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Day: September 17, 2019



A couple of weeks ago, I was present as Dr Seuss pours it on thick and I suddenly began looking at the ground regretting my decision to post at another of his solid beat downs and noticed the diagonal lines at the front drive to the school signaling any drivers that they should NOT park in that area … and a idea bloomed in my brain…. I wonder if anyone has been stupid enough to use these as a marker for an exercise? Probably not … so I’m just dumb enough to try it out!
Don Q IC x 10
Wide arm merkins IC x 11
Freddy Merks IC x12
Diamond Merkins IC x 6 ( like that number change? So did the pax as they tried puZling out what was happening with numbers)
Lbcs IC x 13
Mosey to traffic circle and turn right up drive to front of school where road stripes begin and there’s s sheet of paper taped down with 7 exercises

Now it should be recognized that my original intent was all exercises at ALL lines all the way around …. thankfully my internal ( infernal) alarm went off and i arrived at exactly 5:00 so I may as well time just first exercise on 1/2 of course 5 SSH each line …. took 5 mins …. not a great idea for bigger plan ( pax upon learning all this admitting they would have used the shovel of the shovel flag to bury me and leave it as my grave marker) So a plan B from outer space was adopted where we would do 5 SSh at every third line and only go 1/2 the distance around circle ( stopping at flag poles) run around traffic circle ( the constant) begin next Imperial Walkers then Hillbillies followed by Toy Soldiers squats and completing with lunges.
I then carefully remove paper weinke and store safely in my pocket in a ball shape….. and we mosey to school front for 10 dips, 10 step ups and s new favorite of mine … suspension merkins x 10 for 3 rounds … next we mosey back to the flag to work out some more core work , I lead off with plank moving into a low plank for approx 20 seconds each , Milburn next delivers 5 Burpees and there were Amer Hammers , Flutters a couple others I can’t remember and Just like that Dolph is next and Breaker Breaker suddenly calls Time! Dolph is puzzled saying his clock still has 1 minute left …. the Official Time has 35 seconds so I willingly oblige our KOTTER who delivers us another 5 burpees for time!
Several 5k s coming up inc this weekends Stop Soldier Suicide ( see pre blast) Ragnar
Thursday night meet at Hickory Tavern at 7:30 until
Prayers for Slim Shady who dialed up Dr Seuss moments before workout informing of his being on IR

Lastly, being a site AO Q keeps me from grabbing another Q , but I’m so glad to have been given this opportunity …. it’s always great posting somewhere I can’t travel to as often due to school/ other commitments …. thank you men and esp Breaker Breaker

Oh, you’re hanging on for what the devil the title was about well let’s just say that there was a discussion of renaming pax including renaming our KOTTER today who absolutely loves the name Wet Nuts …… so Dolph was rechristened Hot Nuts!!

Substitute Teacher

Allen Tate had the Q this morning but sent a message saying he was having some problems with his foot and asked someone to be prepared to fill in. As 5:30 am rolled around, there was no AT to be seen. I came planning to take the Q and I had rough idea of what I wanted to do. Since I have been lifting with Sparky on Tuesday mornings recently, I figured I’d focus on the chest, shoulders, and core and keep the running minimal this morning.


  • SSH 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers – 10 IC
  • Hillbillies – 10 IC

We mosey to the lower shelter and hit the lights for the first round of circuit work. Like I said, I was prepared to Q so I brought my bluetooth speaker and I asked if anyone knew who Cody Jinks was. Volt said no, but he was pretty sure they were getting ready to find out. Yep! (Start with Loud and Heavy if you check his music out. BTW, no doubt in my mind Whoopee would LOVE Cody Jinks).

15 Decline Merkins on my count
10 Step Ups each leg OYO
15 Dips IC
Take a lap around the parking lot.
Repeat for 3 sets.

I had to move on from Cody Jinks to a classic rock playlist. I love it but it was just a little too slow for an F3 workout.

Short mosey to the turd shack by the pond for our next circuit.

Dirty Hookups 10 IC
Big Boys 10 OYO
Low Slaw Squats – 10 OYO
Take a lap around the parking lot
Repeat for 3 sets.

Mosey to the parking lot. We had a few minutes left so we did some 1 minute AMRAP with 30 second rests.
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Flutter Kicks
– LBCs
– 1 minute Plank


Prayer Requests: Kids in school, guys not at Folsom today, Ratchet’s son (I failed to mention this but I’m adding it now!). YHC took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: A big piece of F3 is turning men into leaders, then developing them into better leaders. Stepping in to lead when your fellow PAX are unable, for whatever reason, is part of the deal. Sometimes, it’s missing an alarm. Others, it may be due to an injury or just a classic “fartsack”. Today was my day and, as site Q, it’s sorta my job. If I weren’t there though, there’s no doubt Stogie or Volt would have stepped in and led the workout. It isn’t just me, I’ve seen many others do it as well. Get out there and Q so you’re ready to step in and have a few exercises ready just in case you’re called upon! Speaking of ‘get out and Q’, Stogie will have his VQ on Saturday. If you aren’t running the Stop Soldier Suicide 5k, come get some at Folsom at 6:30 am!

  • Montross

4 FNG’s

1 PAX posted at Crossroads at 6:30 on Sunday. YHC arrived to a parking lot full of cars but no PAX in sight. There were 4 FNG’s that walked up so I told them it didn’t look like this AO existed and they should probably leave and go to SOGA for the Coconut Horse. By the way I was not the Q and no Q showed up. This is not the first time this has happened to me at Crossroads! The last time I was told I gave everyone  a tongue lashing but I don’t recall it that way. I just reminded everyone that the actual start time is 6:30 and if an FNG came it would be nice if people were there. At the very least the Q needs to be. I can appreciate all the EC people are putting in but there is more to this than our personal gains. Try to circle back for the actual start time. Ok so I fudged a little in the beginning. There was actually 2 PAX. Bedpan was there also but this was a close call. What if he or I didn’t show? That would leave a PAX without any support.

The group decided this BB would be right up my alley(constructive sarcasm and all) so I picked up the Q. This is usually not an issue at any of our AO’s but this was a failure of the Q(if there was one) and the site Q. This is a leadership group guy’s! Lead and fill up the Q sheet. If you need help ask!

Anyway Bedpan and I took off for a run. I’ve been struggling getting my run game back lately and could have used a push or someone to chase. There wasn’t anyone out in front of me so I gave in and stopped shy of 3 miles. I’ve said I’m a recovering sad clown because even though I’ve been doing this for 4 plus years I have to fight with Fat Ricky everyday. He is lazy, likes to eat bad and he will not shut up! They say to get faster you have to run with faster men. Well they weren’t around and Fat Ricky won.

While I do not think that the guy’s weren’t around because they didn’t want to run with me it did get me to thinking and looking inward. I know I have a reputation of being a sarcastic A-hole because….. well I can be. Most of the time it’s just smack talk. I do enjoy the trash talking! I don’t have feelings for the most part so I don’t mind it coming back at me. Truth be told I usually smack talk to the ones I like and respect the most(I’m looking at you SA)! However I’m sure this is a turn off to some people. So I got to wondering who dislikes me because of something I’ve said? Who have I hurt or pissed off or they just don’t care that much for me because of this? Part of me(probably Fat Ricky) wants to say who gives a shit(sorry Leppard) but the other part of me wants to be the bacon. My friends have always been a huge part of my life, I guess mostly due to me having a screwed up family and now most of my friends are people I have meet through F3. So if my attitude is that much of a turn off I would hope someone would correct me with candor. That’s where the shield lock comes in right? So then I started thinking about who my shield lock is. I’m close with some guys and talk to them fairly regularly I suppose but will those guys call me out when needed? I’ve been mulling this over for a few days and while I was thinking about this(struggling with it a bit) a PAX randomly text me and said “hey brother I was thinking of you. Hope you are well. Is there anything I can pray for you”? That message at that moment felt like God talking to me. One of the few times in my life I have felt that. What I heard was you are not alone in your struggles. See I know this PAX cares and I in fact know he will call me out when needed. Whether we realize it or not we all need that in our lives. So thank you for that text Sir! Ok I’m done. All of this is starting to make me feel something.

So in conclusion…..I don’t know. Sorry for the rambling.


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