7 men came out this morning for a Kotter-ish Q.  Every time I have the Q I hear the same thing: “Huck is going to a wall.”   Well, I threw a little curveball this morning…zero wall work.   Also threw in another new thang:  We actually went to the flag by the road.   Some good mumble chatter before we started and at 05:30 we clocked in.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x something IC

Let’s mosey.

Pretty simple this morning.   We would stop at every light pole and do some thangs.  Started with 10, then went 10, 20 on up to 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 and 90.  The exercises were:
10 merkins
20 CCDs
30 LBCs
40 calf raises
50 flutter kicks
60 Moroccan nightclubs
70 Freddy Mercury
80 dying cockroaches
90 squats

Slow mosey back to the flag that wasn’t there at the launching point…thanks Montross.

Mary included mountain climbers, Parker Peters and Burpees

22 for the Vets


Announcements: JJ5K, Stop Soldier Suicide run, stair climb some other things.

Prayer requests: those effected by the storms.

BOM: Big Pappy took us out.

Philippians 4:13