The Ricky Bobby – March 11, 2020

We had 6 HIM post this morning at Goat Island.

We took a lap around the elementary track and then circled up for the warm up.

Warm Up:
SSH X 25 (IC)
Windmill x 10 (IC)
MNC x 10 (IC)
Low Slow Squat x 10 (IC)
Plank Jacks x 10 (IC)

I had plans to bring Sandy (play sand), but left her at home so we only had Cindy (cinderblock) to use.  As one PAX carried “Cindy” 50 yards and 50 yards back… the other PAX performed a called exercise. We did three rounds of this.  There was a lot of mumble chatter about the Corvid-19 and our Pax “Virus.”  In addition, we had some good jokes on Sargento who was returning from a brief absence.

Secondly, we did the following exercises.

¼ mile run
50 SSH and 50 LBC

¼ mile run
45 SSH and 45 Squats

¼ mile run
40 SSH and 40 merkins

¼ miles run
35 SSH and 35 LBC

Orangeman’s mother who recently had surgery.