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Day: March 10, 2020

Big Mac’s Yank takeover.

Got a good start to the morning by arriving early to set up for the shenanigans that were about to proceed.
Parked in the pit behind sammys and laid out the cindys with care as I used my 2.0’s sidewalk chalk to scribble instructions onto the pavement. Did a short mozy to scope out the land and everyone rolled in about 2 min till and so …. it…. began:

Warm up:
20 ssh
20 MNC
15 imperial walkers
15 hillbilly walkers
10 merkins
10 Peter Parker Peters
5 6-count burpees

The Thang:
Now that we were all warm and Tesla remembered how to count

Mozy to parking lot behind sammys

1 Cindy curls x 30
2 Cindy tricep extension x 30
3 10 burpees
4Cindy overhead press x 30
5Cindy kettle bell swing x 20
6 blast off merkin/ mike Tyson x 15
7 Cindy goblet squat x 20
8 Cindy bent over row x20
9 big boy sit ups x 10
10 Cindy side lunges x20 10 each leg

Take a lap after each round-

Rinsed and repeated no run

Word on the M for national women’s day
Eph- 5:25-28

Mozy back across to the middle school track depending on time
1 lap – 1/4 each
1- high knees
1- Butt kickers
1- lunges
1- bear crawl

Mozied to cover

10 incl merkins
10 dips

Moved to cot for pledge of allegiance

12 for my f3gaatonia vq , thank you pockets for letting me lead

Prayers and praises lifted up to our gracious and merciful lord

Big Mac our

Juuuuust a bit outside

Watt’s Up definitely wanted all 45 minutes of workout today. Time was 05:30:14 and he was yelling at me to start. Kinda scared me.


Crab Jack 10 IC

Plank Jack 10 IC

Smurf Jack 10 IC

Seal Jack 10 IC


Then thang:

Cant take credit for this workout. Shout out to Yahoo of F3 Carpex and his Hell’s Bell’s Baseball, YHC modified numbers. Setup a modified Baseball Diamond in parking lot. Similar to how I used to setup a pickup ball field when i was a kid. Boom box was Home, Cone was 1st, Wet spot on pavement was 2nd, corner of island 3rd. Starting with 1st inning at Home do the exercise then proceed to 1st, then to 2nd, then to 3rd. Start next inning. Repeat until all 9 innings played.

  • 1st Inning – 10 Squat to High Pull
  • 2nd Inning – 10 Squat Thrust-to-Overhead Press
  • 3rd Inning – 10 Goblet Squat
  • 4th Inning – 20 Squat to High Pull
  • 5th Inning – 20 Squat Thrust-to-Overhead Press
  • 6th Inning – 20 Goblet Squat
  • 7th Inning – 30 Squat to High Pull
  • 8th Inning – 30 Squat Thrust-to-Overhead Press
  • 9th Inning – 30 Goblet Squat
  • 1st Inning – 10 Lawnmowers (5 Left/5 Right)
  • 2nd Inning – 10 Swings
  • 3rd Inning – 10 Two Hand Row
  • 4th Inning – 20 Lawnmowers (10 Left/10 Right)
  • 5th Inning – 20 Swings
  • 6th Inning – 20 Two Hand Row
  • 7th Inning – 30 Lawnmowers (20 Left/20 Right)
  • 8th Inning – 30 Swings
  • 9th Inning – 30 Two Hand Row
  • 1st Inning – 10 LBCs w/ Bell
  • 2nd Inning – 10 Freddie Mercury w/ Bell Press
  • 3rd Inning – 10 WWI w/ Bell
  • 4th Inning – 20 LBCs w/ Bell
  • 5th Inning – 20 Freddie Mercury w/ Bell Press
  • 6th Inning – 20 WWI w/ Bell
  • 7th Inning – 30 LBCs w/ Bell
  • 8th Inning – 30  Freddie Mercury w/ Bell Press
  • 9th Inning – 30 WWI w/ Bell
  • 1st Inning – 10Two Hand Curls
  • 2nd Inning – 10 Tricep Extensions
  • 3rd Inning – 10 Overhead Press
  • 4th Inning – 20 Two Hand Curls
  • 5th Inning – 20 Tricep Extensions
  • 6th Inning – 20 Overhead Press
  • 7th Inning – 30 Two Hand Curls
  • 8th Inning – 30 Tricep Extensions
  • 9th Inning – 30 Overhead Press

4 Minutes left for MARY



Announcements: Convergence 3/21, SPEED FOR NEED Community Foundation  Run 4/4 SIGN UP!!!!!  <– LINK!!

Prayer Requests: VooDoo friends 2.0 (Smith Family), JJ Dad, Dry Rub M Surgery this Friday, Unspoken.

YHC Took us out

Thanks men, way to push!





I pulled into Folsom 5 minutes till start time, four of us, smaller crowd then normal? LB and Open season roll in, 6 it is! We get started!

Warmup- SSHx15ic, Toy soldiers x15ic, Monkey Humpers x15ic, let’s mosey!

We headed towards the flag at the top of the park, stopping at each light pole for 10 merkins and 10 Big Boys! 10 Burpees at the Flag, pledge and head back to the truck.

At the truck everyone gets a Block for 20 to 1

Shoulder press




Finished this and made a lap around the tennis courts, circled back up and did 22 for the vets!

Announcements- LMS 5k this Friday, Speed for Need 5k first Saturday of April!

Prayer Request- each other, our country

Thanks for letting me lead!

3/10/20 – The Storm


Warm up:

Burpees x 5 (for the train)

Seal Jacks x 30 IC

Buckeye Merkins (plank and stretch)

10 merkins oyo

Burpees x 5


The Thang

Mosey to the traffic circle in front of the school for a 4 Corner Workout around the practice field.

Corner 1               Burpees x 10

Corner 2               Dips x 20

Corner 3               Squats x 30

Corner 4               Flutter Kicks x 40

Rinse and repeat x 5


Mosey to the tennis courts for 11’s.

Tiger Squats by the tennis courts and Jump Squats by the school.

We had just enough time to finish these.




Community Fun Run on 4/4.  Need Pax to push the Speed for Need chairs

Convergence on  3/21.  Run/Ruck at 7:00 am and Boot Camp at 8:00 am.  Food and Fellowship at 9:00 am



Thanks for being there this morning men!



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