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Day: September 1, 2019


12 including myself made it to Folsom this morning for a long overdue Blart Q. Three got a few miles in the rest for a bootcamp ⇔







The thang


DORA 1 2 3

Partner up.

Partner 1 runs length of tennis court forward to first corner.  Then karaoke left to next corner. Nur. back to third  corner, then karaoke right to last corner

Partner 2 does called exercises

150 Merkins

250 Mt. Climbers

350 squats


Next to pavilion for 2 sets of hipslappers, dips , merkins.




And then to concrete pad for some ab work to catch our breath.




Last to hill for some hill work

Each pax calls a exercise and moseys down hill to cones and then all you got back up. Nice push men, all gave some some gave all.

Great job guys .

I spoke a little on commitment something I have been pondering on lately.  Are mine where they should be? Could I focus more on the important things ?

If you have not attended a Q Source I would encourage you to do. Next week is on this very topic something I look forward to.


Lots of events coming up get after it.


Prayers for those traveling,  fighting illness,  and fartsackers







Tiffany, Debbie Gibson. – Long, hard Chicanery

Gashouse, the original F3 Gastonia site was ready for another Stroganoff Q, even if YHC was not.

Being easily influenced by Whoopee’s peer pressure, I showed at 0600 for some Iron Pax EC along with Whoopee, Roscoe and Watts Up.  That was a great idea……..

We returned for a good crowd for the main workout.

Voodoo had the Painlab Q.

No FNG’s.  Quick disclaimer.  Pledge.

Quick warm up with on 10 IC Imperial Walkers.

Painlab off with Voodoo.   The rest followed me.

The Thang

We moseyed to the newly paved parking lot at Grier Middle School to start with some Stroganoff 5’s:

Bear Crawl across parking lot – 10 Merkins – Lunge walk back across parking lot to the starting point (That’s one)

Rinse-Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 (Good way to warm up)

Mosey to the track for the main event – This is where the mumble chatter elevated and the Q began to lose control of the workout.  It started with my quick explanation of what we were about to do with a paraphrased recap:

”Gee, that’s original”; “He said hard…..and long”;  “That’s what she hoped”;  etc, etc.

Let’s go.

In Cadence exercises as follows:

10 Merkins – 15 Squats – 25 LBC’s – Run 1/2 Lap

10 Merkins – 15 Squats – 25 LBC’s – Run 1/2 Lap

10 Merkins – 15 Squats – 25 LBC’s – Run 1/2 Lap

10 Merkins – 15 Squats – 25 LBC’s – Run 1/2 Lap around to picnic table area

Footnotes:  Somewhere during the first or second rounds, the music selection (from Roscoe’s phone I believe) shifted to Tiffany’s – I Think We’re Alone Now……I have no idea when, how or why but this is when I knew I had lost control.  This quickly deteriorated into the 1/2 lap run turning into a skipping, disco, danc-a-thon, soul train….epic moment, if I can be so bold.  The music theme continued with many similar songs from the 80’s/90’s. It was fun.

At picnic tables, time for another round of IC Exercises:

10 Derkin’s – 25 Flutter Kicks – back to track for 10 Walking Lunges per leg followed by a full lap around back to Picnic tables

Rinse-Repeat two more rounds

Round 3 (In Cadence)

15 Dips – 25 Freddy Mercury’s – 15 Calf Raises

Rinse-Repeat two more times

Side Note #2:  The chicanery continued throughout the exercises

Time to mosey back to the Flag for some Mary.

IC Dying Cockroaches – IC Homer/Marge (From Roscoe)

Bells ringing – we are done.

Announcements (Out of control):  If you didn’t know, the BRR Ruck is this week; 9/14 – 9/11 memorial climb; 9/21 – Stop Soldier Suicide 5k in Belmont with Speed for Need; Many other events on the horizon

Prayer Requests (A little less out of control)

COT – Ball of man

The Moleskin

This was one of the more entertaining workouts that I have been involved with in a while and not sure why other than the outrageous mumble chatter and music and chicanery (I like that word and one that is often discussed during Q Source).  It was also a reminder of an often overlooked reason for F3.  Let us men act stupidly, immaturely and relieve the tension and stress of everyday life.  Daily life is hard.  If you’re trying to be a consistent High Impact Man (HIM), it can be even harder, but worthwhile.  F3 helps invigorate that Male Community Leadership by allowing us the outlet needed to help us be better elsewhere.  This is why I want to see our region grow and continue to bring others into the fold of F3 Gastonia.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Are we gonna do this again?

So YHC put out the tweet that this Saturday’s edition of the Fighting Yank would be an “ass whuppin'”. And guess what? It was? And a pretty big and active pax showed up on the streets of Belmont to participate in the fun. Went like this:


Stretching (arm and foot to hand)

SSH X 20

IW X 20

4X stretch merkins X 10

Nolan Ryans X 10

Mosey over to Hawthorne Hill for some DORA work,

Run part: Top of Hawthorne Hill and back, Which is hard. Very hard.


Hand release merkins X 100

Big boy sit ups X 200

Squats X 300

P1 runs up and back, P2 does the work, flapjack.

This pretty well takes up half the workout and everyone is gassed! Pretty humid morning, great temp, but it is STILL summer!

10 count, mosey toward the park again.

Burpee suicides on the street.

Run two parking places up, nur one back, drop and do a burpee. Repeat to the end.

Mosey to the park and top of Heartbreak Hill:

Halfpipe X 2

Top: plank jacks X5

Pad: burpees X 5

Top of stairs: butt to the street monkey humpers X 5

4th quarter, line up on the field of dreams for the crucible – Bear Crawl Slalom!

As it is the first real Saturday of college football it was time to invoke “The Bear” as a life lesson. Which is that winning is not imperative. But getting tougher in the fourth quarter is. Read “The Junction Boys”, the story of the trip down to Junction, Tx. by Bear Bryant’s 1st Texas A&M team in September 1954 for 10 days of transformation. Then watch in real time what Boise State did when the chips were down against FSU. If you want to get it done you have to get through the tough parts. What we do in F3 is create a lab for a man to put himself in that environment and get through it. Knowing he has the support of every other guy out there with him. and in our lives since nothing is ever perfect we need that testing to be able to get through those trying times – and make ourselves better by doing it. Adversity = Opportunity.

So with that we proceeded to have 16 guys do two slaloms to the end of the field. YHC always takes the first one. After the first round Ring of Fire looked over at me and asked “Are we gonna do this again?”. Well SURE we are! why wouldn’t we! And so off we went! And ended perfectly at the end of the field after two turns for each pax.


SSH X 10

Copperhead squats X 10

Back to the end of the field:

Sprint to midfield: 10 CDDS

Sprint to end: 20 CDDS

10 count, over to Heartbreak hill again.

One round of halfpipe, over to the fountain for stretching.

End and Pledge at The Yank.


Strong performance here by the pax. It was most def a “whuppin”. As advertised. We don’t come out for walkthroughs do we? Tesla announced at COT that I would be passing the flag on to Pockets in October at The Yank. Pockets will be the site XO and be getting together a Q schedule this month. Then we will pass the flag at the convergence in late October. I think we need a site XO for Pockets as well. A Saturday site is pretty demanding and if someone would step up and help Pockets I would appreciate it very much guys!

Been an honor to lead this effort. Look forward to passing it on.





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