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Day: January 4, 2020

Identity Theft is not a Joke, Jim!

13 HIM’s strong for Pain Lab on this wet and rainy morning.

The set up is simple. 15 stations with 2 minute intervals rotating around in a circle listening to scenes from the TV show “The Office”.

The Stations

  • Michael Scott – Rocky Balboas
  • Ryan – Weighted Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Creed – Weighted Squats
  • Kelly –  Weighted Randys
  • Darryl – Weighted Big Boys
  • Jim – Bobby Hurleys
  • Oscar – Shoulder Taps
  • Andy – Mountain Climbers
  • Pam – LBCs
  • Angela – Dying Cockroaches
  • Stanley – Merkins
  • Toby – Flying Squirrels
  • Phyllis – Lunges
  • Kevin – Weighted Curls
  • Dwight – Weighted GoofBalls

Da Vinci’s knowledge of The Office was impressive.  He knew every line in every scene. It was a little scary.  Les Nessman was debating that Seinfeld was better and deserved a Q. Maybe next time my friend.

Thanks to Wichita and Stogie for making the trip down from my home AO of Folsom. It is always good to see PAX posting outside there normal AO.

Great work by all and thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Proverbs 15:15 – All the days of the afflicted are evil, but the cheerful of heart has a continual feast.

Big Pappy


Disclaimer for FNG with help from pax
Announcement of new AO starting this week and that we’d celebrate with the warm up the suggested name choices:
Imperial Squat walkers for the Star Wars names ( New Hope Elementary school is location …. Star Wars other name is A New Hope …. if you’re not nerdy enough to know!) done IC x20
Goofballs ( done while going round and round in a circle ) IC x20 or as Whoopee figured out you can call out “I’m on Fire!” Or “Save me baby Jesus!” Or “ Help me Tom Cruise!” …. much mirth and mayhem as this is for Talladega Nights which was filmed in this area esp beginning has a scene filmed at the school with a parting shot of House across street from school!
Lastly there was a suggestion of Motor Lodge Inn downtown Gashouse Sooooooo……we got into lower plank position and pickle pounders!!!! X 20 IC ( or attempted to…… but there was a lot of noise for SOME reason!!! But then I called out that , “ She said turn over ..” but before I could advise all to assume the crab ( hehe) position for crab thrusters , someone on their back called out, “ I’m wet!” And another said , “ That’s what she said!!” These were in cadence of some kind…. until we were ‘spent’ at 3….
If you noticed …. 20 was cadence count …. it is 2020 after all!
Break off into two groups boot camp with me and Pain lab with Big Pappy.
It should be noted that I Tweeted that as Linus would later acknowledge we would NOT be Gashouse sight seeing ( no library, pharmacy, Grier nor First Presby) but instead ran around parking lot back and forth and as we ran near Pain Labbers JJ decided to run over and through the assembled ( he’d learn quickly…. but moron that later)!
Today’s theme is Disruption! There was the disruption of NOT utilizing normal locales…. and well… moron that later!
We started near rock sculpture with 5 burpees and lunged few feet to another corner for 5 burpees and 10 merkins. Next karaoke over to end of lot for 5 burpees, 10 merkins and 15 plank jacks. Nur to next corner and yep … 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks and WOW that ground is cold and wet , for 20 flutters ( forgot to tell all single or double… q fail! And before we would karaoke other side we assembled in midst of Labbers and Disrupted their thoughtful star gazing, I mean they were hardly working , er that is they were standing still!
Now, it should be noted that I AM a huge supporter for Pain Lab, all one has to do is check out my posts at PL and Bulldog!
Today’s disruption would mean that one of our number would remain behind to be tortured by the Labbers and collected on our return journey where we would leave someone else until ALL were voted off the island! So we HAD to leave JJ behind first ( mostly because of his earlier mischief) but also he had to rouse troops early for b ball game and had to leave us early. He claimed that they did things to him that he WOULD NOT like to revisit!
It took longer to accomplish this but it worked out well as part of idea was that if someone had never attended PL would get that chance. JJ has not although he has attended Bulldog more than once.
We would now have 10 minutes left and would hustle to trails until at the creek where the trails diverge we would use that hill for elevens of merkins below nur up and lbcs at top. Only reached 7 down and 4 up top and there was a 5 burpees train in mix and with only 45 seconds we hustled ( not really ) to awaken the Pain Labbers and help them clean up the popcorn from their movie watching ( The Office)!
I also announce that in the business world disruption can and often leadS to innovation and new business ( Facebook ie)
Announcements for last years/ months Xmas party Tonight at 7pm at Lewis Farms
Rice and Beans half full , but needs volunteers to sign up (14th) well worth it !! Check out Slack or reach out to Anchorman
Al Hess, math teacher Gaston County double dipping at Mountain Island Charter becomes our newest card carrying member to be known as Pythagorus.
Prayers for Time Frame , his M ( in hospital now in a private room) and the family …. please reach out to them
Whoopee and his 2.0

I’m beat! It was time well spent ! Now to roll over … aww man , found the wet spot!

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