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Day: February 2, 2020


The night before a post, I check my phone’s weather app; no, unlike DRED, my phone does not have a name, it’s just simple mini-computer in the palm of my hand that provides lots of information. Forecast for this Sunday morning was 37 degrees. Thankfully the rain last night moved through quickly leaving some moisture as its mark. Also unlike DRED, I do not have a physical chart to consult for attire, but I hate to be cold, so I layer a bit more than most. I go to my drawers and closet for tights, shirts, and pull-overs. Already, I had put my Q-Source notes, earbuds, wallet and keys by the back door. Last I set my alarm (actually two alarms, learning from my missed Folsom Q last year).  Prepared? We all do it in some form amid our own ways.

Preparedness was the subject of today’s Q-source, the 5th lesson in the overview of the four quadrants ahead. Our scripture lesson was Ezekiel 38:7 – “Get ready; be prepared, you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them.” Broke had encouraged Q’s to incorporate scripture as part of our workouts – today was easy and built in, I’ll be more challenged the next time.

I’m not going to take you through all the spurs but instead of summarizing the workout (no big surprise there – we ran the loop), allow me to highlight a few points of the Q-Source that you can digest at your leisure. I used the intro as an example of preparing for a post. Whether Q or PAX, you put on some clothes suited for the occasion. One of F3’s core principals is all workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. Elaborating further, what about when you Q? You prepare a Weinke, at least mentally if not written on paper. What about those occasions when your Dora or another exercise has that odd number? Or what about when you intend to use a part of the AO that is saturated with water or a gate is closed or the parking lot is in use? Many things can challenge the Q’s preparedness; adjustments on the fly are required and the Q must be prepared for those obstacles. Such is the case in our daily lives. We can only control the “controlables.”

The process of Preparedness is deliberate and sequential. As we shared in our discussion this morning, we men need to Get Right by accelerating our fitness, our fellowship, and faith. From my personal experience, my confidence, attitude, and general well-being are much better having completed a workout. I can’t imagine life without friends that come from childhood, social, church, work, and most assuredly F3 men. I emphasize that surrounding yourself with like-minded men will aid your acceleration.  And last but not least, relying on your faith as a baseline for your guardrails to be in place. Not to say you don’t get off track, but at least knowing the boundaries can ground you in your travels.

If you don’t “Get Right” it is difficult to Live Right, impacting others around you, being a positive source. Third, we then Lead Right, enabling others to be healthy, effective and dynamic. Upon migrating those three foundations, we could then Leave Right, where our legacies live on, empowering others to get, live, and lead beyond the levels we establish.

The final spur is Love is the accelerant of Preparedness. For us men to construct the foundation of the four quadrants, the lesson equated to bricklaying, change is required. We can read, observe, and learn to do this but until we change our hearts we cannot truly commit to change our ways. But that isn’t so easy, is it? From my own experience, I referenced running – an area of fitness that is a weakness of mine. How do you change? Commit to getting better – run a relay, a 10k, a half marathon, go to a running AO, attempt to keep up with others faster than you. None of these answers are easy – you just push yourself to do whatever it is to cover your blind spot.

How about as a leader? We spoke this morning about living Third. When you put you family ahead of yourself. When you put the folks you work with ahead of you. When you put your PAX ahead of your own goals. Those are the occasions when you give it away, allowing others the chance to take on leadership opportunities and eventually the baton to the front. Love remains as the fuel for the passion.

I’m reminded of a lyric and since this is the closing of my diatribe, similar to Dark Helmet and DRED, I’ll close with this.

The treasure of a life is a measure of love and respect

The way you live, the gifts that you give

In the fullness of time

It’s the only return that you expect

from The Garden by the one and only Rush and lyrics by Neil Peart (RIP)

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.


Shoot ’em up

Clear your calendar, cancel your haircut, move your wedding date, reschedule your dog’s bath, whatever it takes get this date free because you don’t want to miss this.

We’ve got our 5 year anniversary on this day, and to help celebrate it, Allen Tate has offered to let us shoot some guns and eat some food at his place. The Shoot ‘Em Up will start at noon on Saturday, 3/21/2020 at Allen Tate’s place. Bring your own guns and ammo and whatever you want to drink. We will have coolers and food there (minimal $$ contribution to help cover cost). Bring an FNG if you want. We will have several HIMs there acting as marshals to ensure safety. This will be a MEN ONLY event, so no 2.0’s unless they are considered adults (> 18 years old).

Save March 21, 2020 so you don’t miss this epic event.

We will have more details available as the date gets closer so be on the look out for that. Also, for planning purposes, we need a headcount-I need HCs from you before 3/14/2020. You can text, email, carrier pigeon, morse code, smoke signal, sign language, or just tell  Whoopee (that’s me) anytime between now and then. I’ll keep a running list so if things change we can adjust if needed.

Bring your own beverage, guns, and ammo. Food will be there. Event ends by 3pm so Allen Tate can shower, wash his hair, and get to bed early before church on Sunday. Hope you can make it.


Big crowd out at PrisonBreak to lay rubber. Miles were logged and all got better.


YHC took us out in prayer

Be Prepared – Crossroads 02022020

Today, aside from the easiest Q in the world (Sundays where everyone either rucks or runs and no need to plan for it), the Q source was on preparedness.  I made sure I had my stuff in a row for today.  A few quick notes from today that were impressed upon me during the reading and study.

Imagine a rowboat is your life.  Keeping the boat upright is the only way to make headway.  You can’t just ride the river.

There are four quadrants (Get Right; Live Right: Lead Right; Leave Right).  You cannot get one out of place.  You cannot start building a house from the top down.  A proper foundation must be in place.

One thing as men that we don’t talk about much is Love.  However, that is the accelerant of preparedness.  This requires a change of heart.  Nothing a man attains in his life has any value until he freely gives it away.  If a man does not love the people he leads more than himself, he cannot put their interests above his own.  When all else falls away, it is only love that will remain.

Get ready for the expected, but be ready for the unexpected.  Disregard the fiction of control and focus on being prepared.

Announcements:  Convergence at Martha Rivers on 3/21.  It will cover all three Fs. Shooting at Allen Tates the same day;  Axe throwing (2nd F) in February;  P200 get a roommate and book your room.

Prayers:  each other, Brokes daughter dealing with strep, the flu and a sinus infection, Blart and his family.

Praise:  Gumby back out in the gloom after surgery

Pledge:  We only had a flag so we asked Montross to hold it up so we can say it, but it got said.

COT:  Blart took us out.

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