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Day: May 5, 2019

Termite’s VQ @ The Storm (4-30-19)

A couple of weeks ago, Termite mentioned he was ready for his VQ but asked if I would co-Q with him and I gladly accepted.

So the plan went something like this;

Disclaimer – (Termite)

The Warm-up (Breaker Breaker)

SSH x 20 I/C

IW x 20 I/C

Mountain Climbers x 20 I/C

Merkins x 15 OYO

The Thang:

Termite leading

Mosey to lower parking lot.

Sprint to each speed hump

1st hump 20 merkins

2nd hump 20 LBCs

3rd hump  20 American Hammers

Somewhere during these sprints, we heard a train, 5 burpees.

Now turn around and do it again heading back the school. I believe Q thought he heard a train whistle again , so 5 more burpees. Finish and all Mosey to meet up at Roundabout.

Breaker Breaker takes over. Mosey to the front of school for some more fun

The Exercise

ROUND 1 – 5 burpees, run lap around front of school

ROUND 2 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, repeat run

ROUND 3 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, 15 LBCs, repeat run

ROUND 4 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, 15 LBCs, , 20 dry docks, repeat run

ROUND 5 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, 15 LBCs, , 20 dry docks, 25 squats, repeat run

ROUND 6 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, 15 LBCs, , 20 dry docks, 25 squats, 30 seconds elbow plank, repeat run

ROUND 7 – 5 burpees, 10 ‘mericans, 15 LBCs, , 20 dry docks, 25 squats, 30 seconds elbow plank, 35 American Hammers, repeat run

Almost 6:15, so we head back to flag.

The Pledge – Termite 

COT – Circle of Trust (Breaker Breaker)


Prayer Request


Close in Prayer


Hard work by all and enjoyed the co-Q with Termite


Breaker Breaker


Coconut Horse – It Rained & Was Gloomy

It was gloomy and raining at the start.

When I arrived, Diva was the only one in sight.  Two were already on the course and one would roll in late.

Diva did YHC a real solid by not leaving me behind.  No doubt it helped my pace on this gloomy morning.

We ran.  It was fun.

Two more showed up for Q Source.

Until the next one.  Aye!

See you in the gloom.


Star Wars Day at Gashouse

Another not so gloomy morning at Gashouse for a Star Wars Day beatdown.  The crowd may have been a little thin compared to some other Saturdays but Jedi’s don’t care about quantity, only quality.

No FNG’s so we went with a quick disclaimer before a very short warm-up:

SSH’s X 15 IC

Imperial Walkers X 15 IC

Time to split up the Bootcamp and Painlab and off we went.

The Thang

First, we had to gather our coupons that we were to carry throughout the workout:  a genuine (maybe not) Stormtrooper Helmet, a double-ended light saber and a standard light saber…..all legit.

We moseyed to the Sherwood Elementary track for part I of this Star Wars adventure:

Let’s do a Jedi lap that included running the long straight aways and lunge walking the short sides.  After that, we prepared for some modified Jack Webbs or Jar Jar’s that went like this:

10 Merkins – 5 Air Presses – Run across to other side of field

10 Merkins – 10 Air Presses – Run across to other side of field

10 Merkins – 15 Air Presses – Run across to other side of field

This continued until the last set of 30 Air Presses (How can air presses be so hard?)

Our Female Sith that we sometimes see at Sherwood showed up so we decided to mosey for Part II of the workout:

Mosey the long way up Dixon Rd and back down to First Pres to my favorite set of steps for some singles Dora 1-2-3:

100 Merkins in sets of 25 with running the steps in between; after the Jack Webbs/Jar-Jars, some us had to modify (YHC) and my sets were actually 25-25-20-15-15 but we got it down.

Second was 150 Flutter Kicks in sets of 50 with running the steps in between.

Last was 100 squats in 2 sets of 50 with running in between.

For the record, we still had our Jedi gear with us.

Time to Mosey to the Grier track for Part III which included a little Wolfpack/Jedi Grinder:

Monkey Humpers X 10 IC – Run half lap – 30 Mountain Climbers – Plank

Monkey Humpers X 10 IC – Run half lap – 30 Mountain Climbers – Plank

Mosey over to the picnic tables for 2 sets of the following:

Dips X 15 IC – Step ups X 20 IC – Derkins X 10 IC (I’m tired)

Time is winding down so it is time to make the Kessel Run back to the Schiele to catch up with the Painlab group.

We finished off together with 21 burpees in honor of Riley Howell, the young man who sacrificed himself for others during the shooting at UNCC this week.  F3 Waynesville (where Riley is from) asked the Nation to honor him with 21 burpees just before the COT at Saturday workouts as Riley was 21 years old.  We were honored to suffer through them for the cause.  Aye!


Announcements; Several prayer requests; Name-o-Rama

The moleskin:

I had not Q’d at Gashouse in a while so I was looking forward to it and attempted to mix it up with the Star Wars theme.  Thanks to Whoopee and Watts Up for the pre-workout Ruck, really enjoyed the fellowship and work.  As we have more than one of our PAX dealing with family issues, please remember them in our thoughts and prayers.  This past week marked 8 months since the passing of my father.  The Q Source has helped me reflect on these 8 months and how much F3 Gastonia has helped me to keep moving forward.  I have found more support and comfort from F3 than from any other source.  I am grateful and for this reason, I want us all to remember we have opportunities to impact and support each other.

Until the next one.  Aye!

See you in the gloom.


Keep moving


Warm up with 10 ic side straddle hops. 10 don Qs, and five burpees.  Then mosey to the soccer field on the left

Lineup with one min of exercise. Run to end of field for the Same exercise for one min.

Repeat until you completed all called exercises.   Squats, LBC, mercans ,  flutter kicks, high knee jumps, offset mercan,

Then for a round of Dora.

100 squats

200 ww1

300 lunges counting each leg

Mosey back towards the flag for a round of hip slappers 15 ic

22 mercans for the vets

Prayers for side cars aunt, and new job search

Oompa’s mother

Thanks for letting me lead the great group of guys.   Always a honor

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