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Day: February 15, 2020

Sucking Buttermilk in Belmont

So YHC returned to his old site to Q for the first time in 2020. It was time for an old fashioned Tesla style beat down to be administered, one where pax are sucking buttermilk at the end of the day. Think mission was accomplished as it wen like this in the chilly mid February gloom with a FNG tagging along:

COP on the park pad:

SSH X 20

Grapevine stretches

IW X 20

squats X 20

Peter Parker X 15

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey up to the Field of Dreams:

A little track work is in order!

10 burpees X 1 lap

20 Big boy situps X 1 lap

30 CDDs X 1 lap

40 squats X 1 lap

50 merkins X 1 lap

60 SSH X 1 lap

Time for a modified half pipe:

Top: 5 plank jacks

bottom: 5 HR merkins

Other side: 5 ass to the street Monkey humpers

Two sets, one to the right, one to the left.

Mosey over to the shelter for some table work

Dips X 10

Bulgarian Split squats X 10

Dirkins X 10

Step ups X 10 (total)

Run the hill down and back.

Repeat for 15X, 20X per set.

Guess what time it is! Yep, Bear crawl Slalom time!

Three rolls by all pax.

SSH X 10

Turkish getups X 10

Jump Squats X 10

Line up, broad jump to midfield , 10 merkins. Broad jumps to end, 20 merkins

Back for two last Half pipes to finish up.



Strong work by the pax today. Welcome FNG Crawl Space, EHed by Sargento. Prayers up for Lynn Hamm and her family. Also Virus’s friend who has had a brain bleed. Keep ’em in your thoughts and prayers guys!

Always great to lead the Fighting Yank, the best Saturday AO in the region!


Anyone Have the Time?

Seven strong for Ruck work at the Yank.  Q didn’t plan very well for things to carry, only had Boudin’s 60lb sand bag.  Pax not too disappointed. 0600, let’s go.

Ruck to South Point High School and head toward football field.  Boudin reminds us of how particular SP can be about the field, so we opt for the track instead.  Start at one goal post, bear crawl 10 yards, then lunge 10 yards, 10 merkins.  Repeat to the other end.

Turn around and do the same back, substitute merkins for squat thrusters with the ruck pack overhead.  Get the bag and lets walk.  Circle through the neighborhood behind the high school, lots of hills back there.  Pass the former Nantan home, some good Tool Time stories ensue.  Make our way back to the track.

Q calls for four laps around the track, but going up the bleachers on each side with ruck sack overhead on the up.  Pick up the pace in the turns.  The home side bleachers were no joke.  After four laps we head back.  Check the time, already five mins past the hour and we have a ways to go.  Q fail.  Oh well, a little EC makes you better.

Pledge, announcements (rooster the 29th, axe throwing Feb 21, let Huck know if going, convergence and shoot em up March 21).

Prayer requests:  Lynn Hamm and family, Whoopee father in law having health problems and daughter had knee surgery.

YHC took us out

Always an honor


Plyo Lab – Now with more Bear Crawl!

9 brave soldiers showed up in some chilly weather.  Linus wanted someone to Q Bootcamp, he got what he wanted.


WU in cadence

20 SSH, 20 Squats, 20 MCC (with a little mix-up, swing one arm in circles, other arm MCC’s.  Confusing), 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 LBC’s

Split up with 5 for Bootcamp, Top Hat with the Pain Lab Q for 4.  I wanted to use the Grier Field for this Plyo Lab, and after a nice little stroll with Defib we made a bet if it would be too damp.  I thought it would be a bit frozen, and he thought it would be too wet.  We were both right.  We get down to the field, hit the goal line, time for Plyo Lab.  We would do an exercise, I would demo, and then we bear crawl 10-20 yards and stop, do an exercise, and so on and so forth until we reach the other side.  We took a break for a 10 count at one end, then went back to the other.  Toward the end of the other side of the field our hands started to freeze, so I allowed a NUR and Karyoke for the last 30-40 yards.  We repeated the cycle one more time after taking a lap, staying at the G for round 2, and doing some core.  Here is the list of exercises, which we did to various numbers (10 or 20 per leg generally).

Squat Thrusters with jump
Plyo Lateral Lunges
Reverse Lunge with Knee up jumps (right leg touch, up in the jump)
Box Drill
Frog Squat Jump
Long Jump
Burpees with a Tuck Jump
Lateral Triple Jump (make an L – Right jump off right foot, forward hop to left, hop to and together)
Alternating Lunge Jump
Tuck Jumps
Judo Roll with Jump
Kneeling Jump Squat
Full-Body Plyometric Push-Up
Single-Leg Deadlift into Jump
Horizontal Jump to Tuck Jump
Pistol Squat Roll with Jump (lower the body until no more)

I was shocked when I asked JJ the time and he said we had 9 minutes to get back.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  Back to the Schiele, circle up for 5 minutes of Mary.  TIME.


Great work from everyone, plyometrics will take your wind and your legs.  Quickly.  I loved the guys working hard.  Defib killed it with both the cardio and the flowery scent; I could not get JJ to breathe hard, or at least he masked it.  Well done with your frozen, salmon colored gloves Pythagoras, and Linus I’m glad you discovered new stuff in your body.  Stabilizer muscles are real.  If anyone wants the lowdown on how to do these plyometric exercises complete with video demonstrations, shout at me.


new walking AO launching at the 5 year convergence!  This is a soft launch, see Linus and Bandit for details.  We’re going to get the older male population into a walking group that also benefits them with Fellowship and Faith.  More to come, but if you have someone who can benefit from this STRICTLY WALKING AO, holler.

P200 inbound, get with Montross to ensure you’re set if on a team

5 Year Convergence March 21st.  BRING AN FNG OR A KOTTER.  This is your challenge.  At Martha Rivers.  Shootout afterwards (see Whoopee or Allen Tate).


Tube’s Knees

Les Nessman’s Sister-in-Law

Pedal health (not mentioned)

Linus brother has collitis

BOOTCAMP Q FOR NEXT WEEK IS NEEDED!  If I can do it, you can too.

Until the next time, and if you want a Plyo Lab at your AO, give Rudolph a shout.

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