After only one week of being the newly renamed Labyrinth … a new voice spoke out clearly and melodiously out of the darkness …. he said …. “Red Rain…”

As usual we said the pledge and then I gave brief disclaimer that we will NOT be running anywhere except maybe a little run activity during the warm up and any pax seeking running should join Gastone ( seems that old college injury from when he used to alligator wrangle has been aggravating him once again). Sorry for Gastone, none would join him.
He did stay with us for the warm up where we began with 10 heel raises IC, 10 High Knees IC, 11 ( forgot count) Flutters IC, 10 Butt Kicks IC, 10 Plank Jacks IC and finish with 10 Mountain climbers IC! Whew.
On to the main event where all enjoyed me bringing out the 8 track of Peter Gabriel ( which is where we began with Red Rain) and I introduce pax to my leetle friend … the coupon … select one each! Also there is a tire with eye hook screw and approx 10 feet of rope … this is our timer where each pax takes a turn moving tire around Snoballs however they choose …. you select the method … I leave myself last in order to not influence my idea ( which was to retie rope back to hook to make a sled … I thoroughly enjoyed watching the inventiveness each chose like Buckeye who started us out by just simply picking the whole enchilada up and running … after 4 steps he was done! Stinky Bird at one point knotted everything up in a huge ball that took us 40 minutes to unwind!! Turtleman on one trip around fell asleep on other side of building Gastone must have kicked him awake but later on his last trip around exonerated hisself by doing the unthinkable …. he went for the only Double Trip around the building to win First place ( we need that medal Def Leppard … )
As to the rest of us with coupons we either Cusacked, curled, did goblet squats, swung coupon in front, Performed lower curl or upper curl, overhead press and even chest press with coupon as well as occasionally changed things up with squats merkins elevated merkins heel raises lbcs and even Fully extended leg Freddie Merck’s. I also informed all to concentrate on doing each exercise correctly as opposed to doing as many as possible!
There was s music interlude on our third song “Shock the Monkey” where we all either squatted or did jump squats and each time Monkey was said we ….. yep … monkey humpers! This sucked !

We all made three trips around and with 4-5 minutes left Outhouse called for French Fries (why?!?) Watts Up with 15 Dirty Dogs each leg and Turtleman with American Hammers… time!

Other notables from this morn was either a shooting star or perhaps another crashing airplane or maybe it was some more of Skylab coming home! Gump has a birthday celebration where he was giving away free passes to next April’s Spartan race ( all expenses paid !! You just need to sign up and give a credit card number…..)And our newest Club Med member … next week he’ll be installed officially as the site AO at The Goat …. Buckeye !!! He had a spread sheet with him and was passing out money to each person who signed up for an open Q slot… I believe he’ll be a great addition and plan to be present next Thursday at the changing of the guard ( just hope he’s not my partner again for partner squats where you link arms … my knees …. argghgghh!)

BRR/BRR RUCK this weekend

JJ5 k
stop Soldier Suicide 5k
Stair Climb Charlotte

Just remembered …. Bondo with VQ at Painlab this Saturday

Prayers For Feelgoods family and Dry Rubs ( loss of moms)
Time frames parents

Tune in next Bat Time …. at the same Bat channel……