Kick’s x20
– Hip Slappers x5 (YHC really looking around for Robin at this point)

We wrapped things up back at that Pavillion with 3 Minutes of Mary… thanks to Stroganoff for the 40 flutter kicks. Ouch!

Finally, we finish with COT, Namarama and BOM

Moving On

Warm Up

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Squat x 20 IC
  • Toy Soldier x 15 IC
  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Don Quixote x 10 IC
  • Mericans x 10 IC


Shoulder Work

Mosey through parking lot to the wall on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way for some upside down shoulder work…

  • Hip Slappers x 10 IC
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 IC

Rinse and Repeat

Core Work

Next we mosey to the parking deck and out the back to the parking lot for some 4 corners work. First round was IC…

  • Dying Cockroach x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • American Hammer x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Rinse and repeat (3 more rounds), this time OYO. Plank and wait for the six (YHC) after each cycle. In between rounds we also got in some Monkey Humpers just for fun.

Legs and Shoulders (again)

After a short mosey back to La Place De Art, we grabbed some benches (or steps, or whatever we could find) for some leg and shoulder work…

  • Step Ups x 30 IC
  • Arm Squats (fka Dips) x 15 IC
  • Rinse and repeat (3 rounds total)

More Core

After the last sprint back to the pavillion, we finished off with 7 Minutes of Mary. Everyone gave some, some gave all!  This was some of YHC’s regular routine today.  Just not much rest in between the work.  Like to keep moving to keep that thumper pumpin!  Great work everyone!


  • The Climb (Gastonia’s first CSAUP event) coming up November 11-12. Make sure you sign up. All the cool kids will be there. Dredd will be guest speaker on Friday night.
  • Look for updates on Operation Sweet Tooth, a toy drive in memory of Olive’s daughter Sweeth Tooth. We will have a collection day early in December.
  • Whoopee will be hosting holiday party on January 7. Mark it on your calendar today
  • Advisory Board will be Oct 30.

Great weather these days. Sure, its been a bit cool, but this is a welcome change from this last hot summer. Great to see everyone. Appreciate the opportunity to lead!


Gashouse Beatdown

Great start to the day with Monk’s faith/history lesson on spreading the good news and leadership. It was a bit cooler today… so much that Monk has declared that we’ll start 3F at Panera after #Gashouse workouts starting next week (seriously… It’s OFFICIAL).

After our 3F discussion, we had 10 regulars. Most were familiar faces to me. Also glad to meet Pink Floyd who had EH’d 2 FNGs that were ready to roll. This is what went down…

Disclaimer (even if JK2 didn’t bother to listen)
– I’m Not Professional
– Participate At Your Own Risk
– You are Responsible for you
– Instructions are Suggestions
– Modify As Needed

Warm Up
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– Toy Solider x 15
– LBC x 15
– Don Quixote x 10
– Mericans x 10

Mosey to flag for the Pledge

Mosey to the Greer Middle School parking lot for some additional warmups back and forth. Included butt kickers, high knees, kareoke, bear crawls, duck walk (t-claps to JK2 for being the fastest duck).

Next we mosied to the track for some 4 Corners work.
– Dying Cockroaches x20
– LBC x20
– American Hammer x20
– Mountain Climbers x20

First round was together IC. Rounds 2 and 3 were OYO making sure we always pickup the six.

After a brief lesson on the origins and principles of F3, we made our way to the picnic tables for some dips and step ups IC. 15 dips, 25 step ups. 10 dips, 25 step ups, 10 more dips (last 5 REAL slow to really feel the burn) and 25 step ups.

Next we mosied to the courtyard for some partner work. Each pair completed 100 merkins, 100 LBCs and 100 squats (combined reps), while the partner would run up and down steps.

T-claps to the PAX for cleaning up the overgrowth on the stairs! #SafetyFirst

Finally, we mosied back to the Schiele parking lot and wrapped up with a COP full of various favorites. Of course we started with Bandit’s favorite… the Dying Cockroach. By popular demand, and in honor or Stroganoff who was battling the CRUD, some flutter kicks (always too many in my opition). There were several calls that we were at 0800, but YHC heard no church bells so we pressed on with monkey humpers, squats, merkins, and ultimately 5 BOYO until we made the church bells ring!

Great work by everyone in attendence today. It was a pleasure to welcome FNGs Johnny Cash (Jeff Walker) and Picaso (Jon Craig). You guys put in the work this morning! Well done guys.

Lots of calls for thanks and prayers in the COT today. Sledge-o-matic’s father will have surgery in 10 days for a pacemaker, thanks for our families, prayers for our country. Also for JK2’s business as they are going through changes. Thanks for the health of JJ’s mom who has been cancer free for 15 years. Prayers and thanks for CMPD and others keeping peace in our community in light of recent events (especially our brother Roscoe who was in the trenches). Pink Floyd lifted his friend Chuck who recently had a serious mountain bike accident resulting in broken arm and concussion. For Anderson, SC where they are dealing with tragedy of a young boy taking the life of his father. We also held up those that are living life unhappy, praying that they find joy.

As you can see, life is happening all around us, often totally out of our control. Take time to enjoy the blessings you have been given, and reach out to help those in your own families and communities. Let’s all be aware, be HIM, be part of the solution!

Pleasure leading you men today!


Groundhog Day (or 26 Squats)

It was a nice cool gloomy morning. Weather keeps getting better! Not ready for the cold gear yet, but I’m starting to smell it!

For those guys that posted Monday and again today (Squeeker, Spiderman, EZ Rider), I’m sure you were thinking Groundhog Day! Admittedly, there was only a small variation in today’s routine. But when you have achieved perfection…. #JustSaying. For the record, Hush Puppy gave advanced notice he was not posting today since the Midoriyama studs beat him down severely yesterday afternoon. Since YHC had advanced notice, that officially counts as Smart Sack. Here is how it went down downtown…

– I’m Not Professional
– Participate At Your Own Risk
– You are Responsible for you
– Instructions are Suggestions
– Modify As Needed


Warm Up
– SSH x 26 (see note below)
– Squat x 20
– Toy Solider x 15
– LBC x 15
– Don Quixote x 10
– Mericans x 10
– Repeat0 x1 (reverse order)

Since Whoopee asked, the maximum number of reps for any exercise in a warm up is officially 26. Don Quixote’s were performed in honor of Tool Time who was somewhere nursing is calf. Get well soon brother! In honor of the men of the Fighting Yank, we also threw in 2 sets of 5 BOYO as the train rolled by. Thanks to Whoopee for the inspiration there.

After the “warm up”, we mosied around the corner to the wall for some impromptu shoulder/back work.
– Donkey kick x7
– Wall slappers x7
– We did this at least 2x

After a mosey in and through the parking deck, the PAX was served up a fine Four Corners (around the parking lot) with a selection of
– Dying Cockroaches x20 OYO
– LBC x20 OYO
– American Hammer x20 OYO
– Mountain Climbers x20 OYO
– After each round, we knocked down 10 Monkey Humpers for fun.
– Repeato x2

Next we mosied to the Place De ‘Art for some Dips and Step Ups… although we just skipped the step up part. At this point YHC was getting a bit fuzzy. Probably left over head cheese from Monday. As I instructed “the next exercise is the squat”, I was reminded that what I was doing was actually called a Dip. So from know on, this shall now be known as the Arm Squat.

– Arm Squats/Dips (whatever) x20, x15, x10

Next was the last mosey back to the to the pavilion where we circled up around the Rotary Wheel for some people’s choice Mary. Everyone had their favorites. We especially loved Spiderman reprise on Stroganoff’s classic flutter kicks (for the record, YHC had to carry my abs home in a plastic bucket). #NotNice

Finally we wrapped up with…. OH CRAP! Forgot the Namorama. Sorry guys, you all get your money back next week. So we finished up with Announcerama and BOM.

Prayer requests for Roscoe and his CMPD brothers who are doing the hard work of maintaining order in our chaotic community. Roscoe also asked that we keep his friend Basil in our prayers. He is in critical condition. We also keep Floppy Disk’s and his M in our prayers as she deals with medical issues. EZ Rider’s friend who is battling colon cancer. Also for Bandit’s mom who is dealing with pulmonary problems and undergoing tests. Also a request from Squirt (sorry bother, I missed the details on this so send me a note and I will update this).

Later today Stroganoff reminded us why F3 has made a difference for so many of us, and himself especially. It was one of those days that he (perhaps many others) would have preferred to snuggle in their fart sacks making their way to the AO in the 0530 gloom. While he was not feeling it, he went anyway and the group pushed him. #ISI #Accountability #I2 I hear you Stroganoff!!! Aye!

Great work by everyone!!

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