Tesla originally had Q but had something come up, he asked YHC to take, happy to do so.  Crowd was light in numbers but VERY heavy in experience.  That’s always good.  0700 hits, let’s get started.

Warmup: SSH, Toy Soldiers, Don Q 15x all IC.  Mosey up Myrtle hill and keep going to tennis courts and Davis Park.  Recently surfaced, good place to put in some work.

Four courts all side by side.  YHC likes suicides with some extra stuff thrown in.  We started on sideline of one court.  Did suicides to each successive sideline.  So run to sideline of court one and back.  Near sideline of court two and back.  Far sideline of court two and back and so on.  So with four courts that gave us seven stops.  YHC called an exercise that we did each sideline stop.  Start with 5 reps on first stop, and increase by 5 at each additional stop, 5, 10, 15 etc so with seven stops the most far sideline was 35 reps.

Start with merkins, bobby hurley’s, mountain climbers, lunges, count only one leg on mountain climbers and lunges.  This was tough.  Finish with burpees but only increase by two.  140 reps of all exercises except burpees, only 56 of those.  58 for El Tigre.  But he isn’t very good at math.

Mosey back.  Few minutes remain so circle around the fountain for some ring of fire.  Each Pax called an exercise and did a lap around fountain while exercise performed.  Backward lunges, diamond merkins, low slow squats, merkins, mountain climbers.  Mosey to Yank for pledge, Time.

Good work put in, workout was not easy.  Announced party reminder, and P200 reminder that may still be time to get in.

Prayer requests: Breaker Breaker friend Lynn Ham continued prayers as she battles cancer, Virus’ children, war possibilities impacting our nation and other nations along with military members, Tiger father, the men on the prayer list for the week.  YHC took us out

Always an honor