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Day: July 3, 2019

GDiggathon Pt. 7: The Finale

Wow, what a week. 7 Q’s in 5 days finally comes to a close. While it wasn’t easy, it was one of the most exciting and motivating things I have attempted in F3. I would encourage anyone who has the time to try at least doing 3 or 4 bootcamps Q’s in a row. It really forces you outside of the box creatively and keeps you on your toes in ways you wouldn’t expect. Also, if you’re stupid like me, throw in a marathon worth of EC during the week…

Mega Slaughter Starter: 30 burpees (foreboding much?). Mosey to parking deck for 11’s on the stairs with Monkey Humpers and Burpees. Outside to the park lot for a Merkin crawl: Rte 66 with a bear crawl to each line. Mosey to baby parking garage for Dora with some abs and employee dodging. Mosey back to start. Tried to convince the PAX to close out with 30 bookend burpees, but YHC could only squeeze out 5-10 from a few brave HIMs.

I appreciate the support (and hate) from each and every one of you who came out to this crazy streak of Q’s, but a special shout out has to be given to the ultimate groupies: Slaw and Dr.  Seuss. Both of these gentlemen made it to 6 of the 7 Diggathon workouts. I don’t know if they deserve a pat on the back or a brain scan, but I truly appreciate the dedication.

Until next time,


GDiggathon Pt. 6: The Frisbee

25 burpees to make up for missing a few on Tuesday and then about 40 minutes of ultimate frisbee. This was my “easy” workout, but I think you can ask anyone there in the 95 degree heat, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

Pray for all the PAX, Kotters, IR, and Sad Clowns.

GDiggathon Pt. 5: The Goat

The Greatest Of All Time, the Get Outside And Train, the GOAT Island! Man, I’m really running out of good titles…

After a solid day of running at Snoballs, it was time to mix it up.

Burpees to start (obviously). Triple Nickel on the hill. Some conversation about how one counts a triple nickel… 3 sets of 5? 5 sets of 3? 5 of 5? Whatever. If that wasn’t confusing, time for some “new” 11’s around the church. Partners run opposite directions and every time they meet, drop for 10-1, 9-2, etc. of both exercises. Some conversation about how that was supposed to work… Mosey down to the lodge for some wall work and wrapped up with the classic GD shoulder burn and of course bookend burpees.

Announcements: Probably outdated due to the lateness of this BB.

Prayer Requests: Def Leppard’s daughter, Montross’ mother, those who serve our country, both at home and abroad.

The Field is Wet – Stroganoff Doesn’t Care

12 HIMs plus YHC converged on Snoballs for a mid week beatdown this morning. 3 got in some EC.

The Q had no weinke (he hasn’t produced a weinke in quite a while).

Disclaimer was approved

Warm Up included IC Imperial Walkers X 10 and the Pledge.

The Thang

Mosey from Snoballs around the outside path at Martha’s to the upper field for some miscellaneous work as follows:


1st Corner – 10 Merkins

2nd Corner – 20 LBC’s

3rd Corner – 30 Squats

4th Corner – 40 Flutter Kicks

Repeat in descending order starting with 4th Corner work.

Partner Up for some Field work

Partner 1 performs the exercise while Partner 2 runs across field to the paved path and returns and partner’s switch positions:

Merkins – AMRAP  X 3 sets

Flutter Kicks – AMRAP X 3 sets

Mosey to the closest picnic table area for the Stroganoff Special (every Martha River’s boot camp I Q includes this):

In Cadence reps as follows:

Dips X 15

Derkins X 10

Step Ups X 20

Dips X 15

Derkins X 10

Step Ups X 20

Dips X 20

Meander and Mosey through the parking lot back toward Snoballs with some stops as follows:

50 LBC’s OYO

Mosey some distance

50 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Mosey some distance

50 LBC’s OYO

Mosey back to Snoballs – Workout Complete


All AO’s are open as normal tomorrow with exception of Diablo Sammich which will have a Ruck starting at 0600 followed by a Murph option at Martha Rivers.

Several prayer requests



The year is now officially halfway gone.  Where are you today compared to where you were on January 1. Have you accelerated? There is no status quo, that is an illusion.

Honor to lead this morning.

See you in the gloom at the next one.



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