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Day: October 8, 2019

Tour De Folsom..

With Big Papi being our new site Q in Folsom and this being the first meeting since the hand over from Montross to the interim Role of Site Q to Allen Tate, then Bringing it back to Papi I felt it best to show the Pax around.
Warm Up, Mtn Climbers, SSH, Gravel Pickers.
Mosey to the flag for some ABs but first lets Pledge.
LBC’s, Freddy Mercs, Big Boys, Wipers more side to side then feet in the air wipers. However they still hurt. Short mosy to the parking lot beside the flag pole for some 11s.
CDD then Hillbilly Squats, I used this Friday and felt since the PAx of Folsom missed it they should enjoy it. Once complete we took a mosey down to the new parking area with all the RV Hook ups.
Route 66 with Bobby Hurleys. During this time I learned from our new guy that bowlers have an underground Bowling league. Not sure if this is a secret or not but none the less anything on the down low gets my attention at least for a moment anyway. after this I called 5 burpees Oyo. Then we made our way around the backside of the lake, I forgot but before the construction this was a norm for Folsom.
Once at the bottom near the picnic shelter we did Dips, Derkins, Step Ups. 25/each. Earlier KingPin mentioned he did not want to hold us up… I called an Indian run to remind the pax and also bring to light to Kingpin that in F3 we leave no man behind. I think this gave him some motivation to get after it the last few minutes.

New Site Q: I am very proud of Big Papi! earlier this year he was EH’d by his Son Perl Jam. I remember a man walking around taking pictures possibly wearing Kakis which concerned me more than anything, now this guy is our Site Q. I couldn’t be more proud, I get the pleasure to watch a guy take the reins and roll with it who just a few months ago he told me he could hardly walk a hill let along run up it. F3 helps Great Men get better and while all this is going on they are Making F3 better. Circle of life Man. So here are some fun Facts about the new Site Q!

  1. He knows a lot about Linux operating systems, so hey that makes him unique right off the bat.
  2. He is left handed.
  3. Currently has between 5-22 children and always looking to help and foster others.
  4. Big Papi has been known to read the entire Bible in under an hour.
  5. He shaved because Soup season is coming up.
  6. He is related to Scott Sterling, one of the greatest Athletes ever(Google it).
  7. Is a Sunday School Teacher.
  8. Can do Carpentry Work, AKA Builds Stuff with his Hands!
  9. Prays and encourages other men on the Reg.
  10. A Follower of Christ Through and Through!
    Well that is my Tour De Folsom Today, I hope this will get some of you Fart Sackers up and come out to Support our New Site Q!

Prayer Request:
Montrosses Family’s Neighbor recently Passed at a young age keep them in your prayers.
Big Papi’s Brother in Law is in ICU currently.
Prayers for the Families involved in this recent event with Stuart Cramer.

The Bed Pan is Full!

Back to Back

Duewto a last minute breakout from Dolph, I was asked to pick up the Q.  Broke was highly disappointed to say the least.

5:30 came and its time to go.



Warmup:  Grasss pickers x10IC, Toy Soldiers x10IC, MNC x20IC, SSH x10IC.

Thang:  Mosey to the softball field entrance, start rocking with some 80s Hard Rock playlist for Breaker Breaker and get after it.

777:  Seven exercises, seven reps, seven rounds.

  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Sit ups
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • V-ups
  • CDDs

Run a lap around the parking lot after every round.  There were some real men out there who pushed the rock today.  I was humbled hard out there when they were on their seventh round and I had just finished five bringing up the six.  I gave them the option to run back to the flag and I would mosey my lap and everyone joined me.

Back at the flag, it was the deck of death.  Each person pulled a card and we did the work.  I don’t remember all the exercises, but there were some monsters pulled.

It was awesome being out there and getting pushed by the other PAX who are killing it.

Announcements:  Convergence 10/19 at the Yank with short 3rd F after with Broke.

Prayers:  Lynn Hamm, Brokes SIL with breast cancer and upcoming surgery, travel mercies for Gump’s M and students on fall break, Def Leppard’s M, Kotters

Praise:  Slim Shady’s sons successful surgery

BOM/COT:  Tophat



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